Fine decoration will make the finished furniture “good”?

For a long time, cabinet products are regarded as the main products of customized home brands. For custom home furnishing companies, to expand the market for hardcover houses, expanding the product line is almost inevitable.

In the past 10 years, the finished furniture market has been a long way to go. The rise of custom homes once made the finished furniture “wind and wind”, and now, with the gradual improvement of the proportion of fine decoration in the upstream real estate industry, the opinions of finished furniture dealers on the trend of the market are also divided. Some dealers believe that the promotion of hardcover rooms will benefit the finished furniture, but some dealers are worried that the custom home brand will be “cross-border”, and the finished furniture market will be under pressure again.

Fine decoration “stirring” market

At present, at least 8 provinces and municipalities have issued policies and implemented fine decoration houses. According to statistics, the current market situation of finely decorated houses is: the proportion of fine decoration delivery in first-tier cities is about 80%, that in second-tier cities is about 40%, and the proportion of fine decoration in third- and fourth-tier cities is in single digits. Along with the continuous advancement of fine decoration, many home furnishing companies have also tried to find some places in this field. According to rough statistics, among the 13 listed A-share companies, the net profit in 2017 increased by 11%, accounting for 84.62%. There are 11 net profit scales exceeding 100 million yuan, of which Europa Home (603833) ranks first in the industry with a net profit of 1.3 billion yuan, and Sophia (002572) net profit exceeds 900 million yuan. In addition, Shangpin Home (300616) and Haolaike (603898) had a net profit of more than 300 million yuan. Taking into account the influence of the custom-made home of the faucet, it is reasonable for the home furnishing company to gradually increase the size of the hardcover housing market.

The fine decoration will make the finished furniture “good”?

Customized home enterprises regard the hardcover room as an important thrust for further expansion, and some finished furniture dealers will once also have a hardcover room. The promotion is considered good. Some dealers believe that the “unification” of the hard decoration and hard decoration has brought convenience, while “personalization” has become its biggest shortcoming. Considering the rejuvenation of end consumers, “personalization” has become an important keyword. This means that while the decoration is convenient, it also provides an important development opportunity for the finished furniture.

On the one hand, consumers’ home consumption patterns will gradually change. With the popularity of hardcover houses, after consumers buy hardcover rooms, the main energy is no longer to consider the hard-wearing problem, so a lot of time is mainly used to buy finished furniture. In this process, the finished furniture brand will get more opportunities. According to the dealer’s analysis, “In the past, everyone was doing hard work, and then look at all kinds of furniture. At this time, the budget has already been put into hardwear. Finally, the furniture can only be put down, and the cost will not be too big. But If it is a hardcover room, the hard-loading cost is included in the house price. Under the psychological effect, the cost of the furniture invested later will increase more or less.”

On the other hand, the popularity of fine decoration is to some extent It also facilitates its marketing.

For example, some industry insiders have analyzed that for finished furniture dealers, they can cooperate with real estate projects and include corresponding products in their model houses. For the consumer, the model house of the fine decoration project is basically consistent with the final delivery effect. At this time, if the finished furniture brand can successfully intervene, it will be able to gain a first-come advantage.

Under the above factors, furniture dealers believe that the hardcover housing policy is an important opportunity for finished furniture. In contrast, the “hardcover housing policy has a greater impact on the dealer market of traditional building materials (including cabinets). “

The pessimism still exists

However, not all finished furniture dealers are so optimistic. Some dealers judge that with the continuous expansion of the customized home brand product line, the finished furniture will face more pressure. According to institutional analysis, under the policy-driven, it is expected that the proportion of fine decoration delivery will increase from the current level of around 20% to around 50% in 2020. It is estimated that the market space for fine decoration in first- and second-tier cities will be nearly 300 billion yuan.

For a long time, cabinet products are regarded as the main products of customized home brands. For custom home furnishing enterprises, it is almost necessary to expand the product line in order to seize more hardcover market. The choice. In fact, at present, domestic custom home leading enterprises are actively expanding new product lines and overweight production bases. According to the planning of each company, the future product line will further cover the traditional finished furniture space (living room, dining room, bedroom).

From the current point of view, in the sales of various customized home enterprises, the proportion of fine decoration projects is about 20%, and this piece still has great development potential. Some dealers believe that if there is no significant increase in the total market volume, the market share expanded by custom home brands will definitely be the “cake” of the finished furniture market.


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The core of smart home is to solve the painful needs of consumers.

   Today, we are not lacking professional manufacturers specializing in smart home system solutions, such as Haier, Changhong, Skyworth and other home giants, they all shine in their own overall system solutions. Eyes answered. At the same time, we are not lacking in interesting alternative smart home items, such as smart speakers, home robots, smart sensors, etc., which bring us a stunning home experience. Regardless of the choice of intelligent direction, the development of the smart home industry should always focus on “smart” and reject simple patchwork, accumulation and “pseudo-intelligence”. After all, it is the home market, the harbor where people depend, and smart homes must closely match the lives of users. Less gimmicks and more people will be able to win market recognition.
   The core of smart home is to solve the painful needs of consumers. When we rethink the meaning of “smart”, we must understand and understand the pain points and needs of users in their daily lives. The target customers of the current smart home market have shifted from luxury home users and high-end users to middle class and white-collar workers. What do these customers need? It is not a remote control, nor a beautiful control interface, but a safety, health, comfort, a better home experience, more efficient energy use, and more energy saving. More environmentally friendly. In order for customers to accept and like smart home, our products must grasp the user’s pain point needs.

   First, compatibility. As we all know, home purchases are mainly divided into two periods, one is the new house to join, the second is the daily increase. In the case of new homes, smart homes can be unscrupulous and show their strengths; but the number of homes that are currently high in China can be imagined. Therefore, daily home additions will be the vast majority of smart homes. Then, those families that already have a certain home base are most concerned about the compatibility of the intelligent central control system and the single product. Whether it will adversely affect the original home after use, whether it is necessary to bear the unnecessary purchase risk.

   Second, the cost of purchase. Not only the purchase cost of the product, but also the installation cost, maintenance cost and daily use cost. For example, if you start with a complete kitchen intelligent system, the first is a lot of complicated procedures such as installation, integration, wiring, etc. In addition, as the connection form of the Internet and WIFI equipment, the network and electricity costs are more than the original. It’s a lot higher.

   Finally, information security issues. Smart home not only provides users with intelligent services, but also collects user information data. This requires smart home manufacturers to ensure the safety of smart home devices and avoid hackers invading users’ lives.
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Paints are divided into several categories according to function. What is the difference between primer and topcoat?

Renovation is a process that constantly creates problems, just like when painting a wall, it will not understand why it should be painted one after another. In fact, every time the painting effect is very different. Today Xiaobian said: Paint is divided into several categories according to function? What is the difference between primer and topcoat?
First, the paint is classified according to function

According to function, paint Generally divided into 4 kinds (from bottom to top): closed, primer, intermediate coating, topcoat.

Closed: It is mostly used for wood-based substrates to seal off the barrier.

Primer: Fill and increase thickness and other functions such as rust prevention. If it is a latex paint, it also has the function of resisting alkali and mildew.

中涂: Increase the thickness, more common in the floor paint, and some other special functions, such as anti-static.

Topcoat: decorative and aesthetic, surface decoration and protection against wear.

Second, the difference between primer and topcoat

latex paint is divided into primer and topcoat, the primer has the function of alkali resistance and plasticization. But it is not necessary to brush the primer, which is mainly considered from an economic point of view. The primer is generally used in combination with high-grade topcoats. If the low-grade topcoat is used, there is no need to brush the primer. The price of the primer is more expensive than the topcoat. Is it necessary to brush the primer? Even if it is brushed, it is because of the topcoat. Too bad, it also does not reflect the benefits of brushing the primer.

1, different composition components

The primer is composed of resin, filler, solvent and auxiliary agent; the difference between the topcoat component and the primer is mainly the filling of the former. Add little or no material.

2, different functions

Primer is the first layer of the paint system, used to fill the paint surface, support the topcoat, provide fullness, reduce costs, have Conducive to energy conservation; topcoat is the final coating of the coating, is the last layer of the building wall decoration, to increase the number of coatings of the topcoat and thick coating to increase the thickness of the film. The thickness of the coating is mainly provided by the primer, while the topcoat mainly serves as a decoration and protection.

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New development trend of smart home market

In 2015, the global smart home market reached $48.5 billion. In 2018, the global smart home market is expected to reach $71 billion.

In an era of increasing emphasis on personal experience, smart homes have become a must-have for homes, and traditional homes have been unable to meet the needs of contemporary young people for quality of life. Modern science and technology promotes the development of the times and changes the habits of human life and consumption to a certain extent. With the emergence of new products, there will be many new development trends in the smart home market.

Trend 1: Smart Furniture

At present, the smart home products that most people own are smart speakers and smart cameras. However, analysts believe that in the near future, it will be common for us to see the overall furniture with intelligent functions. In fact, some companies in the UK have begun offering tables such as built-in wireless phone chargers, or sofas with speakers, and other furniture with built-in Apple products and applications.

Trend 2: Smart Garage Doors

Smart locks have been widely used in people’s homes and gates. However, for a garage door that is commonly used by homeowners, the current smart lock is not yet applicable. But don’t worry, the new technology is making the original basic garage door opener a thing of the past. You may be surprised to find that smart garage control has emerged in 2014, but it has only recently been recognized by consumers. The smart garage door allows you to check the status of the garage door via your smartphone and open or close the garage door. Don’t worry about forgetting to close the garage door.

Trend 3: Smart Bathroom Technology

We already have a lot of smart products in the kitchen and bedroom, and the manufacturer will definitely not ignore the bathroom. This is where we start a new day after getting up every day, and some smart gadgets can make people feel happy about starting a day. The smart shower can set the temperature and water volume as needed, and even set the lights and music individually. Plus a mirror with voice-activated lighting makes it easier to apply.

Trend 4: Smart Garage Doors

A survey of 1,000 American adults found that for people with higher incomes, the primary task of smart homes is safety. However, people at other income levels may become more interested in home security devices, especially nowadays. Many companies are making cameras with AI chips that intelligently analyze the captured content. In addition, because Amazon acquired the smart doorbell brand Ring, it will make smart security technology more compatible with Alexa applications. Moreover, people will find this much easier than investing in advanced security equipment.

Trend 5: Rental apartments will be equipped with smart homes

Many property managers usually promote the superior facilities of their apartment buildings, such as gyms, swimming pools, and even free gifts to attract Tenant. According to some surveys, the deployment of smart devices in rental housing may bring better results to the owners, because tenants prefer smart technology compared to traditional facilities. Among the most popular features are security surveillance cameras, smart thermostats and keyless entry systems. The survey also found that respondents were not loyal to a particular smart home brand, which offered more freedom when choosing smart products for the property. In addition, 47% of respondents said they would be willing to pay $20 more per month if their apartment had smart technology.

Trend 6: Cross-platform and platform-independent technology
DanRoberts is the co-founder of Scout, which provides a self-contained smart home security system. They believe that in the next decade, people will see smart home technology working on multiple platforms at the same time, so that it can be more seamlessly integrated into people’s daily lives. But before that, people will see smart devices that don’t need to use smartphone apps or electronic interfaces to control them.

Trend 7: Smart Home Wearables

People are already familiar with sensors that monitor sleep habits and step counters, and soon people can control them with wearable devices. Smart home equipment. In addition to dedicated wearable devices that control smart home devices, people also expect their own wearable devices to interact with smart home products. The development of the smart home market is still strong, and more innovation and exploration are needed. It is also thanks to these smart devices that the dreams of high-tech family life in science fiction have entered our lives.

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The design of the lighting can not be taken lightly

Reasonable lighting design can make the room produce a bright, spacious light, reduce visual fatigue, and make people feel more space. Therefore, the design of the lighting can not be taken lightly. Let’s take a look at some of the precautions for lighting design at home.
   First, children’s room lighting design should be sufficient lighting

   Suitable and sufficient lighting can make the room warm and secure, helping to eliminate The fear of children when they are alone. The overall illumination of the baby room must be higher than that of the adult room. The lighting design can generally be arranged in both overall and partial ways. When the child plays the game, the whole light is illuminated; when the child looks at the picture book, the local dimmable table lamp can be selected to enhance the illumination to achieve the best brightness. In addition, you can install a low-wattage night light in your child’s home or install a regulator on other lights to make your child wake up at night.

   2. Excessive use of colored spotlights – light pollution

   In home decoration, people like to use lights to decorate the indoor environment Many designers also like to use colored spotlights and soft tubes to decorate the ceiling during lighting design. Although these schemes are novel, they are actually very unfavorable to eye health and cause light pollution. Long-term living and working in such an environment can cause visual fatigue and decreased vision, and may cause neurasthenia such as dizziness, insomnia, palpitations and depression.

   Third, the family decoration should choose the appropriate lighting

   Home decoration should choose to avoid the luminous ballast when lighting. The flicker of light, like the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp of the most commonly used inductive ballast, produces 100 times of light and dark changes per second. Working in such a long-term environment for a long time, the human eye is prone to fatigue and produces myopia. In addition, if the computer is used under the light, usually the strobe of the fluorescent ballast and the frame of the computer screen overlap and form a light resonance, which is more harmful to the human visual system. Indoor lighting should be designed to avoid or reduce glare interference and try to choose soft light. Many people think that the light is brighter and better when reading. This is actually a misunderstanding of people’s understanding. In fact, if the brightness of the luminaire is much higher than the brightness of the indoor environment, people will feel glare. Glare creates discomfort and severe damage to visual function. From the raw materials of the products, the good lighting design is mainly the three primary color light source. The three primary color light tubes are not only energy-saving and healthy, but also can clearly restore the natural color of the objects under natural light, making the colors in the home more beautiful and vivid.
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New opportunities in the flooring industry under the new situation

Under the new situation, the relevant policies and regulations on urbanization have brought new opportunities to the flooring industry. At the same time, the rising cost of the industry has also caused mixed flooring companies to face mixed challenges and continue to face new challenges. This article explains the current situation of the flooring industry from the perspective of the seven major policies and analyzes the future development direction.

The popular saying in the official forum is “There is a policy, there are countermeasures.” In the conventional understanding, this sentence has a derogatory taste. Too strong, pointing to the phenomenon of “policy” Yang and Yin. However, if it is adjusted to “there are policies, there are decisions”, it is in line with the development of China’s wood flooring industry in the past few years, and it has moved to the international or national policies and promptly turned the rudder. The introduction of policies is in line with the interests and will of the majority of people in this country or region, so individuals or enterprises that survive and develop in this society need to strictly abide by them. From the perspective of green sustainable development, the introduction of relevant policies is for the more standardized and healthier development of the wood flooring industry, and it is a favorable guide for the industry. Therefore, the floor enterprises need to face up to the problems that may exist in the implementation of policies. And actively rectify to achieve longer-term development.

Policy 1: The new urbanization construction floor market is gradually expanding

The party’s 19th report proposes to “promote new industrialization, informationization, and urbanization” “Synchronous development of agricultural modernization” “Building an urban pattern of coordinated development of large, medium and small cities and small towns with urban agglomerations as the mainstay.” This clarifies the mission and direction of socialist urbanization with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and is conducive to promoting regional balance, urban-rural balance, and filling shortcomings in the development of small and medium-sized cities and small towns. In the process of gradual advancement of new urbanization construction, new rural communities have emerged, and urban functional areas have been re-planned, effectively driving the local real estate economy. From the population base, more and more people are included in the urban living system, new housing (new development community) will inevitably increase, and the home improvement and tooling market have considerable breakthroughs. The emergence of new towns has stimulated the revitalization of the real estate economy and created new growth space for the building materials and home furnishing industry, such as the wood flooring industry!

Policy 2: Accelerate the construction and manufacture of strong country flooring industry optimization and upgrading

The report of the 19th National Congress pointed out that to build a modernized economic system, we must focus on the development of the economy on the real economy, and improve the quality of the supply system as the main direction, accelerate the construction of manufacturing power, and accelerate development. Advanced manufacturing. At present, the world has already ushered in a new round of industrial revolution that has a far-reaching impact. What is different from previous industrial revolutions is that it is not dominated by a single technology, but a cluster of innovations, integrated developments and breakthroughs of various emerging technologies. It will set off a new wave of innovation and development. As a traditional manufacturing industry, the wood flooring industry should accurately grasp the connotation of the era of manufacturing a powerful country in the new era, and profoundly understand that technological innovation is an important driving force for manufacturing a strong country. The introduction of intelligent production lines to achieve automation, numerical control, and standardized production operations can not only reduce the dependence on labor, improve the production efficiency of wood flooring and enterprise production capacity, but also eliminate old technology and old technology, and improve the precision of products. Improve the quality of the wooden floor. The wood flooring industry should also accelerate the integration of informationization and industrialization, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the industry, and use Internet technology to broaden new sales channels and channels of communication. Through the big data to achieve accurate supply, to achieve personalized, customized, intelligent new flooring manufacturing, especially under the impact of “new retail”, the flooring industry needs more online and offline efforts.

Policy 4: Hardcover delivery policy for flooring companies to refine

Since 2016, all over the country have begun to introduce full renovation and fine decoration. According to the policy regulations, the full decoration policy of seven regions will be implemented before 2020, that is to say, the era of “raw house” delivery will gradually withdraw from the real estate market. Fine decoration delivery policy, for large benchmark enterprises such as Anxin, Bell, Nature, Del, St., Jiusheng, Shiyou, etc., there have always been real estate tooling products and departments, in the renovation of the project bidding, capacity guarantee, project management, Standardized systems and methods have been established in design and construction. They are also very familiar with real estate companies and procurement procedures that require fine decoration. They have mature and perfect experience in fine decoration engineering management. But for high-end flooring brands, the appearance of fine decoration may not be good news. After all, ordinary residential real estates generally do not use high-end solid wood flooring, which will kill some consumer opportunities. However, for some small and medium-sized flooring companies, there are many problems such as lack of talents, unfamiliar processes, strict procurement, and more complicated acceptance and delivery. Therefore, standardization and process development of fine decoration products is a major challenge for such enterprises. . Faced with the sudden outbreak of demand for hardcover in the future, flooring companies must cultivate their internal strengths, do a good job of adequate funds and personnel reserves, and then contact the corresponding real estate enterprises according to their own brand positioning, and gradually accumulate and precipitate. Of course, the implementation of fine decoration delivery will involve implementation and supervision. It is necessary for the real estate industry and the home building materials industry to work together to combat unfair competition or avoid abnormally coping with the phenomenon of “superior”. A second renovation occurred in many places. Floor companies may be insignificant in front of real estate giants, but they must adhere to the brand’s consistent philosophy and standards to ensure product quality and service quality.

Policy 5: Real estate policy is booming in the flooring industry

Although the current property market regulation is based on “destocking”, it is still more than the previous two years. A little change. For example, the real estate purchase restriction policy makes it a problem that the proportion of foreign purchases is high in the vicinity of the cities that have been restricted, and there are prominent problems such as excessively high housing prices and strict implementation of regulatory policies. Known as the “China’s wooden floor capital”, Nanxun, as the back garden of Shanghai, the city’s construction is booming, and the price increase has exceeded 40 in one year.%the above. For the flooring industry, focusing on the rapid development of the third- and fourth-tier cities, the brand’s sinking strategy is adjusted and the company is preemptive. With the rise of the middle class, the government canceled the differential credit of commercial banks, and supported the middle-level home buyers through low interest rates, low down payment, and higher loan ceilings for housing provident fund loans. It also gradually eliminated affordable housing and encouraged them to purchase more cost-effective products. Good new or second-hand commercial housing. For the middle class of 200 million people, the flooring industry should understand its consumption behavior, consumption philosophy, consumption habits, and cater to demand and seek better development. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has introduced the commodity housing inventory cycle for more than 36 months, and the city has stopped supplying land; the proportion of down payment for foreigners to purchase houses has increased; the second suite has been restricted; the newly purchased houses have been banned from trading within a certain number of years; the restriction policy has been expanded in cities across the country. The restricted sales team has further expanded. This series of policies to promote real estate “destocking” has inhibited the emergence of real estate economic bubble to a certain extent, and to some extent affected the activity of the wood flooring market. Let’s talk about the real estate tax that has attracted much attention. It is reported that the real estate tax law has been included in the first type of legislative project. The introduction of the real estate tax system is only a matter of time. This is a trend. Many consumers are worried that real estate taxes will become a cost of buying more. Taking the pilot Shanghai as an example, according to the current local tax policy, the real estate tax is indeed a real cost, which may inhibit real estate investment and have a certain impact on the home improvement and wood flooring market. Perhaps the real estate policy may have new content or adjustments in different social and economic development stages and cities in different regions, but the Chinese economy is moving forward step by step. The demand for new housing and secondary decoration is approaching the standard of good living. The floor is healthy, comfortable and beautiful, which is in line with the needs of a beautiful home.

Policy 6: Timber control paint taxation floor industry raw materials rose

Forest forest fires, insects, diseases, and deforestation are serious, countries Tight regulation of timber exports has caused the market to win wood shortages. In recent years, China’s timber production has decreased significantly, making it difficult to meet the needs of the downstream market. In this case, in order to solve the huge demand for wood in our country, we began to increase the import of wood. Therefore, the international dynamics of the timber market will control the power of most flooring companies in China. Since 2017, Mozambique has completely banned the export of unprocessed logs to protect damaged domestic hardwood forests. Malaysia has reduced its 2020 timber export target to $25 billion to $30 billion, a reduction of 43%-53%. Myanmar stopped exporting timber and wood products last May. At the end of last year, Russia imposed a quota system on unprocessed timber exported from the Russian Far East and revised the export tariff rate to reduce log exports. Natural disasters or man-made damages lead to a decline in timber resources, domestic and international markets restrict timber deforestation, and major producers restrict timber exports and other policies, so that the producing countries continue to raise higher export requirements and raise the price of wood for the development of the local economy. China’s flooring market is facing a situation of rising timber prices. The consumption tax on paints collected from February 1, 2015 not only adds to the burden of coating companies in the difficult transition, but also increases the production costs for downstream wooden household enterprises, such as the wood flooring industry. But one thing is certain, that is, it is understandable to promote energy conservation and environmental protection. Floor companies provide consumers with healthier products through the use of environmentally friendly coatings, which is conducive to the formation of market reputation.

Policy 7: Logistics Transportation Costs Adjust Floor Transportation Costs

In July 2016, global container shipping costs increased, including Europe, North America, etc. The cost of container transportation in the six continents of the world has risen sharply. If the cost of overweight is increased, the “collapse collapse” of Hanjin Shipping in September 2016 caused temporary capacity shortage in the container transportation market. In this case, other international shipping The company has taken the opportunity to increase the shipping costs of containers, which is about 100-300 US dollars / cabinet. For example, the 40-foot container shipping rate from East Asia to South America has gone from $500 to $3,285. China’s most stringent “limited tonnage order” issued in 2016 has carried out serious rectification of overloading, overweight and super-wideness of freight vehicles, which has reduced the amount of goods running in the same time and time, which means that the motor transport has also joined the price increase army. For example, the maximum weight limit of the six-axle truck of the largest truck has dropped from 55 tons to 49 tons. As a result, the original transportation of 5 趟 now needs to be transported to 6 趟, and the price of timber transportation has also risen. Perhaps for the high-end materials with high prices, the profits of the merchants are relatively high. The increase of tens to one or two hundred per cubic meter will not affect the profits, although the profits will be affected to some extent. Compressed, but you can still take it lightly. On the whole, the increase in sea and land freight rates has led to an increase in transportation costs, which directly affects the rise in timber prices and increases the production costs of wood flooring companies. In addition, since the implementation of the POS card processing fee collection standard, many merchants who design large-scale consumption have chosen to pass 0.6% of the handling fee to consumers. In the past, buyers bought tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of goods in timber merchants or wood flooring companies. The handling fee was up to 50 yuan, but now the handling fee has risen more than ten times. The introduction of the New Deal has increased the pressure on wood purchases of wood flooring companies, and increased the purchase cost of consumers through the transfer of disasters. However, under the advocacy of healthy and comfortable homes, it did not cause substantial sales impact.


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How to make the waterproof glue on the wall dry as soon as possible?

When carrying out the waterproofing process of the bathroom, most construction workers will use the bathroom waterproof glue, which can make the bathroom waterproof better, and there will not be too much problems in the later stage. What is the construction process of waterproof glue? It is estimated that many people are not very clear. Today, I will introduce to you how to construct the bathroom waterproof glue, and how long it takes for the waterproof glue on the wall to dry out.

Bathroom Waterproof AdhesiveHow to apply

1, one-component painting construction

1The flexibility and tensile strength of the waterproof rubber used in our daily life are very good, so It can be applied directly to the wall and is especially suitable for cracks or nozzles.

2 Waterproof glue generally needs to be brushed 2~3, and the interval between each brushing should not be too short. It can be done after the last brushing is completely dry.

3 If you apply waterproof rubber at the corner or at the vent, it is best to use it together with a glass cloth.

2, spraying construction

1 Before spraying, you need to fill the wall, not There are excessive cracks and the surface dust is cleaned up.

2 Waterproof glue should be diluted with 1:6 water. After dilution, spray it on the wall with a sprayer. According to common sense, one kilogram of waterproof glue can be sprayed after dilution. ~40m2.

3 Usually the spraying is done twice, and the second time is done after the first pass is completely dry and not sticky.

4 When the construction is finished, it is necessary to avoid water on the coating. It should be noted that in the weather below 5 degrees, it is not allowed to construct.

3, two-component painting construction

1 mixing waterproof glue with silicate water After that, it became a composite waterproof coating with good water resistance and a very strong adhesion.

2 When blending nano-silica waterproof rubber, it should be mixed with cement in a ratio of 1:1. If it is thick during construction, it can be diluted with water.

3 At least 3 times of construction is required, and each time the construction needs to be completely dry before.

How long does it take for the waterproof glue on the wall to dry?

1. Open the bathroom window and ventilate it. It can be a while, but it should not be dried directly against the wall.

2, you can use some life coups, such as adding cold water and a proper amount of vinegar to the washbasin, so as to achieve the effect of evaporating the moisture in the room, and to protect the coating, the key is to odor inside the room. clear.

3 In addition, you can put a pineapple in each room to remove the odor inside the room and speed up the drying of the wall waterproof glue.


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What should I pay attention to when installing balcony curtains?

The curtains on the balcony can be used for shelter, dust and noise, and can also decorate the balcony, but for many new owners, the installation of balcony curtains is a headache because different types of curtains have Dressed in different ways. In modern home decoration, more and more people choose the design of the enclosed balcony, and use a few square meters of balcony to do some leisure area design. Below, let Xiaobian bring you the wonderful contents of the balcony curtains, let’s take a look.
Balcony plastic blinds installation method

Plastic blinds installation method, lifting adjustment, angle adjustment, and aluminum alloy blinds installation adjustment. The precautions are: Do not approach high temperatures; when pulling and adjusting the rope, the force is too great. When adjusting the height of the curtain, pull the double rope at the same time to avoid tilting; if the paper is dusty, use a feather duster to pick it up or wipe it with a damp cloth or remove it with water.

How to install LCD glass curtains on the balcony

From the outside, the liquid crystal glass is a kind of glass installed on the window. When it is not energized, it will function as a normal glass. When the power is turned on, the glass turns white. The two sides of the glass will not pass through, and can absorb more than 30% of ultraviolet rays and control infrared rays by 70%. It is equivalent to curtains, but does not require the installation of curtains, so it is called LCD glass curtains. It is mainly used in high-end hotels. The living room and superior villa are a very stylish decor.

Aluminum shutters for balcony installation

Aluminum shutters are made of a series of aluminum-magnesium alloy sheets made of trapezoidal nylon rope. It is a kind of curtain that can adjust the light to enter. Depending on the light and darkness, the angle of a hundred sheets of paper can be rotated by 180° at the same time. The amount of ventilation is required, and the nylon rope can be adjusted at will. Installation method: side installation. It is usually mounted on the side as it is easier to install. It is firm; it is installed in the sky. Installation in the sky is a common installation method when the side of the sash cannot be installed. Installation is more difficult than the side, so use less.

Balcony curtain installation concerns

In fact, the main concern of balcony curtains is whether the balcony is connected to other space areas, such as balconies and Living room, balcony and bedroom, whether there is a partition between the two, such as sliding doors. There is still no door, this is the main point of entanglement. Just look for this and you can see if you need to wear curtains. With sliding doors and other partitions, if there are sliding doors and other partitions between them, the balcony does not need to install curtains at all, the curtains can be installed directly in the room; this province can block the light of the balcony, some friends will pull the curtains to protect privacy Even during the day, if you install it on a balcony, it is difficult to dry clothes on the balcony. So if you want to install curtains, you still need to look at the structure of your home. If your home is different from other people’s homes, you don’t have to imitate it. There are no partitions. Of course, if there is no partition between the balcony and other areas, then the balcony curtains must be installed on the balcony, otherwise there is no sense of security at home, after all, there is still quite a lot of voyeurism. Maybe you don’t know how many eyes are staring at you in front of your home, or you should take precautions and pay attention to personal privacy.
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About paint, you don’t know the relevant knowledge

Faced with a wide variety of paints, many people do not know where to choose because they do not know the relevant knowledge of paint. Furniture paint is the most important material in furniture design, which is convenient for beautiful furniture and also the best way to protect furniture raw materials.
First, acid curing coating (AC)


1: The film is hard and wear resistant.

2: The paint film has high heat resistance, water resistance and cold resistance.

3: Transparency is good.

4: Good yellowing resistance.


Because the paint contains free formaldehyde, the physical damage to the builder is more serious, and most companies no longer use such products.

Family paint common knowledge blind spot! Do you know a few?

Second, Nitro Coating (NC)


1: Dry quickly. The average paint drying time takes 24 hours, while the nitrocellulose paint can be dried in as little as ten minutes. This greatly saves construction time and improves work efficiency.

2: Simple construction. Nitro-coating is a one-component product that can be sprayed by simply adding the right amount of water.

3: The gloss is stable and less affected by the environment.


1: The fullness is not enough. Due to the low solid content of the nitro coating, it is difficult to form a thick paint film.

2: Hardness is insufficient, and the hardness of the nitro coating is generally less than 2H.

3: The surface of the paint film is not resistant to solvents.

Family paint common knowledge blind spot! Do you know a few?

3. Polyurethane Coatings (PU)


1: Fullness, hardness and transparency have excellent performance.

2: Good stability and high product stability.

3: It can be used in combination with other paints to make different effects. It is a paint with excellent comprehensive performance and the most widely used.


1: Poor workability than NC paint.

2: Fullness and hardness are worse than PE paint.

Family paint common knowledge blind spot! Do you know a few?

Four, unsaturated resin coating (PE)


1: has a very good hardness, can reach more than 3H.

2: The topcoat can make a high gloss.

3: Good wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance.

4: Fullness is high.


1: The operability is more complicated. It is necessary to add an initiator and a promoter to cure. The amount of initiator and accelerator added depends on the temperature. Changes in humidity. In addition, the initiator and the accelerator cannot be transferred into the paint at the same time, otherwise it may cause fire and explosion. There are strict requirements when mixing paint.

2: The adjusted paint activity period is very short, and the adjusted paint must be used within 25 minutes.

3: PE topcoats currently only have bright products and no matt products.

5. UV Curing Coatings (UV)


1: It is one of the most environmentally friendly paints.

2: The solid content is extremely high.

3: Good hardness and high transparency.

4: Excellent yellowing resistance.

5: High efficiency, low coating cost (normal is half the cost of conventional coating), and dozens of times the efficiency of conventional coating.


1: The equipment is required to be invested.

2: A sufficient amount of supply is required to meet the production needs. Continuous production can reflect the control of its efficiency and cost.

3: The effect of the roll topcoat is slightly worse than that of the PU topcoat.
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Intelligent lighting development situation

Smart lighting is used in home, business, industrial and other fields, but the home market closest to the average consumer has always been an area of ​​greatest concern to practitioners. With the continuous advancement of smart technology, the continuous introduction of various innovative functions, and the improvement of people’s income level, the demand for smart home technology is increasing.

The smart home market will reach 150 million units in 2018

The latest “IDC China Smart Home Equipment Market Quarterly Tracking Report” shows that in 2018 In the first quarter, China’s smart home market shipments were 29.89 million units, up 26.3% year-on-year. It is expected that the smart home market will reach 150 million units in 2018, up 35.7% year-on-year. From a global perspective, “safety and control” and “energy or lighting” (55% and 53%, respectively) are the first choice for smart home applications. The main growth sources for the smart home market are home security monitoring, smart lighting and Smart speaker. Among them, the smart speaker with one of the fastest growth rates increased by nearly 210% in the first quarter of 2018, with an overall shipment of over 9 million units.

Intelligent lighting is an important part of smart home. In recent years, we have also seen many lighting companies cooperate with smart home companies and IoT companies. Recently, Yannuofei (formerly Philips Lighting) and UIOT smart home signed a strategic cooperation, Philips show personalized intelligent lighting system will be equipped with UIOT smart home mature offline sales network, settled in UIOT nationwide 20 direct stores (both in Hongxingmei High-end high-end building materials stores such as Kailong, Real Home and Yuexing Store, and 170 high-end franchise stores provide consumers with a smart life experience channel at their fingertips.

The rise of the pre-installed market

The potential of smart home industry development has attracted many capitals, including traditional hardware companies, Internet companies, and real estate home improvement companies. Home market. Some smart home manufacturers have begun to cooperate with real estate and home improvement companies to package their products into the overall smart home solution. On the one hand, they can reach consumers faster by the power of offline channels, and expand their target users to consumption power. In a stronger, older age group.

The important domestic real estate developers such as Vanke, Sunshine 100 Real Estate Group, COFCO, Xuhui, Jinmao and Blu-ray are actively embracing smart homes. Real estate developers embrace smart home and smart community transformation In addition to the general trend of hardcover delivery, in addition, national policies are advocating corporate technology transformation, especially for companies like real estate developers that are related to the economic lifeline. Therefore, policy support also allows real estate developers to Higher enthusiasm.

At present, the smart home needs scenes in environments with many controlled devices and complex control methods, such as large-scale real estate and long-term rental apartments.

The potential of the smart home aftermarket is starting to emerge

Starting in 2017 The potential of the smart home after-loading market has begun to emerge. This is mainly due to the following three factors:

1, 80, and 90 become the main consumer groups, they are more willing to try to buy smart home products to enhance their lives. Quality;

2. The sales of smart speakers have driven the rapid development of smart items such as smart locks, smart sockets and smart table lamps, and these items are more likely to form a large-scale effect directly through the C-end;

3, the rise of the new retail model, the characteristics of smart home products are very suitable for the new retail mode of O2O, regardless of smart home items or a full set of hardware and software, all need offline experience as an aid; p>

4, AI voice control turned out, revolutionized the way of smart home human-computer interaction, so that through the simple voice device can achieve control of the home equipment, such as adjusting the air conditioning temperature, automatically pull the curtains, Turn off the room lights, etc., which can be completely installed through the aftermarket.

In order to meet the explosion of smart home and smart lighting market, major lighting companies are stepping up efforts in research and development of smart lighting products. Previously, the traditional home giant IKEA also launched a series of smart devices such as smart speakers and smart lighting. Recently, according to Swiss media Teknikveckan, a smart home product, TR?DFRI smart socket, will be launched in October.

It is undeniable that intelligent lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of life, improving work efficiency and improving management. With the improvement of living standards, the application of smart home lighting will become more and more popular, and will become a new outlet for the development of the lighting industry.


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