Casa contemporary architecture design

This is Casa, a beautiful home. The house was designed by the Italian architect Scaramellini Architetto. Although this is just a one bedroom house, it is a very ethereal, spacious home. Located in the Lombardy region of Italy, the house is a famous tourist area for winter sports. In fact, the house was built because the house has been aging over time and the old straight needs to be rebuilt. So I rebuilt this old house.

The team was asked to respect the original layout but also tried to connect with modernity. So they divided the structure of the original house into two layers. The first floor consists of a large space divided into three rooms. The house has a large entrance to the east. Architects face several challenges when working on this project. They must respect the original structure and build a contemporary building. What they still need to do is not to make a comparison. In the end, they are still beautifully finished.

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Renaissance bedroom suite furniture sold at high prices

At the autumn auction of Witherell, furniture auctions have achieved good prices. One of the 1970s (Renaissance) bedroom suite furniture was sold to a buyer in Virginia for $28.75 million. The total value of the three-bedroom suite furniture in the past few years was only 20,000 US dollars, and this year it reached a high price of 60,000 US dollars, reaching the peak of furniture sales in the market.

These bedroom suites include arched headboards, inwardly curved pedals, vanities, marble The cabinets, the beds made of marble, and some small pieces of furniture carved out of walnut.

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Swiss Schuler Villa

Schuler Villa is a beautiful modern residence located in Switzerland. The construction of the house was completed in 2010 and the total project area is about 690 square meters. The house is situated in a narrow central area with its surrounding houses, a church and an old mansion. This house is a rather unusual presence in this area, with modern design and structure and compact structure.

The first floor of the home has direct access to the garden, and the entrance hall of the apartment is also connected to the hall and stairs of the bedroom. There is a loft. There is a restaurant and a balcony to the south. Because the villas have different heights, this allows users to hide in these walls and enjoy intimacy and tranquility.

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Al Gou Baths in Manhattan

The traditional textile factory in Manhattan, New York, dates back to 1883. After years of development, it was recently converted into the Alcant Baths. The bath space is about 16,000 square feet. There are four small baths in the center of the bath. The bottom and walls of the bath are made of smooth marble. The water temperature in the bath can reach 46 degrees Fahrenheit to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. There is also a saltwater pool and a public bath around the bath.

Although the Alcant Baths are newly built, the overall design does incorporate the ancient American bathing buildings. The iconic red brick construction was used inside the bathhouse, and the interior decorations of the bathhouse were mostly designed to mimic ancient bathing buildings.

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The strange shape of the floating greenhouse

The recently completed floating greenhouse, named the Jellyfish Barge, has clever green spaces on a magical riverside. The octagonal structure of the barge is a combination of a floating bucket, a network of wood and glass. The small potted plant slides safely into the hole-shaped tube. This innovative greenhouse does not depend on traditional agricultural resources such as freshwater irrigation systems in the land and environmental sectors. It is powered only by solar, wind and tidal energy.

The project was completed by the Italian design company Studiomobile and took about five months to complete. In addition to its beautiful styling, which includes a built-in deck around the perimeter, the greenhouse is created with the aim of urban development and declining land resources. Its sinister design gives urban residents creative space to grow crops and contributes to the health of society.

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A stylish apartment in London

This stylish apartment is located on the streets of London, close to Sloane Square, Kings Road, and is conveniently located. The current asking price on the market is 3.475 million euros. This is the interior design of a stylish two bedroom apartment. The decor is not too eye-catching, but it is very elegant and modern.

More than 2,000 square feet of living space, it also includes a private roof terrace. A simple but luxurious interior flat feature. The decor is elegant and fun, and the colors are beautiful. This will be very suitable for young people to live.
The loft includes a large reception area and the restaurant is adjacent to the kitchen. The kitchen is modern in design and is equipped with all the electrical needs. The upper level is the master bedroom suite, which is a spacious room with a large walk-in dressing area and a bathroom. There is also a double suite and a study on the same floor, which can also be used as a bedroom. The internal structure is simple but functionally designed. The interiors are tasteful and the colours are very beautiful, they create a nice contrast. The decoration is mainly black and white, pink gadgets. The only exception is the master bedroom, which is a very soothing, colorful room.

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Making potted plants from discarded glass

Alicja Patanowska created this botanical garden for better use of waste products. The botanical garden consists of a glass base and porcelain components that can be used to observe plant growth and roots.

We can find these abandoned glasses in some unexpected places on the streets of London. Patanowska spent more than a month from 4 am to 6 pm at the bus stop, under the bench, on the roadside The alley collects glasses.

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Design of the penthouse in Copenhagen

This apartment is located in an area of ​​Copenhagen and is surrounded by many shops, including cafes, restaurants and fashion stores. This apartment was built in 1877. At that time, it was not only a great place to live, but also a symbol of status.

It has a size of 139 square meters and is divided into 5 rooms, including one that can see all around the house. Room with view. In fact, there are many large windows in the living area that allow natural light to pass through, and also give you a good view. The shiny wooden floor covers the entire apartment, giving a warm feeling.
The most important thing is that it also has a roof terrace. You can walk out of the balcony, breathe in the fresh air, watch the distant sky and relax your mood. This is a home of our dreams, with all the features we want, but you have to wake up, this is yours.

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Highlights of the Light Butterfly at the Amsterdam Light Festival

For the Amsterdam Light Festival, the design exhibition from now until January 2015, the Italian design studio created a butterfly flying in the free flying, radiating hundreds of butterflies hovering above the ground. The dazzling installation can be extended along the walking route of the lakeside street. Visitors use smartphones to change lighting effects, which means they can manipulate the colors and patterns of light.

Butterflies represent freedom in all cultures. Essentially, this installation is about a city renovation in Amsterdam. When they are in the state, “the city is a place where people can continue to be inspired, not only in culture, but also in society, where the ongoing changes and progress are. The wing of freedom symbolizes this potential change and evolution.
With the dynamic waves of color, we want to celebrate the lively events of Amsterdam: thought and interaction. Constantly changing about this Amsterdam. Some people say that a butterfly can cause a storm to give it. The butterfly creates a hurricane of light and creativity.

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Chicago’s colorful small apartments

Continue our research on small and miniature apartments, decorated in a clever way to make the room look bigger, and in Chicago we found this beautiful apartment. The owner of the apartment makes Joan, a home of a total of 400 square feet. However, it is also a popular and very comfortable home.

The house is small but beautiful and cleverly decorated. Because it is such a small place, some things have to be sacrificed. For example, there is only one closet in the entire apartment. It may seem like an unfortunate compromise, but the truth is that there are other ways to store things without relying on closets. In this case, a clever solution is to create some functional storage space under the bed. In the bedroom, a series of shelves placed on top of the bed is the perfect solution, making the bedside table seem useless in this case. This is a space saving solution, a very smart solution.

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