3D illusion design: as a new decorative trend

Create Vantage as an interesting array of works of art by painting artists on the canvas using plastic and wood. In the “series” series, the specific location of the gallery is displayed, as well as a variety of permanent and temporary facilities in the city of Rome. It is said that the three-dimensional illusion design evokes the constant collision and confrontation between the physics and thinking of our existence.

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Florida Florida train station starts

The newest train station in Miami, Florida, has recently begun construction. The station is headed by SOM Architects, which will connect more than 235 miles of rail lines across Florida. Close to becoming the sun-drenched state of the third largest league, these stations will replace crowded roads as a popular tourist. The Miami station is expected to have a flow of about 12 million people. The station also has retail stores and restaurants that make it a cultural landmark in their respective cities.

The station is the first private and maintenance railway passenger transport company in the United States, and the design of the terminal is unique. Due to the absolute density of the urban structure of Miami, the railway line enters the terminal and rises 50 feet in the air. This allows for minimal traffic disruption and allows the shops and outlets of the train station to reach the ground in a larger public. The extensive use of glass will give the station a feeling of light and ventilation.
When all three terminals are completed, it is estimated that their use will reduce nearly three million car trips per year. The station is expected to be open to the public at the end of 2016.

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Easy way to improve indoor air quality

Just when you start enjoying the cool weather, do you find the nasal congestion, headache and sinus infection you are dealing with? Learn how to improve your indoor air quality to help prevent these health problems.
After wiping your pet, they are already outside. Enter the dry microfiber cloth and when they come back into the house, wipe off your pet’s habits. Microfiber will collect most of the allergens, you can put it directly into the washing machine cleaning cloth.

Carpet Filter” width=”550″ height=”310″ src=”/Upload/Other/carpet1.jpg” />

Use your indoor plants – to act as an air purifier. Aloe vera and spider plant are very easy to grow and both help to remove formaldehyde and benzene in the air (chemicals in cleaning products and rubber back carpets).<br Invest in a high quality air filter. You want to find a rated HEPA air filter, move the air conditioner so that it can clean the entire room. Be sure to thoroughly research this purchase so that you find the right air purifier for you The needs of the family.

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2014 new bathroom: 5 hot trends

People spend more and more time in their bathrooms, these days, are thinking more and more about their designs. As a result, the appearance of these rooms is changing. If you are considering renovating or building a new bathroom in 2014, the new bathroom has five hot trends.
1, it looks more and more like a bathroom

People spend more and more time Their bathrooms and the space they wish to decorate reflect the rest of the home. Today’s bathrooms are more personal, in art, decoration, and even the focus of furniture, not lamps.

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Construction waste is used to produce new flooring

Removed houses usually leave a lot of waste, and with clever minds, they can become dreamy new construction supplies. The Italian-inspired Dutch designer created a new terrazzo made from scrap produced in marble mines with ancient construction waste. Mixed materials create a series of recycled composites “gravel layers” bricks. Old red bricks, roofs, bathroom tiles, glass and even nails can create a new and colorful floor.

Using the remaining materials and adhesives for multiple experiments, the young designer determined that he could recycle a large amount of material and mix it with new cement in a 20-30% ratio. Bricks can be used for up to 100 years. But one of the most innovative aspects of this is the way he gives the bricks of color, is pulverized into powder, and then screens some materials, such as black roof tiles or red bricks, he can create a pigment to make multicolored bricks The building has unlimited possibilities.

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Classical column for the decorative effect of concrete

New York City is the place to be creative, modern loft interior design, this beautiful apartment in the fortunate New York City. The axis of the universe happens to be Bond Street in Manhattan. This eclectic living space is very charming with modern features and luxury. The earthy texture wall tiles and contemporary art are seen between the classical Roman columns, summarizing the various interior styles. The window wall invites light and the vibrant city skyline inside, day and night.

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Swiss unique apartment: Protecting many chemically sensitive people

The residents of the building suffer from a variety of chemical sensitivities (MCS) and are considered to be special buildings for chronic diseases caused by low-level exposure to chemicals such as cigarette smoke, pesticides, scented products and paint smog. The Art Foundation for the Healthy Living and Living of New Apartment Buildings in Switzerland is generally considered to be a remote area of ​​various chemically sensitive (MCS) patients in Lembach, on the outskirts of Zurich. Special building. It is generally believed that the Art Foundation, which shows the newly opened apartment building in Switzerland, is a multi-chemically sensitive (MCS) patient in a remote area of ​​Lembach, on the outskirts of Zurich.

Switzerland: No smoking, no spices, no rules for mobile phone use in a newly opened apartment building on the outskirts of Zurich. For one reason: the structure has been built for a specific purpose, who said that people who are exposed to perfumes, hand sanitizers or wireless devices make them very uncomfortable and they are not working properly.
Other residents suffer from a variety of chemical sensitivities (MCS), a chronic disease that has not been widely recognized by the medical community. Those tortured, but I believe it is caused by low-level exposure to chemicals such as cigarette smoke, agriculture, scented products and paint fumes. Many residents also suffer from electromagnetic allergies, in which circuits and radiation radios make them equally sick.
The new building is the first in Europe, according to Zurich officials, who decided to help people with their so-called “a very harmful problem,” playing a pioneering role. “This room is very good, because we barely need electricity,” he said, surrounded by a large carbon filter that purifies the air in large public areas. Anyone entering the building is expected to turn off their cell phone, which in no case does work inside. But there are also landline telephones and internet communications on the building.
But more and more studies have shown that the body’s initial exposure to chemicals may trigger some people’s “allergic reactions” when they later face even a very low level of a range of chemicals. Zurich’s buildings are built with special materials, smoked by specially trained builders or used with scented products such as cologne, as their work is banned. It is designed to suck out a variety of odor ventilation systems.

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Rooftop parking lot in contemporary American residence

When a car park is designed with two cars in the challenge of a contemporary house, parking at close range. Anonymous architects came up with a bold architectural concept. Parking in the home of Los Angeles, California open-air “garage” between the location of the switch and living space, below: “In addition to expecting a dramatic change, it is also a logical response to the building code to park two cars.” ;, the architect explained. When it comes to showcasing this project, what attracts our attention, driving your car in your house is crazy on the roof.

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Ultra Modern Orange House Ultimate Home Lighting

On a hilltop in the University of Technology, Ankara, Turkey, there is a brightly colored residential building called “& quoquo;” This building is a landmark in architectural colorology, and the bright orange house launch is absolutely unique. Its internal and external patterns give it a truly personal atmosphere.

The exterior of the residence is decorated with bright colors, while the architectural style is modern, while the house is also focused Designed for lighting. Outside, imitating plant mirror light stalks illuminate the pond; for interiors, smart dimming illuminates the entire home through a configurable multicolored glass staircase, with its bright orange tones and playful modern styling illuminate the house.

At the rear of the home is a large swimming pool overlooking the city, and a spacious down-tiled lawn. The building is dressed in an orange plastic water-based paint, adorned with a thin strip of metal around the entire house. On the upper floors of the two floors above, the wide silver roof shades the closest outdoor space. At night, the color of the home deepens against the red tones, while the lighting at the rear helps to highlight the deck, the pool, and the walkway to the property.

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Italian shipyard CRN won the 2014 World Superyacht Award

The Italian Shipyard (CRN) recently won the jury award, and its 80-long superyacht (chopi chopi) won the 2014 World Superyacht Award.
Hosted by Boat International Media, the World Superyacht Awards are specially designed for large-displacement power yachts of 2000GT and above. Guests attending the event included industry leaders, owners of superyachts and elites from around the world.

Italian Shipyard (CRN) is the Ferretti Group Part of the Ferretti Group, specializing in the manufacture of large yachts, made of steel and aluminium, with hull lengths ranging from 40 to 90 meters.
In February 2014, Chopi Chopi won the Interior Design Award and the Grand Yacht Preparation Design Award. Chopi Chopi also received a special award from the World Superyacht Award for its innovation, design and onboard technology.

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