Romanian furniture products export more than logs and timber

According to Luo Digi24, Romania is the sixth largest timber producer in the European Union. In 2013, Romania ranked 11th in the world timber market, with a transaction size of nearly $700 million. Between 2002 and 2015, Romania’s timber production increased by 50%, and logs, timber and sawn timber exports tripled from 600 million euros to 1.8 billion euros. In 2015, the export of Luo furniture products exceeded the 2 billion euro mark for the first time, exceeding the export of logs and timber.

According to Eurostat data, the total EU timber production in 2014 was 99 million cubic meters, of which two-thirds of the production was achieved by five member countries: Germany (22%) and Sweden (17.6%). ), Finland (11%), Austria (8.4%) and France (8%).

Luo ranks in the forefront of the EU in terms of the number of employed workers per hectare. The main reason is that Luo forest is mainly in the mountains, labor intensity is greater than the plain area, and there is no advanced mining equipment. Second, there are a large number of stolen forests. Case. According to data released by non-government environmental organizations, during the period of 2013-2014, Luo’s annual illegal logging fell by 1.1 million cubic meters, resulting in losses exceeding 52 million euros. According to the report of Luo Forestry Research and Development Institute, the annual illegal timber production amounted to 8.8 million cubic meters per year from 2008 to 2013.

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Passion in August, the Merchantsbao APP will blast with you all summer!

Passion August, China Merchants APP will blast with you all summer!

flame In August, the colors of the fire are gathered; in August, the affectionate and affectionate words of the soldiers; the passionate and unrestrained August, filled with the breath of youth. This summer, China Merchants Baote launched a feedback event to blast the entire August with you.

August 10, 2018 On August 31, 2018, as long as you become a Merchant Broker APP agent, report resources, meet certain conditions, you can raise the VIP level in seconds, more exciting benefits, more generous commissions, waiting for you to challenge!

I. Activity Rules:

1, August 10, 2018 – August 31, 2018, The investment broker APP has reported 100 resources, that is, the conditions for participation.

2, August 10, 2018 – On August 31, 2018, the resources reported by the Merchantsbao APP brokers were verified as intentional resources through the investment promotion team and cooperation manufacturers of China Merchants APP. If 30 resources are intent, they can be upgraded to China Merchants VIP2. .

3, August 10, 2018 – On August 31, 2018, the resources reported by the Merchantsbao APP brokers were verified as intentional resources through the investment promotion team and cooperation manufacturers of China Merchants APP. If 50 resources are intent, they can be upgraded to Merchants VIP3. .

4, the old broker invites the new broker to register, the new broker reaches the upgrade condition, and the inviter can also receive the same upgrade benefits, if the inviter has reached the investment treasure The highest level of APP, an additional bonus of 300 yuan per upgrade.

5, due to irresistible factors, the network, Cheating and other non-Xiamen Merchants Internet Service Co., Ltd. caused abnormal activities, the company has the right to take adjustments, suspensions and other measures.

6. Xiamen China Merchants Internet Service Co., Ltd. reserves the right to interpret the terms within the legal scope. If you have any questions or questions about this event, please contact the online customer service.

Attachment 1: Upgrade Guide

Attachment 2: Merchants APP resource status processing

In progress: The broker reports that the resource is in this state.

Preliminary intention: The resources are initially communicated and screened by the Merchants Bao Merchants team and recommended to the manufacturer.

Intention: The resource has been verified by the partner manufacturer and confirmed as an intentional resource.

Signing success: Successful signing with the manufacturer.

Signing failure: no invalid resources such as finding a project, repeating with a third-party platform, and having a brand fixed.

Second, event time

August 10th, 2018 – August 31st, 2018

attached: member level

Membership level




Number of contracts




Wealth Standard (for example, Booker’s Kitchen and Bathroom Commission)




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“China Red” is popular, Hongmu Capital Market has entered a rising period

Because of the dedication of President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan, domestic products such as silk, tea ceremony, drama, mahogany furniture, Baique antelope, and domestic clothing brands have become the focus of the world, injecting a strong Chinese style into the international consumer market. With this strong Chinese style and the pursuit of Chinese culture by the Chinese people, a Chinese style in the design and home decoration circles has also quietly blown up. Mahogany furniture, also from the collection field “cross-border into more homes and public places, is more and more common as an ornament.

Redwood has always been regarded as one of the carriers of Chinese culture. The mahogany furniture typically reflects the extremely quintessential appreciation of the value of Chinese craftsmanship, the historical and cultural value and the value of collection and inheritance. .

As an important carrier element of heritage culture, mahogany furniture has been used in a variety of occasions. More and more appearances in front of the public, including international star hotels, clothing stores, tea houses, jewelry exhibition halls, various exhibitions, some use the mahogany furniture to create a Chinese culture atmosphere, and some only put in a certain corner A set of mahogany furniture or a simple line of mahogany chairs … … as long as the appearance of mahogany furniture, the whole environment is elegant, the thick Chinese wind blowing.

Mahogany furniture is not only “aristocratic,” low-end mahogany is more popular. The mahogany furniture that was once considered too traditional and only suitable for Chinese traditional houses is increasingly accepted by the younger generation. As of the first and second quarters of 2015, the survey results of household and home improvement consumption demand in first-tier cities such as North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou showed that the quality and practicability of home furnishings are good after 70, 80 or 90. The requirements are getting higher and higher, while the requirements for international brands are relatively lower. This shows that more and more people are no longer superstitious about importing furniture when they buy furniture, but they give more trust to the tradition. And culture. In the style of home decoration and aesthetics, I also began to abandon the simple “bringing,” but chose to put the minimalist Nordic style that has been popular in the Chinese market for several years, and the luxury European royal style, selectively implanted. Forming a popular style of Chinese and Western.

Part of the reason is that “national studies are being picked up. Another important reason is that with the post-70s and 80s, they entered the ranks of the main force of the society. This part of the population also mastered most of the society. With the accumulation of economic power, the people of wealth are inevitably entering the investment and collecting markets. As a rare resource on the surface, mahogany is regarded as a “dollar asset” in the investment community. In 2015, the newly revised Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the redwood was listed in the appendix of controlled species, and its value-keeping ability cannot be questioned. In the current situation of the return of the dollar to the strong, the investment in Hongmu is also a big plus.

The author found in the furniture market that although there are many people who buy mahogany furniture, some of them are not interested in the mahogany wood itself, but in terms of design and home decoration style. There are also some people who think that the mahogany furniture seems to be the red rosewood in the collection of the father’s mansion, the Ming and Qing dynasties, and so on. In fact, according to the introduction of the experts of the industry, the redwoods, according to the international redwood classification, specifically divided into five categories and eight categories of thirty-three kinds of wood.

Hainan huanghuali, Vietnamese huanghuali, lobular rosewood, etc. are endangered mahogany in the classification of redwood. The market stock is limited and belongs to the market without price. At present, the most active medium-red mahogany main materials are Laohua pear, Burmese rosewood, Bali red sandalwood, and Sian rosewood (both are generally called red rosewood). This part of the redwood is mainly in the form of raw materials and semi-finished furniture. Circulated in the mahogany enterprises, of course, this part of the price of mahogany furniture is also more close to the people.

As a financial and financial loan focused on the mahogany industry chain, according to the introduction of the risk control team, in the future trend of the rosewood furniture industry, it is necessary to stand in the general direction and collect according to their team. A large number of market data show that the recovery of the mahogany furniture industry will be earlier than the overall economy, probably at the end of this year. Data show that by the third quarter of 2015, the price of imported logs is booming. According to the experts of the industry and finance loan mahogany, the transaction data of the Shenzhen Guanlan Redwood Industry Base and the warehouse data of the production and financing loans show that in fact, the recent mahogany market has begun to show signs of recovery, such as Burmese rosewood and Yuehuang yellow. The trading volume of low-end and mid-range species of sandalwood has improved compared with that of July and August, indicating that the downstream market still has a large rigid demand for mahogany.

At the same time, Changrong of the domestic real estate industry, a new generation of families is pursuing quality of life, paying more attention to the per capita volume ratio, pursuing high quality and cultural taste in home decoration, and mahogany furniture has become a new home-grown group. select.

Extending the visual width as a scarce resource, as one of the carriers of Chinese culture, mahogany furniture has always played an important role. In addition to being affected by the macroeconomic environment, the rosewood market is more determined by its market stock. Because red wood species such as Siamese rosewood are listed in the international second-level protected wild plants (CLTES International Trade Convention appendix), which are endangered species that restrict import and export, once caused the hoarding of raw materials of redwood, and with the economy of the Belt and Road With the strategic layout, the trade control between China and Southeast Asian countries is included in the five-year plan. The smuggling of redwoods is well controlled, the impact on the Chinese redwood market is suspended, and the circulation of raw materials for mahogany is on the right track. Industry analysis: It is estimated that the future will experience a short period of raw material price turmoil, and then it will stabilize, and the mahogany market will be fully adjusted to enter a period of gradual rise. As a mahogany person who has been in the forties for more than a decade, the risk control team of the industry and finance loan said that they are calmly facing the current turmoil and seeking a long-term strategy, laughing at the warm spring that the mahogany market is about to usher in!

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Thoughts on the Home Industry under the “Social E-commerce Model”

Image from “

In April of this year, NǑME completed the 180 million yuan A+ round of financing led by Sequoia Capital, and CEO Chen Haogao shouted “The Super Ten Yuan Store plan is still in the ears.

Recently, the ten-yuan self-employed living hall & ldquo; Bai Xiong Xinpin also completed nearly 10 million yuan of angel round financing, led by the chain restaurant brand “Li”, Li Tulin partner of Tiantu Capital It is worth noting that the founder &CEO Zhang Jiaxuan also shouted a slogan: “Do the Chinese version of ‘Brandless& rsquo;.

“ The evolution of the concept of the ten yuan store comes from Japan’s Daiso Baiyuan store. Da Chuang is the veteran of the Japanese 100-yuan store and the leader of this industry. Daiso’s sales have grown rapidly year after year. Since its establishment, it has grown from less than 50 billion yen in 1997 to more than 260 billion yen in 2002. It currently accounts for 70% of the Japanese 100-yuan market and has nearly 3,000 stores. .

This concept has been blown to China and has achieved the climax of the development of similar enterprises such as Mingchuang.

But the 10-year self-operated store model of Bai Xiong Xinpin is different from Daiso, NǑME and Mingchuang, which adopts the social e-commerce model.

Social commerce is a new derivative of e-commerce. It uses social networking sites, WeChat social media, and microblogging network media to facilitate the purchase and sale of goods through social interaction and user-generated content.

At this stage, social e-commerce flats contain two development latitudes: 1) continuous dissemination of fission on the WeChat ecosystem, fission of commodity information, and the creation of transactions by flow and fission, achieving profitability, similar companies have a lot of competition, White bear new products, etc.; 2) relying on content, relying on personal IP, relying on the community, relying on multi-platform operations to complete transactions, similar brands have small red books.

And the development of China’s social e-commerce platform stayed at the first latitude, with fission distribution and market sinking of goods with WeChat with 1 billion highly active users.

At this time, the domestic market, “social e-commerce is in the limelight.”

Why do we say this? We can see one or two of the layout of social e-commerce from major enterprises and e-commerce platforms:

1. NetEase

In 2017, after the micro store owner recruitment plan and “Netease promoters”, Netease once again tried the micro-business and started to test a social e-commerce product called “Friends Purchase”. This is another attempt by NetEase in this field after the “Micro-shopkeeper recruitment plan and “Netease promoters” in 2017.

2, Jingdong

During the 618 period, Jingdong planned a social e-commerce solution called “Jinglili”, which will accumulate supply chain capabilities and retail terminals over the years. The ability to open up to provide infrastructure services for social e-commerce partners. BOE said, “Jinglili plans to start in April this year, and the plan is to launch the game for WeChat eco-electronics players.

3, Taobao

Just in late May of this year, some of Taobao’s active sharing users received a “Taobao Invitation Code” from Taobao, and filled out the invitation code. Can open a new type of store & mdash; & mdash; Amoy shop. According to the official introduction of Tao, Xiaopu relies on the ecological background of Ali, based on the existing Taobao consumer community, by integrating multiple high-quality supply chains, making ordinary consumers easily become treasurers. After becoming a treasurer, you can freely choose the quality goods, and share the goods to get the corresponding proportion of income. The feature is that there is an official endorsement, people do not have to bear the delivery and after-sales, and thus achieve a real “one-click entrepreneurship.

3, KFC

This year, KFC developed the small program “KFC pocket fried chicken shop”, users can freely open the store through this small program. After selling the KFC specials in the store, the shop owner can get the reward.

4, seven wolves

Seven wolves were officially launched at the end of May this year, and Xiaoqi quickly earned a self-operated small program. Consumers can become a distributor of seven wolves by binding mobile phone numbers and earn commissions.

It can be seen that no matter whether it is in e-commerce or in the entity, many companies are eager to explore the hotspot of social e-commerce. But the author found an interesting phenomenon, that is, the home industry has not invested too much energy in this model. At present, there is no home furnishing brand to choose this mode, why?

Home industry & ldquo; And the whole, social e-commerce is “small and beautiful”

The author believes that the specific reasons can start from the characteristics and differences of the two.

We understand that social e-commerce has three core characteristics: first, it has the role of shopping guide; second, it is interaction and sharing between users or between users and enterprises, that is, it has social elements; Third, the most critical, with the mechanism of socialized multi-level rebate, that is, “SNS spread, you can benefit.

These three characteristics determine the development focus of social e-commerce:

First, the social e-commerce platform is sinking and tends to provide the underlying services. Social e-commerce and micro-business are mainly based on the functions provided by the social e-commerce platform.The complete standardized trading service realizes the transaction within the closed loop of the social e-commerce platform and completes the distribution fission of the goods. This determines that although the social e-commerce has strong fission distribution ability, most consumers do not have clear and strong consumer demand. However, in the process of social interaction, the consumer information is generated by the promotion page of the product information. Consumers often buy with them.

Second, the demand for social e-commerce and micro-business channels is strong, and it tends to break through the closed loop of social platforms. As the development grows, social e-commerce and micro-business are obviously not satisfied with operating within the closed loop of the social platform, tending to obtain more traffic. After all, the amount of traffic determines the size of the fission range, so the products sold are mostly fast-moving products that can carry a large range of traffic.

The characteristics of low-frequency home products obviously do not meet the above two characteristics. Low-frequency consumption can not make the flow saturated, and the remaining traffic needs to be filled by the sellers and buyers involved in the closed-loop, plus in the high In the case of the customer unit price, the consumer’s purchase process will be more cautious, the rate of fission will be hindered, and the liquidation and transmission paths will be more roundabout, apparently contradicting the characteristics of social e-commerce.

With the help of the wind, we can “lender the power?”

Even if there are certain contradictions between the characteristics of the home industry and social e-commerce, the model can still Bring us some inspiration.

Market sinking and opening up the price/performance advantage

With the popularity of computers and smartphones, more and more people use social media, and many people spend the same time Increasing. A large number of people use WeChat public accounts, Weibo, social networks, etc. every day. It can be seen that social e-commerce involves a wide range of people and involves a large number of people.

With the advancement of global technology, the manufacturing capacity of the household goods industry has been greatly enhanced, and the relative surplus of production capacity has also lowered the price of household goods and further expanded the market. In recent years, the level of national economic development has been continuously improved, and the per capita disposable income has increased. This condition has objectively stimulated the continuous development of the domestic household market. For the first- and second-tier cities, visiting MUJI and IKEA may have become as common as going to the supermarket, and the famous products rely on high cost performance and distribution ability to open chain stores to businesses across the country. Complex or even urban tourist attractions. Due to the leadership of these international big names and successful companies, some home furnishing companies want to spread from major cities to towns and towns. The general practice is to open offline franchise stores to achieve brand sinking, which is the supply chain integration and back-end production of enterprises. The ability puts high standards and strict requirements. And consumers who want to impress the sinking market, cost-effective has become a key factor in the competition of major brands.

The low operating costs of social e-commerce are also a fact that can reduce the pressure on the operating costs of enterprises. In addition, the third- and fourth-line people are gradually becoming the main consumers of social retail consumer goods including household items, and because of the differences in culture and cognitive habits, this market is difficult for traditional e-commerce to really sink. This has created a broad space for cooperation between home businesses and social e-commerce.

Sales path shortening service, promotion cost

Social e-commerce is popular in the era of mobile Internet, borrowing Internet social tools, opening up a new channel for enterprises to acquire customers and sell products. To open a new channel for consumers to buy, is a media bridge connecting enterprises and consumers. This medium takes advantage of social relationships based on social relationships. On this basis, based on social relationships, it is more convenient to provide after-sales service, and it can better provide post-purchase services and benign interactions. In addition, the long-term use characteristics of household products also make consumers have higher demand for services. The characteristics of social e-commerce can make up for the lag of traditional marketing methods. In addition, word-of-mouth communication and the collection of constructive opinions are easy to develop under the social e-commerce model.

At the beginning of the article, the financing news of Bai Xiong Xinpin and the layout of major enterprises. When social e-commerce is constantly blessed by giants and capital, we are seeing more and more people joining. In the battle of social e-commerce. However, it cannot be denied that the social e-commerce at this time still continues the platform model of the mobile Internet era and the way of thinking about traffic, and the innovation remains to be discussed.

And how long can we decide how long this model can go is how many new development methods we can find in the future, how many new concepts are derived, and how many innovations and new developments. Under the new model, what we need to pay most attention to is what the home business can find in the new model, which will help to develop the future, and then paving the way for future development. It is the attitude that the home industry should stick to. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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German-Italian marriage, ceramic sanitary industry welcomes “warm spring”

Nowadays, it is very common for strong players in all walks of life to acquire the weak, and strong alliances also occur from time to time. Not long ago, two traditional sanitary ware companies in Italy and Germany held grand meetings in Frankfurt, Germany and Stuttgart, two famous cities in Germany. In addition to the well-known local design brand companies involved, a well-known local newspaper and magazine also appeared in the ranks. The media and design units have joined in, showing that this is not an ordinary event but a marriage symbolizing the two strong ceramic ceramics.

The two German sanitary ware companies have never stopped expanding in China. This year’s action is even more frightening, not only in the high-end market. Even the low-end market wants to step in. It can be described as a wolf ambition. If this event can make the two sides reach a consensus in some aspects, it will be a big challenge for domestic sanitary ware enterprises, but we don’t have to be too alarmed because the joint efforts between them are more in the product. The quality aspect is not the price/performance ratio of the product. Therefore, the improvement of quality is impossible to cause the price to fall. However, the current purchase of sanitary products by Chinese consumers is of course the first principle of price first, so it is really true for this foreigner. I can’t think of any big tricks. If you cut the price of high-quality products, it will make a big profit and affect the image of its internationally renowned companies.

German-Italian marriage ceramics industry welcomes “warm spring”

Italian ceramic sanitary ware products have always had great advantages in terms of quality and creativity, while German companies are in quality. And the practical advantage of occupying a very large advantage, which is the biggest reason why German sanitary ware companies can occupy a place in various parts of the world. The number of sanitary ware companies participating in the exhibition is also very large. There are only 25 brand companies participating in the Italian side, and the German companies are naturally more. The two companies also have active exchanges and discussions at the feast, and the positioning of the products and Market strategies and so on have been discussed.

In addition, the designers between the two countries also exchanged ideas and created an internet communication platform, which is designed to facilitate With more convenient contact, it is possible to establish a new thinking that combines the creative ideas of the two countries. This exchange not only marks the intertwining of the ceramic sanitary ware industry between the two countries, but also indicates that the sanitary ware enterprises of the two countries will actively cooperate in the development of the international market. As a result, the international sanitary ware market will usher in a new trend. The sanitary ware enterprises in various countries need to make more efforts to be able to stand out after the strong cooperation.

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Heavy gold involved in the fresh-halogen industry What is the intention of Zhang Fei beef to create a flying fresh-fresh?

With the “12. Five-Year Period”, the income of Chinese residents has entered the middle income stage, and the food consumption of urban and rural residents will accelerate from the consumption-oriented consumption to the enjoyment-oriented and development-oriented consumption. Fresh-broiled foods are in line with the current situation of the changes in the lifestyle of Chinese residents. Safe, healthy and convenient foods are increasingly favored by people. The consumption of fresh-boiled foods in China will continue to grow rapidly.

In 2016, the market size of fresh-boiled foods in China was 223.1 billion yuan. By 2017, the market size of fresh-fried foods in China was 241.9 billion yuan. In the face of the potential of the mature brine industry, as the top 500 Asian brands, in line with the trend of the times, respond to the country “Double-created Zhang Fei beef, also invested heavily in the creation of “flying fresh, involved in the field of fresh brine.”

In 2015, Zhang Fei beef also sprouted the brand value while growing up “ The idea of ​​what to order. The team of Zhang Fei Beef has inspected more than 10 top food companies at home and abroad and the regional market of the five major sectors, and finally created the “fresh fresh” brand. The involvement of Zhang Fei beef has set off a wave of fresh brine industry. The appearance of flying fresh and fresh has also caused many people to wonder: “What is the intention of Zhang Fei beef to invest in the fresh brine industry?

It is reported that there are currently tens of thousands of cooked halogen food production enterprises in China, but small workshops are still the main business model in the industry. As the industry accelerates and the concentration increases, the brand is bound to become the core competitiveness of the company. And “flying fresh” and “Zhangfei Beef” as the sister brand of Zhangfei Beef Company, both of them complement each other. As we all know, “Zhang Fei Beef is “send a gift to relatives and friends”, and “Make a special product” The fresh selling point is “home-style meals, casual snacks”. Under the brand effect of Zhang Fei beef, Fei Chang Xian just brought consumers a richer product experience. Also as consumers often rate: “Zhang Fei beef is beef, natural specialty; Zhang Fei beef is fresh brine, the same authentic.

However, although the industry of fresh brine has a broader market space and a truly influential brand, However, while the advantages are obvious, the fresh brine products are also facing a huge market dilemma. “Unhealthy, unclean, unhygienic has become the pain point of this industry, and it is this pain point that many fresh brine brands have not yet been born.” However, the flying of Zhang Fei beef is very late, but the starting point is very high. Investing 120 million yuan in the construction of the world’s kitchen, intelligent production capacity, strict production standards, Fei Changxian fully transform the pain points of the industry into the brand’s advantages, so that other brands are far behind.

Raw and auxiliary materials are directly harvested in the current season, selected for low-temperature storage; equivalent aseptic production workshops of pharmaceutical production enterprises; physical preservation by gas replacement without adding any additives and preservatives; cold chain transportation, 6 hours direct access terminal; network video 24 hours non-stop live production scene; production testing equipment, employees are also strictly controlled. It can be seen from this that “Zhangfei beef has become the top 500 brand in Asia. We can even foresee that under such conditions, “Fei Changxian may become a “fresh halogen food brand” in the near future.

Flying fresh and strict implementation of national standards for food production, so that food safety is truly visible to consumers [from the source of raw materials, Strict control of the production process, flying often fresh & ldquo; clean, hygienic, healthy brand concept is becoming the core appeal of mass consumers. From the official registration in November 2017 to the present June 2018, we can’t deny that Fei Changxian is rising as a new star in the fresh brine industry, and its future will be bright!

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In 2015, the EU notified China’s food contact products 110

The EU is the most complete international legal and regulatory system for food contact materials and the main market for the export of food contact materials and products in China.

At present, the EU has gradually established a unified and complete food contact material control regulation system. The EU usually conducts inspections and tests on food contact products at the port and market. If the test results are unsatisfactory, the relevant measures are taken immediately and the 32 member states participating in the system are notified through the EU Food and Feed Rapid Alert System (RASFF). And exporters of substandard products. As of week 50 (December 18), China’s exports of EU food contact materials were notified of 110 articles from January to December 2015, of which 61 were prohibited.

Analysis of product category distribution: EU food and feed rapid warning system notification case products are mainly divided into plastic meal kitchen utensils, metal kitchen utensils, glass kitchen utensils, paper tableware, ceramic meal kitchen utensils, wooden kitchen, cooking The spare parts of electromechanical products, among which the notifications are concentrated are plastic kitchen utensils and metal kitchen utensils. The notification of these two types of products accounts for more than 90% of the total number of notifications. The distribution of the notified countries has not changed much compared with previous years, including 56 in Italy, 8 in Poland and the Czech Republic, and 8 in Germany. The product safety and hygiene projects are mainly unqualified and unsatisfactory for sensory testing. The unqualified projects mainly focus on heavy metals, formaldehyde migration, total migration, melamine migration, and primary aromatic amine migration.

For the notification situation, foreign trade enterprises can start from three aspects: First, we should focus on strengthening risk assessment. The EU member states’ supervision of food contact products is not limited to the published laws and regulations. It may also be based on relevant assessment reports to determine whether there are any potential safety hazards in the products and to adopt mandatory means such as withdrawal of the market; The metal element migration exceeds the standard and the specified limit requirements. Second, there is a need to strengthen technical communication. The AC test method is used to better assess whether the product has met the requirements of the EU regulations; to study the applicability and universality of the content of laws and regulations. Furthermore, strengthen the dynamic analysis of high-risk products and high-risk market notifications, focus on analyzing early warning information, and continuously improve product quality.

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Osama Mara came to Sichuan to invite Sichuan enterprises to explore the international market for building materials

In the Sino-Russian cooperation between the two rivers, the pragmatic cooperation between Sichuan and Samara is further strengthened. At the “Sichuan Province & mdash; Russia Samara State Building Materials Enterprise Fair held on October 21st, many companies from both sides expressed their intention to cooperate, and more Sichuan enterprises said that if the market prospect is good, they will invest in Samara. The factory opened up the international market of Sichuan building materials enterprises in Russia.

To implement the fourth meeting of local leaders of the two rivers in China and Russia held in Chengdu in August this year, to promote pragmatic cooperation between the two sides, at the invitation of the provincial government Foreign Affairs Office, October 20, Sa The Deputy Minister of Construction of the State of Malayan, Miyakidov, led a delegation of the state’s construction company to visit Sichuan and held a meeting during this period.

Miyakidov sent a warm invitation to Sichuan building materials companies. “We came to Sichuan to seek cooperation projects with Sichuan enterprises in housing construction and building materials production. He said that in the next few years, Russia will build a large number of affordable housing in a short period of time, and the demand for building materials is very large. In the field of housing construction and building materials production, Sichuan has a lot of experience to learn. At present, Samara has built an industrial park for large-scale building materials, and welcomes Sichuan enterprises to invest and build factories in the park. The delegation also reached an in-depth cooperation intention with Sichuan Railway International Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd. on infrastructure projects.

The federal body of the Federal District of the Volga River Basin in Samara is an advantage in the industrial sectors such as light-duty vehicles and rolling bearings. It is one of the most developed regions in Russia. As a member of the Sino-Russian “two-stream river area”, the pragmatic cooperation between Sichuan and Samara in economic, trade and humanities is strengthening. Samara State also reached an agreement with Southwest Petroleum University on the exchange of international students.

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Chuan Enterprise: As long as there is a market, we are willing to go to Russia

October 21st, “Sichuan Province & mdash; Russia Samara State Building Materials At the beginning of the business meeting, Jiang Daicai, deputy general manager of Chengdu Minjiang New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., took action. He took the support of Wu Tejin, deputy general manager of Yavro Aliyangs Co., Ltd. in Samara. Take a sample of the product in your hand.

Wu Tejin looked through the glass wool board and asked Jiang Daicai with interest: “What is its purpose? What are the characteristics? When it was learned that this formaldehyde-free glass wool board was widely used in high-end office buildings, commercial centers and residential buildings, it has the characteristics of thermal insulation and noise reduction, especially when it is fire-retardant. Wu Tejin has a satisfactory smile. “Very good, this material is needed for our housing construction. He strongly urged Jiang to leave a few samples and said that he would bring the samples back to the company in Samara State and notify the other party by email within one week.

“ If our demand is large, would you like to go to Samara to build a factory? At the end of the negotiation, Wu Tejin issued an invitation to Jiang Daicai. Jiang Daicai said that “the company’s products have been exported to the European market. If the demand in the Russian market is large, we will consider investing in factories and opening up new international markets.

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China’s water purification market will reach 19.2 billion in 2015

On August 19, 2015, under the guidance of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, China Water Purification Expert Network, China Economic Newspaper Association, Avi Cloud Big Data Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Business Newspaper jointly sponsored “2015 Internet + Intelligence The Water Purification Industry Forum was held in Beijing.

The water treatment industry has special social attributes, and the commitment to the national healthy drinking water industry has become a consensus in the industry. The forum is based on the theme of “Good Health and Middot” and a healthy net life. It aims to bring together the strength and wisdom of the industry, explore the future development path of the water purification industry, solve potential industry hidden dangers, and promote the comprehensive promotion of the national drinking water safety cause. Hundreds of millions of people create health & ldquo; clean water life! Since 2011, China’s water purification industry has been in an orderly development: from fast-moving to fast-running in 2011, the industry broke out in 2013, sharply higher in 2014, the water purification market is growing . The editor learned from the “2015 Blue Book of Water Purification Industry” released at this conference that the scale of China’s water purification market will reach 19.2 billion in 2015, and the market space will be broad in the future. According to the monitoring data of Avi Cloud (AVC), the water consumption of the water treatment industry from 2013 to 2014 was 7.2 billion and 12.1 billion, respectively, with a compound annual growth rate of 42.5%. In 2015, the water treatment market reached 7.89 million units, and the sales volume will reach 19.2 billion. The market potential is huge in the future, and the share of water dispensers will be further reduced, accounting for only 10% of sales. This means that China’s water appliances are moving from the drinking era to the net era.

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Steel and silver break through the barriers of credit data in the industry and push B2B to a new era of credit business

On June 28th, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, the Shanghai Information Center, and the Shanghai Quality Standards Institute jointly organized the optimization of the consumption environment and started “Shanghai”. Shopping brand – 2018 annual business integrity construction promotion conference was held. Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Liu Min, Deputy Director of Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau Chen Xiaojun, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Quality and Standardization Institute, Shao Shaoqing, Director of Shanghai Information Center, Yu Wenkai, and other relevant government departments attended the meeting, and Suning, Red Star Macalline, Steel and Silver E-Commerce, and other business integrity market sub-platforms, third-party professional evaluation agencies and more than 100 home appliance business representatives gathered together to discuss the development of Shanghai’s business integrity.

Business integrity construction is an important part of the construction of social credit system, expanding consumption, stimulating domestic demand, and promoting The steady growth of the economy is of great significance. The State Council executive meeting held on June 6 pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to application orientation and legislation first, and further strengthen the construction of the social credit system. Guided by national policies, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce takes the lead in breaking the barrier between public credit and market credit, and strives to build a new circulation management model with business credit as the core. The commercial integrity of Shanghai was officially opened at the end of October 2016. The public service platform has created an interactive sharing mechanism between public and market credit information. In terms of sub-platform construction, Shanghai Business Integrity Platform has absorbed 29 market credit sub-platforms. At the meeting, the second batch of business integrity sub-platforms was officially awarded, further promoting the promotion and application of business integrity. The meeting held the establishment ceremony of Shanghai Commercial Credit Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as “Market Landmark Committee”). The Municipal Landmark Committee is an organization engaged in Shanghai’s business credit standardization technology. Its establishment marks that Shanghai’s business credit standardization work is high. The starting point has taken a higher step. In order to further enhance the environment of honest transactions and further strengthen the protection of consumer shopping, at the meeting, Shanghai e-commerce enterprise units relyed on the Shanghai Business Integrity Alliance to establish Shanghai “Anti-French Alliance” to build a network integrity system and build integrity. A safe and civilized network ecosystem will further strengthen the construction of the credit system in Shanghai’s business sector and sharing economic sectors.

As the first batch of advanced enterprises represented by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce to be included in the Business Integrity Sub-platform, Zhu Jinhong was invited to attend the meeting and shared the innovation of the credit standardization construction of the steel and silver platform. practice. Zhu Junhong said that as an Internet platform, the biggest advantage of steel and silver is that through the use of Internet and big data technology, through the sharing of social resources, the industry upstream and downstream, shorten the industrial chain, achieve superior resource allocation, and reduce social costs. At the same time, relying on Shanghai Iron and Steel’s 18-year commodity information background and big data accumulation, the industry information and transaction services are perfectly combined to achieve the online and offline industrial big data closed-loop service ecosystem. The BCS credit system constructed by Steel and Silver has designed sub-models according to different application scenarios. It has been applied to the platform’s merchant credit rating, supply chain products, and other scenarios, and through collaboration with Shanghai Business Integrity Public Service Platform. Further, the data at the market level is combined with the data at the government level to establish a more stereoscopic and accurate corporate credit judgment.

“There is no trust in people, and no faith in the country is the healthy operation of the market economy. cornerstone. Zhu Junhong said that under the great pattern of the country’s efforts to promote integrity, the future steel and silver e-commerce will further improve and optimize the BCS credit system, and extend it to the inside and outside of the enterprise, in the Commerce Commission, the Development and Reform Commission, the Quality Supervision Bureau, Under the supervision and guidance of the government departments such as the Information Center and the Quality Standards Institute, we will use practical actions to build a promise and trustworthiness, know the credit letter, and build a good commodity business environment for commodities, setting a benchmark for the steel and commerce industry and opening up credit data barriers for the steel industry. Promote B2B to a new era of credit business, and spare no effort to build and promote the corporate credit system and market healthy consumption environment.

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