Home dealers are using their power to find breakthroughs

With the arrival of the new home retail era, more and more companies are adopting a sinking strategy, so will dealers disappear, and where are the dealers’ outlets?
by the manufacturer’s “oppression”

1, manufacturers’ sales tasks are getting heavier.

Only know about the increase every year, manufacturers often only consider themselves, did not consider that there are so many competing products in the market, the products of the manufacturers are more and more homogenized, the sales increase is weak, and the inventory and labor costs increase. The main reason is that manufacturers rarely do real work from marketing. To put it plainly, product upgrades are too slow. The actual dealers are the most exposed to the market, and it is clear that many manufacturers’ products have been unable to keep up with the actual demand, but each time the dealer’s innovation and other details can not reach the company’s top management.

2, manufacturers often find replacement dealers.

A product is in a certain area, the dealer has made it into a local big brand from scratch, just as hard as raising a child, but the manufacturer turned his face and even turned a regional business. In order to replace the dealers or some of the manufacturers, the area was quickly cut off, and many years of hard work was cut off. In the end, the advantages of mastering the terminal channels were basically gone. As a manufacturer’s thinking, manufacturers are always bigger than dealers (even if the actual assets are not as big as dealers), because manufacturers control the absolute rights of products and brands.

3, the quality of business and integrity of the manufacturer is always a problem.

The cost of advance payment can not be basically written off, resulting in deep grievances, but for a business or a high-level manufacturer to come once, a few glasses of wine will promise a lot of “pits”, dealers can not Do not jump in because there is no initiative. Even if you don’t make this manufacturer’s product, you will have a dealer to do it right away, even better than you, because when you change the dealer, the manufacturer will often increase the input cost, even if the dealer is strong, in his own chassis, except for himself. People do this brand, but think about it, manufacturers will increase sales in other areas, or after a few years, from the product “live”. There are no dealers who can absolutely control the market.

Accepted by the market and the channel of “bullying”

1, the cost of the store increased year by year, what is reasonable and unreasonable, such as the increase of the savage beast, the dealer’s meager profit How to support 3-5 years?

The main reason is that the offline is hit by the line (the store does not have a closed-loop industry circle, such as scene experience, such as thoughtful services, such as entertainment needs; at the very least, there are a lot of stores with a lot of spare The seat? The customer wants to have no place to rest, who wants to go to the store often? So consumers go to IKEA to sleep). The offline is shocked, the flow of people and profits is greatly reduced, and the cost of labor and other costs is high, so it is only possible to ask the dealers and manufacturers for money (for manufacturers, the store is slowly but often, want to skip the dealer directly Manufacturers cooperate because of the lure of profit in the middle).

2, manufacturers must both sell and be popular, dealers can not meet, can only be maintained on the edge of elimination.

The main reason is that dealers do not have professional professions and cannot operate the market professionally, but now the situation is that the professions are not necessarily able to sell. In order to complete the indicators given by the store every year, the dealers will not hesitate to buy sales to drink and quench their thirst, or some dealers rely on multi-care workers or promoters to increase sales.

3, the store will ruthlessly abandon itself and directly Look for cooperation with manufacturers. There are too many such examples, so I don’t have to give examples, because everyone knows to go to intermediate and maximize profits.

4, channel costs are getting higher and higher, regardless of the size of the store, have learned the cost.

It seems that the cost is everything, the product is not important, but these costs, manufacturers often swear or do not support, facing their employees’ “family livelihood” and the manufacturer’s “card throat task” How to do? Is it to let your employees take the so-called “best sellers” in the silly death of the channel?

Distributor’s short board

1, funds. How much money, how much work, many dealers are struggling on the line of life and death, and even if the funds break, they can be closed tomorrow.

2, staff team. People at the dealer level is a very painful thing. Nowadays, young people are more and more difficult to manage. The dealers themselves will not lead the team. Some dealers find good professional managers, but they can’t find them. Appropriate, it is painful, many employees stand on their own for 2-3 years. Because the dealer threshold is too low, even if there are people, it is difficult to bring out a professional team. The root cause of this pain is that they do not operate the brand by themselves.

3, brand selection. This is by luck, the choice is not right, the effort is in vain, the good brand will not be easily represented by the agent, the sales of the agent after the agent does not necessarily pick up. There are too many small brands, and it is difficult for them to distinguish whether they have potential for development.

4, the terminal control. The difference in the structure of the agent’s products has led to the strength of the terminal’s control. The development and savvy of the second batch of merchants has exceeded the capabilities of the dealers. Because the goods of the manufacturers are actually flying, the development space of the second batch of merchants is available. There are also some B2B platforms and experts who say that dealers are revolutionary objects and have to be replaced.

The dealer will not disappear, but the dealers in the excess link will be optimized. The future dealership pattern will change. Expressed in another language: dealers as a group will not disappear, but as individuals, if they do not transform or transform unsuccessfully, the probability will disappear. Dealers have to change from “sitting business” to “trading”, but they encountered great resistance at the time. Later, a group of new dealers known as “businessmen” emerged, and “sit-off” was eliminated.

Merchants are going out, not only do people have to go out, but the goods have to go out. “Car sales” become marketingStandard. Later, we proposed “visiting sales”, and the separation of people and vehicles was greatly resisted.

Fortunately, many big businessmen have now turned around. Now, we have proposed a third-party “unified warehouse” in the B2B environment, which is an improvement on the basis of “visiting sales”. To put it bluntly, it is to strip the warehouse function from the dealer and still encounter resistance. For so many years, dealers are constantly denying. Every time you negate, you will encounter resistance. Therefore, the traditional elimination and the rise of the new force are too normal.

1, the core functions of the dealer

What is the core function? Just leave it, the dealer does not exist as a group. As long as the core functions are irreplaceable, dealers as a group will not disappear. The elimination and renewal of individuals is normal. Due to the high backwardness and fragmentation of Chinese channels, Chinese distributors carry too many non-core functions, so many people think that these functions are the natural functions of dealers, but they are not. As a division of labor, manufacturers (brands) carry the role of value creation, and businesses (all types of businesses, including agents, distributors, retailers) carry the role of value transfer. Of course, there will be creativity in the process of value transfer, otherwise there will be no progress in value transfer. At the same time, merchants may also participate in the value creation of brand owners, but they are not core functions.

There are about four functions that the dealer undertakes: funds, promotion, orders, and warehouse allocation. Funds, warehouse allocations, and orders are all core tasks of non-value transfer, especially warehouse allocation, which is the transfer of goods, not the value transfer. Which of the above functions is a core function? I think it is promotion, promotion is the real value transfer, and others are the functions derived from it.

2, dealers and B2B

B2B appeared as a new species, so someone gave the dealer a “death penalty”, it seems that the dealer can do, B2B Can do, and fewer links, more efficient. Of course, some B2Bs are currently low in integration and inefficient, but they cannot be used to negate the efficiency logic of B2B. In the past, we emphasized distribution and marketing. It is because China does not have an efficient third party, and dealers are forced to do things that are not within its core functions. For example, the distribution in the United States is all done by a third party. B2B has emerged, which carries the integration functions of some channels, which is an improvement in China’s circulation, although this progress is combined with the Internet. As an integrated function of the channel, B2B’s advantages are concentrated in the integration process. If there is an advantage in integration, it will be handed over to it in the future. Such as order integration, unified warehouse allocation.

As for big data and internet finance, they are derivative functions and are not core functions. Channel integration services have long appeared in the United States, such as third-party distribution, but the dealers are still alive, indicating that not all functions of the channel have integration advantages.

3. Promotion is the core function of the dealer

Promoting, to a large extent, is a relationship activity. Interpersonal activities, small organizations have more advantages. Unlike the classic product strategy of multinational companies, Chinese companies are pushing new products faster than multinational companies. Product promotion, in addition to back-end support (advertising, communication, branding, etc.), depends largely on the channel’s trinity. Teacher Shi Wei proposed the trinity of the Internet era—cognition, transaction, relationship, and trinity. This is the trinity brought by online communication. The reason why China’s marketing in the past can creatively propose “to fight against brands through channels” is brand-driven and channel-driven, because China’s channels are also trinity – relationship, cognition, and transaction. The same is the Trinity, but the logic is different.

The trinity of the Internet, the premise is that communication produces cognition, while the offline trinity, on the premise, the relationship produces cognition. Communication generates cognition, which is the advantage of the Internet. Relationships generate cognition, which is an offline advantage. Despite the Internet age, the traditional Trinity will not disappear and will exist for a long time.

The proportion of virtuality will rise, but it will never be possible to replace reality. Based on the promotion of interpersonal relationships, small organizations have advantages, social radius and business radius overlap, there are advantages in traditional social relationships, and interest centers have more clear advantages. I have repeatedly stressed that B2B certainly has an advantage, but we must not think that it is omnipotent, otherwise there will be only enemies and no friends. Admit that you have a disadvantage, and then cooperate with the advantaged party, there are friends.

4, agglomerate the core functions

The world is in a state of great power, and it will be steadily. As a channel integration party, B2B divests non-core functions, which is an improvement of China’s channels. Even if there is no Internet, China will come to this step, but it is not so fast. Don’t think that the current dealer’s form is the norm, just that it is abnormal.

Future dealers, divesting warehouses, focusing on core functions, their advantages will be better. In the current dealer organization structure, the proportion of warehouse staff is too large, daily work is transactional, and core functions are often forgotten. Future dealers will be lightly loaded, there will be no warehouses, no vehicles, drivers, library management and even internal staff will be greatly reduced, resulting in reduced management complexity. Is this not a good thing?
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How about making a curtain box at home?

In fact, in today’s era of light decoration and decoration, curtain boxes still exist for a long time, especially in some European style decoration. There is also a ceiling decoration in the hall. Many decoration companies have made curtain boxes and ceilings. The incidental curtain box is still necessary. So in the end, how big the curtain box should be, this should be no standard.
After our actual combat experience, the depth of the curtain box (deep up and down) is recommended to be 10 cm to 15 cm. This can cover the track and facilitate the removal and removal of the curtains later. If it is deep, it is not easy for non-professionals to remove the curtains from the curtain box that is too deep. I believe that many mom-level owners have experience. The width of the curtain box (width before and after) is recommended to be 12 cm to 15 cm. This should be noted that the width is very important. The need depends on how many layers of curtain fabric you design. For a normal single layer, ten centimeters is enough. Especially not recommended to be within 10, so too small, will often pull, when pulling the curtain cloth, the double layer will rub, or even pull. Even if you only do a single layer, we also recommend that you do more than ten centimeters, unless you are sure that you are going to be a single layer, and you don’t want to add a double layer in the future. Here, we must also pay special attention to the case, in the case of a single layer, no matter whether you install curtains or window covering products, the box can not be too deep, the important thing is the window covering products, too small and too deep, there is no way to install the window coverings, see It can be installed, but there is no installation space, so it can’t be installed. The owners have to pay attention, especially the design elites of the decoration company. In reality, we are miserable by you.

If you want to do three or four layers, it is recommended to do 15 cm to 20 cm. The three layers are: cloth, yarn, and three layers. This is the most reasonable of fifteen centimeters, so that they do not rub each other. If the four layers: cloth, yarn, shade cloth, and four layers, it is strongly recommended to be more than 20 cm. Of course, it is also possible to sew the shading surface to the cloth together, which is also possible, and can reduce the space occupied by the curtain fabric. But not conducive to cleaning. Of course, you can hang the cloth and the blackout cloth in seasons, hang the blackout cloth in the summer, and hang the curtain cloth in the winter.

The total length of the curtain box, which is at least 20 cm to 30 cm wider than the side of the window, so that the light of the glass is blocked when the curtain fabric is tightened. It can also be more opaque when used! Of course, the wall is OK. According to personal preference.

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Hardcover rooms promote small and new home improvement companies to rejuvenate

In 2017, a number of provinces and cities across the country have successively issued residential renovation policies, and the country’s efforts to promote finished homes have never been seen before. “Staying in the bag” is also gaining popularity among young consumers, and the advantages of “Hardcover House” are evident. Some insiders predict that the standard for future hardcover rooms or transaction rooms. For large-scale home furnishing companies, hardcover houses provide an opportunity for them to cooperate with real estate developers, but for small and medium-sized home furnishing enterprises, how to get a piece of the hardcover room era, test their wisdom and ability.
Small and medium-sized home improvement companies rejuvenate their lives

Facing the momentum of the hardcover housing project, as the home improvement industry of the downstream industry, it is facing the dilemma of being separated. Industry insiders said that there are very few hardcover houses to find home improvement companies to cooperate with. “One is to deal with qualifications. Second, in order to reduce costs, developers will choose their own construction team. Housing companies like Vanke have extended the industrial chain to the renovation. In the field. However, some large well-known home furnishing companies have seen business opportunities in hardcover housing projects. China Consumer Network Home Vision has learned that since 2017, well-known home furnishing companies including Sophia, Federation, Xilinmen, Qumei, Renhao, Senbao, and Dinggu have joined forces with Evergrande to establish the Evergrande Home Alliance Industrial Park in Lanka. After completion, the production capacity will mainly supply the properties of Evergrande and distributors in the region. In addition, Renhao Home, Shangpin Home, Zhibang, Nature Home, etc., are also actively deploying hardcover rooms. Customized companies are particularly active in their cooperation with developers because the cabinet wardrobes are part of the hardcover and naturally have building materials properties. In the 2017 annual financial report, Ou Pai home sales revenue of 9.7 billion, of which developer channels accounted for about 10% of sales; gold kitchen cabinets and China Jinmao, Forte, Jinke and other dozens of top 100 real estate companies signed strategic partners According to the agreement, the sales revenue of the bulk business in 2017 was 124 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 70.46%. In contrast, small and medium-sized home improvement companies seem to be stretched, and some experts predict that 80% of small and medium-sized home improvement companies will close down with the advent of the hardcover era. Is the fact really so cruel? China Consumer Network Home Vision has learned that the market for China’s building materials and home furnishing industry exceeds 4 trillion yuan, and there are about 200,000 sets of decoration needs in Beijing alone. Although Beijing’s new homes are currently small, however, some traditional home improvement companies in Beijing have long been concerned about the need for secondary renovation of existing homes. A decoration industry insider said that the second renovation is a huge cake, small and medium-sized home improvement companies can invest in the second-hand housing decoration market or focus on “local transformation” research. In the case of the entire industry, more and more home improvement companies are now eating old home customers, such as the second renovation. Because the last wave of renovation began in 2000-2005, the warranty period of China’s decoration industry is about 10 years, so now more and more old communities are undergoing secondary renovation and renovation. If small and medium-sized home improvement companies can seize the opportunity, it is also a good opportunity for development.
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The development of furniture e-commerce must have its own magic weapon

  Furniture E-commerce is a store on the large platform such as Jingdong, Tmall, etc., some are self-built home vertical e-commerce platform, some are the brand mall added by the furniture company’s official website, as well as micro-shop micro-store and so on. Different furniture e-commerce companies have different products, different companies have different scales, and different ideas, but they all have their own magic weapon.
  Business model is mature

  How to do furniture e-commerce, a lot of mouth-mouthing, there are many companies that can really do furniture e-commerce But failed more. Some Taobao merchants said that e-commerce is enough for only one move, that is, the price of the product is low, so low that others can’t think of it, and then it is better to keep a single shua ranking. This trick is used by many people, although the platform often checks the storefront. Some enterprises also said that e-commerce must also do a good job of supply chain management, do a good quality product, good quality is king. All kinds of arguments make sense. Compared with other commodities, furniture products are more special, the customer price is higher, the frequency of consumption is lower, and the most important thing is that the inventory and transportation of the products are more difficult. Many people in the industry believe that most of the furniture e-commerce are low-end products, low-cost products, and high-end products consumers must see the physical goods before they buy. But in fact, the current furniture e-commerce products have a variety of styles and styles, high, medium and low grades including mahogany furniture are available for sale. This can be said to be a change in the overall transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry. The development of furniture e-commerce has reached the present stage, and the business model has gradually matured, forming a complete system.

  Compared with the physical store furniture business system, the furniture e-commerce pays more attention to the product itself in the product, and there is little emphasis on the packaging. Many stores are single product sales, and the product update speed Fast, the price is generally low, the distribution of the business is installed by the logistics company all contracted, and some are only sent to the community, not upstairs, installation, product experience is poor, it also gives people a low-end impression. The characteristics of e-commerce products are also one of the main reasons for the difficulties in the operation of many e-commerce departments built by furniture companies. E-commerce companies are mostly independent research and development but product procurement is the mainstay. Therefore, in the current transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry, e-commerce companies If you want to be competitive at all, and do a good job in design, production, quality, price, and distribution, you must do a good job in supply chain management, as well as brand development and good service. Supply chain management can be said to be a key bottleneck in the development of furniture e-commerce. Can it be directly related to the development of e-commerce? Sometimes the product was just put on the shelves last month. If the sales are not good, it will be removed next month. Updates should be timely, but who will help you develop the product? Who is going to produce the product?

  The choice of product development or product styles is very important for e-commerce companies, but there are very few errors in the general direction, especially for single items. Generally, the functionality of the product is honed, how to better integrate with other household products, more humane, and continuously dig deep into the value of the product. The difficulty is that there are similar products who can buy directly, or need to find manufacturers to place orders, and thus, there are always problems.

  solve problems and promote development

   First, purchase or order to manufacturers, how to control costs, how to control the quality of finished products, products The problem is the core. The era of e-commerce dividends has disappeared, and the development of e-commerce enterprises is no longer as easy as before. The fierce market competition has prompted furniture e-commerce to start to find breakthroughs in various aspects, but innovations in technology, management, channels, brands, etc. can not be separated from products. . Many heads of large-scale furniture e-commerce companies have said that business is inseparable from “products”, especially furniture is very dependent on personal experience, it is different from fast-moving products, is a product with a long time limit, consumers demand for its quality Generally higher. Nowadays, through the network, furniture consumers will actively understand and compare the materials, prices, styles and functions of the products before shopping, which requires furniture e-commerce to focus more on product quality. In the past, furniture e-commerce was a 100% seller market, which means that what the factory produces and what consumers would buy is hard to imagine today. Consumers do not account for color materials, let alone product quality, and companies are not too concerned about this. In the past few years, the traffic dividend has disappeared, and it depends on strength to have more profits. Consumers’ demands for furniture quality are constantly improving. It is necessary to keep e-commerce companies constantly updating their products every year. At least there must be a supply chain for new product development, and new products must have traffic support. To have quality, do it by word of mouth. Quality is the last word. Then how to control the quality and cost of products is a big test for e-commerce companies. Now it is all about cash purchases. Regardless of whether there is a stable cooperative manufacturer or not, the e-commerce company’s one-time order is not large, the production cost of the product is difficult to reduce, and the unit price advantage is not obvious. The majority of e-commerce companies are not large, large factories are not willing to take orders, and small-scale production cannot guarantee product quality. Even if a large number of orders are placed, if the pursuit of price is relatively high, the quality of the products is difficult to guarantee.

  Second, the furniture production cycle is generally long, especially the popular all-solid wood furniture, the general production cycle is more than one month, e-commerce companies want to spot sales must To do inventory. The factory only accepts orders for production. The inventory products are all series of products in the physical store. Many enterprises will not cooperate with e-commerce at all, and sell the same products online and offline. Therefore, e-commerce companies do their own inventory, which is relatively stressful. Especially for the self-built vertical furniture e-commerce platform, it is necessary to purchase a large number of furniture products, inventory management is the top priority. In addition, logistics and distribution contracting is the main task, it is difficult to control, and better service is needed. Furniture products are basically large-sized goods, and professional installation masters are required to complete terminal services, which is difficult in logistics distribution.Larger. The physical store model is that the furniture manufacturer delivers the goods to the city dealers, and the dealers arrange the workers to do the distribution and installation to the terminal consumers. If there are any problems with the products, they can be processed immediately and the service is at home. In the past, e-commerce was directly sent to the logistics, and the consumers themselves picked up the goods. Now most merchants will package and install the goods. This work is basically a logistics company’s all-inclusive service, but this cost is not low, especially many products do not take the elevator. When going upstairs, the cost is higher.

   In fact, many e-commerce companies are difficult to develop, it is difficult to find a stable source of goods, quality assurance, relatively low prices, and sufficient capacity. And not a family, e-commerce products are rich, constantly new product development, product update speed, need to cooperate with more manufacturers. In addition to supply chain management, another key point is branded operations. It is not the furniture companies that go down the channel to work hard to be a brand, and e-commerce also has to go brand. Especially for the self-built vertical home e-commerce platform, it needs scale and needs traffic, and it needs branding more. The development of e-commerce branding will inevitably work hard on products and services. Some people say that e-commerce can sell one, slaughter one, count one, when Taobao guest furniture products have problems asking for return, no one cares about you, only the physical store can run the monk can not run the temple, sell one must maintain a good, Pay attention to quality and reputation. In fact, it is a bit biased. E-commerce has developed to the present day. E-commerce companies that do well are focused on product development, quality and after-sales service. Many e-commerce companies have customer management, regularly organize offline activities, from online to offline, and open offline experience stores, the same price online and offline.

   At the end of the day, e-commerce is also a business model that is also aimed at satisfying consumers. At present, consumers value not only the quality and price of products, but also the enjoyment of spiritual levels such as service and consumption environment. Nowadays, the number of home e-commerce brands is increasing. Enterprises entering the e-commerce sector are no longer limited to a single platform. Whether they are entering a third-party platform or building an independent platform or multi-platform operation, enterprises can’t avoid a fierce competition. E-commerce enterprises must do a good job in supply chain management and control, do a good job in service and brand operation, and achieve great development with quality and reputation.
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Stainless steel 304 faucet and copper faucet which is easy to use

Stainless steel 304 tapIs it easy to use? Faucet as a kitchen The essential hardware in the decoration of the decoration, when buying, will be compared with the family, choose the best. Then, stainless steel 304 tapand copper faucet Which is better? Below, Xiaobian will give you an analysis of the good and bad of these two types of faucets.

1, Stainless steel 304 tap

1 advantage:

1. Compared with copper, the stainless steel 304 faucet is harder and tougher.

2. Stainless steel is very durable, hygienic and environmentally friendly due to the addition of other metals. It also has many benefits for human health.

3. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and alkali and will not release any harmful metal substances.

2 Disadvantages:

1. Because the hardness of stainless steel is very large, the production process of stainless steel is much more difficult than copper; the loss of production is also great, and the sealing is good. Need to be strengthened, the price is not cheap.

2, although stainless steel is said to never rust, there are many counterfeit stainless steel products circulating in the market. After a period of use, rust will appear. Therefore, we must choose the stainless steel hardware of the big brand, so that we can be more secure.

3, the stainless steel industry is still in the development stage, some manufacturers will add some toxic heavy metals in the production process to achieve hardness and strength. standard. Although it has not been clearly checked how long it will precipitate in the water, it will still be considered.

Second, copper faucet

1 advantage

1, copper itself The chemical properties are more stable than stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant, no worse than stainless steel; long service life and very durable.

2. The copper texture is relatively softer than stainless steel and has a low melting point, so the plasticity is very strong. Today, the market is very skilled in copper processing technology, the cost is also controllable, and can be recycled.

3, the shape of copper is very varied, you can also customize it privately.

4, the superior copper can kill 99% of the bacteria in the tap water, so there is no need to worry about the danger of overnight water; Its super hardness, even if it is tens of degrees below zero, will burst and the external bacteria will not invade.

2 Disadvantages

Copper will produce copper rust after long-term use; and inferior copper faucets will produce lead.

Article Summary: The above is Stainless Steel 304 TapsWhich is a good use of copper faucets It is. Both types of faucets are products that cannot be produced. Everyone must purchase and purchase according to their actual conditions.You can bring convenience to your life according to local conditions!


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Is paint really equal to paint? Come to reveal the answer for you.

The words paint and paint are often heard in the decoration. For many people, the difference between the two is very inconspicuous. Many people think that paint is a paint, but is this really the case? Is paint really equal to paint? Maybe the answer will be beyond your expectations. Let’s take a look.
paint = paint? The two are actually very different!

I. Definition of paint and paint

Paint is a solid coating film used on the surface of objects, which has the functions of protection, decoration, insulation and anti-corrosion. Divided into two forms of liquid and solid.

Paint refers to the general term for organic solvents as medium or high solids, solvent-free oil paints.

Second, the difference between paint and paint

A, the previous paint is mostly based on vegetable oil, so it is called paint, but now the synthetic resin is completely It replaces vegetable oil, and its apparent characteristics are liquid, can not cover solid paint, and then the paint is not named properly, it is changed to paint.

B. Simply put, paints include solid powder coatings and liquid paints, but paints can only be liquid paints, not equivalent to paints. The term paint can cover all types of industries. product.

C. Nowadays, water-based paints and powder coatings are widely used in the market. Water-based paints account for about 38% of the total paints in China, but water-based paints and paints are in chemistry. There are essential differences in performance, and the nature of the product varies widely, so such materials are also known as coatings. Water paints and paints should be listed as two different series in liquid paints.

Therefore, paints can be divided into three categories: paints, water paints, powder paints; paints (flowable liquid paints) include paints and water paints.

Paint = paint? The two are actually very different!

Third, the difference between water paint and paint

Water paint is a liquid paint with water as a diluent. The difference between water paint and traditional paint is that water paint does not need to add any curing agent or thinner. It only needs to be mixed with water, so it does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and xylene, thus eliminating the possibility of air pollution. . At present, in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, it has basically replaced oil paint, and the penetration rate has reached more than 90%. It is a relatively environmentally friendly paint.

Fourth, the difference between water-based paint and latex paint

Where water is used as a solvent or as a dispersion medium, it can be called water-based paint, water-based paints include water-soluble paint, water Dilute paint, water-dispersible paint (latex paint) three kinds.

Latex paint, also known as synthetic resin emulsion coating, is a kind of organic coating, which is based on synthetic resin emulsion, and then added with pigments, fillers and various additives. Waterborne coatings. Latex paint is only one kind of water-based paint. The range of water paint is wider, and there are metal paint and wood paint.
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Bathroom tiles are difficult to clean? Look here to keep you from being overwhelmed

Everyone wants to keep their loved ones clean and fresh, but every time they are cleaned, they will always find large stains in the bathroom and it is very difficult to clean. At that time, you must be burned, don’t worry, the following pure dry goods about bathroom tile cleaning, I suggest you look at the horse, you must have great use!
Problem 1: The soap stain left by the bathroom tile

The bathroom tile will not be oily, but the soap used will be placed close to the tile, and the traces and dirt of the soap will be unknowingly It will accumulate on the surface of the tile, especially the long-term unclean dirt, which is more difficult to wipe off after accumulation.


You can first wash the soap dirt on the tile with hot water to soften the soap residue, then brush it gently with a brush, taking care not to be too strong. So as not to leave scratches on the tiles. In addition, you can also use sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid to wipe, pay attention to bring gloves work. Diligent cleaning, soap and dirt in the bathroom can be avoided. Secondly, it is also possible to apply a layer of antifouling agent to the tiles at the corners, so that even if it is not wiped, the dirt can be well avoided.

Problem 2: Scale rust behind the water pipe

The water pipe in the bathroom is in contact with water for a long time, and the tile near the faucet is easy to rust or scale after prolonged contact with water. It is difficult to clean.


For rust on tiles, it can be washed with 2% oxalic acid and then with water; 3-4 vitamin C tablets can also be used. After being ground into powder, sprinkle it on the surface of the tile and scrub with water to remove rust. Partial polishing, laminating, grease coating, anti-rust oil, etc. can be used to prevent rust.

Difficult three: hard scratched and scratched tiles

After the tiles are left smudged, many people will try to brush off with a brush, use a wire ball to decontaminate, or It is cleaned with a strong acid cleaner, but it is often found that the tiles are more ugly than before cleaning, and they leave a “scar” that is difficult to repair on the tiles.


If there is fine breakage at the edge or in the middle of the tile, the small part that is dropped can be glued with white latex. When cleaning tiles, the most important thing is to avoid damaging the glaze. Use more water for a while, then use a soft brush to gently scrub. After cleaning, be sure to dry it immediately to avoid water stains.
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Jilin Petrochemical Company’s calcium carbide plant increased production and water reducing agent monomer technical transformation project completed infrastructure construction

In recent days, Jilin Petrochemical Company’s calcium carbide plant increased production of water reducing agent monomer technology transformation project completed the infrastructure construction, successfully completed the diplomatic relations, fully transferred to the “three check four fixed” and production preparation stage.

Technical transformation project to increase production of water reducing agent monomer is The company’s key construction projects this year are of great significance for promoting high-quality development, optimizing product structure, and improving efficiency. During the construction of the project, the factory cooperates closely with the general contractor, adheres to strict management and quality control, and comprehensively builds safety engineering, high-efficiency engineering and high-quality projects. The factory actively overcomes many unfavorable factors such as long equipment arrival period, narrow on-site operation surface, large summer rain and tight schedule, scientifically optimize the construction period, coordinate and coordinate various departments and various links, and improve project construction efficiency. Firmly establish the quality concept of “Today’s quality is the safety and efficiency of tomorrow”. Establish a sound project quality assurance system, actively carry out effective communication and rectification with the general contractor, construction unit and supervision unit, fully do a good job of connecting up and down and horizontal cooperation, and do a good job in supervision and management of the whole process of project quality. Strengthening the quality supervision of the construction site, the factory set up three special inspection and acceptance teams of “equipment, technology and safety”, implemented the “real name system” confirmation management of the whole process, strictly implemented the quality acceptance procedures, and checked and confirmed one by one, effectively ensuring the construction quality.


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Appreciation of European villa decoration renderings, small curtains have such a big change

Whether in real life or through other channels, I believe that you should have seen some European-style houses that have been decorated more or less. In fact, in addition to the importance of choosing furniture, the soft-packed part of the living room is also a part that cannot be underestimated. Today, Xiaobian brings you 4 kinds of curtains that can make the European villa decoration look luxurious, so don’t believe it.

European villa decoration renderings 1.

The European living room below is decorated with a very fine curtain, and the wavy horizontal curtain also has tassels. Especially when there is wind blowing in the window, you can see a different scene, and at the same time bring a comfortable enjoyment to people’s vision. In addition, the curtains also use blue as the main color, as if they look at the sky, and paint a pair of delicate patterns.

European villa decoration effect picture II,

This European villa The curtains look retro. It uses a golden color as the main color, giving a very noble feeling. This color can only be used only by nobles in ancient times. It represents the color of the royal family. Very good for us to interpret what is European style design, showing us a strong European royal aristocratic atmosphere.

European villa decoration renderings III,

This European style The design is much simpler. We can feel the atmosphere and comfort more. We also use white as the main color. The material is very thin and light. It is hung in the bedroom window and brings people A noble temperament, to show its charm to the greatest extent, but also the European style to the design.

European villa decoration renderings IV,

The following one It will be more modern design, in addition to incorporating some European elements, each detail exudes a refined feeling, and the interior also uses black and white two tones, the classic minimalist style to the extreme. When the sun shines into the room, it brings a sense of comfort.

Introduction: Well, the above is the 4 recommended by Xiaobian about European villa decoration The renderings, is there one of them that impresses you? If so, what are you waiting for, and bring them back to the home room so that you or your family can live in a romantic and welcoming environment? Live it!


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No fall Shenyang, attention to floor maintenance

The fall of Shenyang is fleeting, and the winter is coming. The humidity in the living room drops rapidly, and the surface of the floor is relatively dry and vulnerable. Especially for solid wood flooring, the surface is more fragile. In order to prevent cracks in the floor in winter, people should pay attention to the maintenance of the winter floor while enjoying the warmth. So how do you maintain wooden floors in winter?

Wood flooring is waxed once in the winter

The solid wood flooring has won the favor of many consumers with its natural texture and high durability. However, geothermal heating users who have used solid wood flooring may find that after a winter and summer, there is a crack in the floor. Experts say that to solve this problem, consumers should hit solid wax on the floor. According to relevant experts, there is a certain amount of water remaining inside the solid wood floor. In the case of geothermal heating in winter, the floor loses water and shrinks, and the gap between the floors increases. At this point, applying a solid wax to the floor will reduce the extent of the expansion.

Room humidity is 50%-60%

The winter climate is relatively dry, try to shorten the window opening time, increase the humidity properly indoors, not only people have the advantage of living, on the floor The maintenance is also very helpful. Many people may think that in the winter, the outside air will come in, the temperature in the city will drop, and the phenomenon of floor separation will naturally weaken. In this regard, experts say that the real reason for the floor to appear from the seam comes from humidity, not temperature. In addition, the higher the air temperature, the more water is saturated, which means that the humidity in the house is higher than that in the outdoor. At this time, the cold air outside will be exchanged, which will only make the room dry. Equipped with an air humidifier is very direct and effective, the humidity of the room is best controlled at 50%-60%.

Shot and sudden heat damage to the floor.

During the heating of the floor, the sudden cooling will cause damage to the floor. Experts suggest that in the process of geothermal opening and closing, the temperature rise and dip will affect the service life of the floor. The first time you use geothermal heating, be careful to slowly heat up. If the temperature rises too fast, the floor may be cracked and twisted due to expansion. “And the use of geothermal heating, the surface temperature should not exceed 30 ° C, at this time the room temperature in the human body’s most suitable ambient temperature of 22 ° C below, the life of the floor can also be guaranteed.”
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