London rental market sees strong demand for homes

The London leasing market saw strong demand for a 1.4% annual growth rate, especially in the past three months. However, significant gaps still exist, with a rent gap per square foot, according to reports from Savills. In London, strong demand for smaller properties has led to the highest quarterly rents in the city centre of central London, with growth in northern and eastern London, albeit from different tenant groups.
The study also showed that the strongest annual growth in the commuter belt throughout London was mainly in the external commuting area, with average rents rising by 2.5%. Cambridge, Farnham and, with all the family especially my favorites, saw the highest growth rates due to their popularity in school and London.
However, in the past three months, we have seen strong growth of 1.3%. This has driven some of the inability of young sharers to afford, but the most significant factor is the relocation of young professionals as the economic recovery continues to strengthen outside of London. In the suburban area, inventory levels will depend on who found themselves renting their homes more than they had expected, but who are increasingly seeking to sell the sales market and strengthen the mood of the owners. However, some may decide to continue to lease their properties as the capital value of the main commuting area is growing in the next five years.

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Black chandeliers create a warm atmosphere

The well-known Danish furniture designer Verapan was born in 1962 and died in 1998. Vernpan designed a lot of furniture throughout his life, with tables, chairs, chandeliers, sofas, etc., bringing a lot of innovative furniture to people.

This is a chandelier designed by Vernpan, using materials mainly aluminum and fiber. The chandelier shade looks like a black trumpet, the outside is very smooth, and inside is a long light bulb. When the switch is turned on, the bulb emits bright light. This chandelier is ideal for use in dining tables and kitchens, and its black shade is not too dirty, and hanging on the ceiling creates a warm atmosphere.

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Corian architecture in Sydney Gardens

The Corian board was added to the laser-cut mirror to create the Sydney Garden in the Curve Pavilion, designed by the Australian studio. The three-pronged shape of the self-supporting shell structure creates a curved canopy that can be used as a meeting place, auditorium or a stage event.

The outer casing consists of 152 pieces of Corian, an artificial solid surface, heated and shaped. To create unique pieces. The stainless steel plate is the inner surface created by the bend, creating a twisted reflection. There are thousands of components, each of which is unique. The only common element is the bolts and screws that it holds together, using structural analysis software to monitor the stiffness and strength of materials and components.
The overall prefabrication of the structure was assembled in just eight days. The 19 mm thick Corian panel together creates a rigid and waterproof surface around the scaffolding frame. A building, all in order to make effective use of materials and resources, to a higher standard, then brought to the site and installed. LED lighting is integrated into the metal’s inner surface of the structure and paved into granite paving tiles that have an irregular pattern that echoes.

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UK construction market is growing rapidly

The sharp rise in private residential and private commercial construction activities has pushed up the workload at the fastest rate since 1994, according to the latest RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) survey. Despite the continued strong recovery in workloads in this industry. Private homes have grown steadily across the UK, seeing strong growth with London and the Southeast.
Throughout the UK, this is considered to be a major constraint on construction activity due to labor shortages. RICS said that this is significant, the demand for bricklayers grew strongly in the previous quarter, with 71% demand, which is a problem compared to 59% in the second quarter of this year.
Unprecedented housing demand, rebounding from a very serious economic recession and government commitments, returning to investment in infrastructure projects, driving the much-needed confidence of the entire industry, and transforming into a UK workload mood has stood at the highest level Twenty years.
Of course factors affect construction activities, such as skills shortages and shortages of raw materials, if we want to avoid capacity constraints, promote productivity and efficiency in the workplace, but equally important, issues that must be addressed for effective planning and implementation. Whether the basic framework project is in place to ensure that long-term construction development is evenly distributed in the UK.

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Weekend holiday home with river view

When we want to create a new house plan, it gives us the ideal place for a holiday. A calm place is an important factor in thinking about building a holiday home. Can be your inspiration to build your own comfort zone because it has a wonderful view, perfect blending with house architecture.

This weekend’s holiday home plan makes the natural operation of the river a part of the building. The residence is located in California, near Sequoia National Park and looks like a natural background that connects to the surroundings. Architects deliberately choose the parts that apply to the entire house, the exterior and interior of the wooden material, creating a beautiful blend of nature and architecture. The river is precisely positioned below the house room. In order to reach the other end, you have to use a wire railing and a wooden bridge.
When you turn on the lights for the night, you can take romantic scenes in the surrounding houses, especially in the parks and riversides. You can enjoy the natural landscape directly and even catch fish on the deck. This southern lifestyle weekend holiday house plan has indeed designed a lot of warm atmosphere, so you will never regret it.

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Handmade furniture

There is a store in the bustling city centre of Houston, the largest city in Texas, and it feels like going back in the past. The owner of the store, Clark Kellogg, has a traditional furniture manufacturing process. This traditional furniture manufacturing process means that the furniture he creates does not require any screws or nails. In the store, he also allows guests to customize all the furniture that he now has to make. No screws or nails are required for each piece of furniture created.
Clark Kellogg said: “This is a fun and hard job. I don’t use any product lines or similar modern equipment when building furniture. All the parts are hand-made. Woodworking has existed for thousands of years, but has recently become a bit like dying art. In contemporary society, there are not many people who know the craftsmanship of handicrafts. In addition to the old talents who can be my grandfather at a few years old, I know a little. & rdquo;
Clark Kellogg also said: “Every piece of furniture needs to be built from the beginning, usually takes hundreds of hours, which means that months to tirelessly do the same thing, sometimes It felt very boring, but when I saw the good furniture, I felt like magic, very interesting. ”

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House on top of Sydney tree

Are you thinking about placing your house on a tree? This is a unique house located north of Sydney. This is a structure composed of a pavilion, which is located at the top of the tree. This is a beautiful house design that blends well into the surrounding environment and allows its owners to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The greatest thing about this house is that you can see the panoramic view of the surrounding area and make you feel closer to the big natural. This is really living in the middle of nature. This is a real place to live and everything will feel very comfortable. It is not too small, it has several spacious rooms, it even has a swimming pool, it includes indoor and outdoor spaces, even if it is difficult to use due to environmental differences.

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Characteristics and application of structural bionic building materials

Bionic building materials are new materials designed and manufactured by studying and mimicking the organizational structure, chemical composition or ecological function of biological organisms. It roughly corresponds to the application of bionics in architecture. Among them, the structural bionic building materials are constructed by constructing a similar organism or a part thereof through the construction of a graduated object, and the functions are similar by structural similarity.
For example, cellular foam concrete is a new type of building material that is made by imitating the structure of honeycomb. It is light in weight and high in strength, and represents the development direction of future building materials. As a genius architect in the biological world, the bees built with beeswax are light and strong, both beautiful and practical, and are the most economical construction under the same conditions. In order to save the amount of reinforced concrete, honeycomb foam concrete was invented in the form of a honeycomb structure. Similar materials include aerated concrete, foam, foam rubber and foam glass. It has been proved that these honeycomb materials with bubbles are insulated and insulated, and the structure is light and beautiful. Currently, they have been widely used throughout the world.

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White tree bionic home artificial man-made tree

There is a versatile “white tree” in Montpellier, France, with its unique architectural style to create a successful life in the natural world, thus giving residents a healthy life. Experience, from the perspective of architecture, demonstrate the awareness of sustainable development of society and the care for human living environment.

& ldquo;White Tree” is a collection of offices, galleries, bars and restaurants designed by Japanese designer Fujimoto An integrated functional building with a floor area of ​​10,225 square meters and a full height of 17 floors. The biggest feature is that the whole building is like a big tree with branches and leaves, allowing the terrace and balcony to bloom wildly. A variety of practical outdoor spaces.

120 households have different orientations, and customers can choose according to their individual circumstances. The living room faces the balcony as much as possible, in line with local living habits. Other spaces in the tower also include some galleries, restaurants, panoramic bars and office facilities.

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Celanese renews contract with AZL

Celanese is a global technology and specialty materials company that recently announced that it has signed a contract for the expansion of the Lightweight Production Division (AZL) in Aachen, Germany, for two periods. year. Joint development of thermoplastic composites for automotive and construction. Celanese Global Composites Business Manager said they are looking forward to continuing to work with AZL and researching innovative composite materials.
AZL of Aachen University of Technology specializes in the development of lightweight components. This research covers the testing and application of carbon and fiberglass, textile preforming, high-capacity plastics processing and automated machining. Used in infrastructure, construction and automotive production.
As a founding member of AZL, Celanese has been focusing on the development of the project to create thermoplastic composite parts that reduce production costs and increase production efficiency. In order to support these advanced engineering materials, the company also combines innovation and development strategies to actively deepen the knowledge of modeling and processing. An application identified by Celanese and AZL is approved by five major business units, including components, distribution channels, production, economic potential, and material and process chain requirements.

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