Sound absorbing furniture okorder

Swedish designer Johan Kauppi managed to combine the minimalist Nordic design with the practical sound absorption function to create Wakufuru.
This collection of furniture is made up of tables and benches that can be combined in any way. Made of solid wood and medium density fiberboard, Wakufuru is of high quality. The secret of sound absorption is not the wood, but the hidden panel at the bottom of the bench or table.
These panels are made up of felt, perforated panels, foam and an air gap to ensure a quiet room. The collection was first shown at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. The designer revealed in an interview that his inspiration comes from nature.

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Toronto townhouse okorder

Twelve Tacoma is a new line of Twelve Tacoma, located in the Xiashan community in Toronto. Designed by Aleph-Bau, the project maintains the integrity of the historical appearance while making it stand out. The bricks are painted in bright white with a corrugated aluminum cladding for a bold look.
The open metal staircase has become a sculptural design element.
There is a living room in the basement with a concrete bench.
The back of the house is more open than the front, allowing the sun to fill the space. The bathroom upstairs has a plant wall, just above the bathtub.
You can see the top layer covered with aluminum from the street.

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Sometimes we want our home to blend into the surrounding buildings okorder

Sometimes we want our home to blend into the surrounding buildings, but at other times we are happy that it will stand out. This three-story family home in Stuttgart is an example of this. The house was designed by Steimle Architekten and has an unusual crystal shape. The unusual concrete look angle provides an unexpected advantage: a beautiful view of the surrounding environment. This design opens the house to the outdoors in an unusual way.

This Swiss house looks very simple, like a concrete block. It seems to have been on the slopes and has only recently been carved into a home. It was designed by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects. Due to its location on a steep slope, the entrance to the house is on the top floor and the car park is on the roof. Its original concrete look is simple and fun, and the interior is also fitted with this look.

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Not all concrete houses look like compact boxes or fortresses okorder

Not all concrete houses look like compact boxes or fortresses. This residence in Mexico City proves that a concrete house can also be opened to the environment. The architect ensures that the location and the specific view are fully utilized by lifting the building to 1.3 meters above the ground. Full height windows and a green roof terrace allow the house to blend in with nature, opening the interior to the view and the huge outdoors.

The house tries to be as close as possible to the street and neighbors, with amazing open spaces and appearance . This unusual combination is achieved by combining two contrasting materials: concrete and glass. The design strategy is to have a more open first floor, the first floor is closed and private. Both floors have full-height glass walls, but the difference is that the upstairs is wrapped in a concrete enclosure that closes the view, but at the same time allows them to be completely open to the courtyard.

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Some bookshelves can be placed against the wall as separate units or room dividers okorder

In this example, both sides of them are accessible.
Large wall shelves look less boring and simple, and books are stacked and displayed in a variety of ways and at different angles. Of course, this bookshelf is interesting due to the wave pattern.
The design advantages of bookshelf or bookcase units using glass are lightweight, versatile, and easier to integrate.
Add some accent lighting to your bookshelf to highlight the shelf, highlight the books you like or give the whole unit a more interesting and eye-catching look.
This small bookcase is tall and narrow, like a tower, it has a glass shelf, but the most interesting thing is that it is balanced by only one leg. The cube is the design theme of this bookcase. They support and connect the shelves and give the unit a fun and fun look.

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Villiers offers a bunch of exquisite but also casual and informal floor lamps okorder

Villiers offers a bunch of exquisite but also casual and informal floor lamps, such as this one. The design is based on form contrast, material, structure, and even color, and the lamp is designed to meet a large number of settings. Decor and space type.
Wood and metal have complementary properties, and the quality of both materials is emphasized by Deuce floor lamps, bringing elegance and versatility. The design combines metal, wood veneer and fabric. The cylindrical lampshade of the Snowdrop lamp is much larger than the circular base and has a symmetrical and balanced appearance. The base of the lamp is made of wood.
Feather is a unique floor lamp that is so special and unusual. The lights are decorated with exotic lighting and come in a variety of interesting colors.

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Seattle minimalist house okorder

A pair of Seattle couples decided to reduce and simplify their lifestyle. They hired Suyama Peterson Deguchi to design a simple house.
In order to respect the landscape, they built a modest house with minimal footprints and did not attempt to overwhelm its surroundings. All existing trees are unscathed.
Inside, the lush landscape is fixed by the windows, making people feel like living in a tree house.
The project uses low-cost materials such as virgin plywood and corrugated metal siding covering the exterior.

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Beautiful landscape of Wales okorder

This is an award-winning design from MillerKendrick Architects to celebrate the beautiful landscape of Wales. The lodge was built using local materials and has a shell that is covered with recycled wood. It looks like a stone from a distance, similar to a cave. The interior is warm and very comfortable. You can rent this place to live if you want to spend some time away from the busy city.
The advantage of the ARK cabin is that it is not subject to any specific location restrictions. It is an active house that can be moved to any desired location, which means you can put the hut on the mountain in winter or bring it close to the lake or forest in the summer. The design is simple and modern with a dark outer casing and full height windows.

New Zealand offers a lot of landscapes and views. A great way to enjoy the beauty and relaxation is to rent one of the cabins. They are called PurePods and are made of steel and glass. They are surrounded by nature and provide all the facilities needed.

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This interesting building is located in Lisbon, Portugal, and is covered by greenery. okorder

This interesting building is located in Lisbon, Portugal, and is covered by greenery. Its living walls give it a vague and friendly appearance while also providing some insulation. The first floor is exposed with a roof terrace. This approach provides some contrast and makes the vertical garden stand out.
Have you ever thought about what the world’s largest vertical garden looks like? If you are curious, check out the Tree House, the largest vertical garden in the 2014 Guinness World Record. The building is located in Singapore and was designed by CDL with green walls covering 24,638.59 square feet. This feature allows building energy savings.
When designing the Athenaeum Hotel, Patrick Blanc chose to use the cold touch, and the concrete look looks more enjoyable. The green exterior is covered with 12,000 plants. They are attached to a plastic-coated aluminum frame and the structure also includes a custom irrigation system that makes the plants fresh and healthy.

This The exterior of the exhibition hall designed by architect Sansiri is made up of glass, wood and plants. The two sides of the building are covered with geometric flower pots, including vertical gardens with glass panels between them.
Although the exterior of the Espelho d’Agua building is very linear and simple, in fact, its interior design is spectacular, with a vertical garden and bright spaces. In addition, large water features are located on both sides of the building, intersecting the river.
Jean Nouvel Studio designed a very interesting tower in Nicosia, Cyprus. The unusual place of the tower is not its size or shape, but something smaller. Perforated exterior walls and wide balconies are filled with plants that add color to the building.

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Canada’s Natural Museum and its pedestal were completed in 1912. okorder

The Canadian Nature Museum and its pedestal were completed in 1912. However, soon after the stone tower began to fall into the ground, it had to be removed. The building has recently been refurbished and a contemporary extension has been added. The new part is very similar to the tower built before. It is made of glass and has a simple and modern design.
The roof of this old building in Milan has a peculiar structure. It is not an extension, but is actually a temporary structure that can serve as a restaurant. This is a pop-up restaurant designed by Park Associati that is easy to disassemble and relocate. This is a space that can accommodate the press conference and can accommodate 24 people.

The unusual structure of the Romanian Architects’ Federation was transformed into a landmark of the nation’s capital. The building was originally built at the end of the 19th century and was used as the Austrian Embassy. Then, in December 1989, it was almost completely burned. After that, it is divided into two parts. In 2003, the building received a considerable increase and expansion, currently has 7 floors. The original structure was retained and considered a historic milestone. The architect built a glass tower on the old structure.

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