Beautiful landscape of Wales

This is an award-winning design from MillerKendrick Architects to celebrate the beautiful landscape of Wales. The lodge was built using local materials and has a shell that is covered with recycled wood. It looks like a stone from a distance, similar to a cave. The interior is warm and very comfortable. You can rent this place to live if you want to spend some time away from the busy city.
The advantage of the ARK cabin is that it is not subject to any specific location restrictions. It is an active house that can be moved to any desired location, which means you can put the hut on the mountain in winter or bring it close to the lake or forest in the summer. The design is simple and modern with a dark outer casing and full height windows.

New Zealand offers a lot of landscapes and views. A great way to enjoy the beauty and relaxation is to rent one of the cabins. They are called PurePods and are made of steel and glass. They are surrounded by nature and provide all the facilities needed.

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Sound absorbing furniture

Swedish designer Johan Kauppi managed to combine the minimalist Nordic design with the practical sound absorption function to create Wakufuru.
This collection of furniture is made up of tables and benches that can be combined in any way. Made of solid wood and medium density fiberboard, Wakufuru is of high quality. The secret of sound absorption is not the wood, but the hidden panel at the bottom of the bench or table.
These panels are made up of felt, perforated panels, foam and an air gap to ensure a quiet room. The collection was first shown at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The designer revealed in an interview that his inspiration comes from nature.

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The photographer’s home and studio are integrated

Mixing work with personal life is rarely successful unless you are really serious and the whole thing is planned in a clear and detailed way. For photographers from Japan, he did quite well, but it took a lot of time. In 2017, FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects completed a structure that can be used both as a residence and as a work area and gallery.

This house is located on a country road and is connected to a nearby property. The built section is small and L-shaped, so the design of the house is handled by a solid, street-facing facade made of concrete and galvanized steel. It ensures the privacy of the limits and limits the exposure of some key areas.

The layout is simple, but not as straight as the design of the house. This is partly because of the mixed nature of the home, both as a residence and as a studio and gallery. These two functions are not separated, but are juxtaposed to each other and seamlessly blended with each other.

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Geneva Art Exhibition

HEAVY is the latest art exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, and is curated by James Gallery. Why is it calledHEAVY (heavy)? Because the works of the exhibition are not only overweight, but also amazingly large-scale solid works of art from different artists.

Every piece is made from common main materials and then subjected to complex surface treatments. Blurring the boundaries between art and design, many of these works are debut. Either from Magnus Pettersenstained concrete or from Domingos TótoraThe textured recycled cardboard, all works are made of the only material of choice.

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Minimalist residence in Montreal, Canada

IN 2 is a minimalist home located in Montreal, Canada. Customers love contemporary art, drama, music and dance, as well as digital art, video and installations. Therefore, the architect wanted to create a home building installation by incorporating an innovative experiment.
Architects created a combination of visual breakthroughs and sharp contrasts to create tension and scale in space. As the architects describe, black and white produce optical oscillations between reality and abstraction.
The resulting graphical environment creates a participatory and fun experience that softens the icy and contemporary architecture. The space was replaced by beautiful illusion effects, making customers very happy.

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Barcelona’s penthouse was remodeled

This Barcelona penthouse begins to have a too dark layout that is not conducive to the modern family lifestyle. Interior architect Susanna Cots redesigned the interior, focusing first on bringing more natural light through the installation of large windows. These steps immediately change the space and bring a new appeal.
Throughout the room, the white walls and ceilings are paired with light floors and black details to create a harmonious contrast. The floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door opens the living area to the balcony, expanding the living space. One way to open the layout is to create a glass wall that helps separate the space while allowing light to pass through.
The incredible kitchen has a sliding glass door that opens the kitchen to the living room, which gives it a warm and comfortable feel.

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Box-like low-key home

on the hills of the Sonoma Valley,Box on the Rockis a low-key home, occupies 2000square feet , it is a simple box due to terrain and budget system.
layout leads to a simple box-like home, two structures connecting the entrance courtyard and the living room. The glazing is at the other end of the entrance channel, See the landscape around the house.
A cantilevered deck structure allows sunlight and shadows to be adjusted as needed.
The design of the glass wall angle benefits from the winter morning sun and protects the interior during harsh summer ray.
A central courtyard provides a cool place Even on a hot afternoon, it is still a cool place.

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St. Paul’s Apartment inspired by Oil Blue

Diego Revollo refurbished this traditional 90 square metre (969 square foot) modern apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new owner is a bachelor who appreciates art and photography. The concept of the apartment contains the colors of the ocean, green and blue, especially the oil blue.
The original interior was destroyed and reconfigured to be more open and practical. By removing one bedroom, the main living area is expanded into a large space. Light grey paint covers the walls and ceilings, and is complemented by warm honey-colored wooden floors to create a harmonious, comfortable feel to the space.
The home office is rich in oil blue, which makes it a feature, not an eye. An orange chair contrasts with the color of the room.

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Handmade concrete and glamorous marble power kit

Hand&Craft is a small design studio in Rockford, Michigan that specializes in creating unique hand-powered solutions that revolve around the space between tradition and boutique. Equipped with a touch of earthy material – cast iron, concrete, leather and marble – their small catalog is a world, independent of typical e-shop solutions.

Specially noteworthy is the hand-crafted hand-molded concrete and wood-based HEARTH power supply – the perfect accessory for your favorite barbarian enthusiasts.

Each design features a power outlet and 2 USB ports designed to accentuate the top of a table or table with non-movable stability and port accessibility, each with architectural aesthetics .

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New works by Milan Design Week 2017

Sabine Marcelis and Danish tile maker Made a Mano brought the table made of glazed lava, which seems to float above a glass structure.
The American-born London jeweler Jacqueline Rabun designed the Trinity of Boxes, three egg-shaped containers made of sturdy brass.
Rising Sun is a product of the collaboration between the architect Isabelle Stanislas and the copper cookware brand Mauviel. This piece combines the ancient rituals of the Japanese tea ceremony with the essential service carts of the 1970s.
The Wabi-Sabi tea kit was designed by the Italian designer Pietro Russo and is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass.

This design is designed to help you break the habit. AirplaneMode Vessel is designed by San Francisco creative agency Branch and California studio Concrete Works to provide a signal barrier for your phone to cover its voice.
Worshipful wardrobes bring the status of clothes and accessories to the level of museum exhibits, celebrating the ritual of wearing clothes every morning. Its design is inspired by the British Fauvism Church.
London furniture and product designer Karen Chekerdjian used a square, a triangle and a circle to create a table inspired by Zen Sengai’s cosmic painting.

Each church needs a baptismal plate, designed by TinoSeubert, hand-carved with solid wood.

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