United Nations Environment Conference: 6.5 million deaths per year! Air pollution has become the number one killer of human environmental problems!

From December 4th to 6th, 2017, the third UN Environment Conference was held in Nairobi, Kenya. As the highest decision-making mechanism for global environmental issues, more than 4,000 representatives including heads of state, ministers, UN officials, business leaders and civil society attended the conference.

At the opening ceremony of the conference, the UN environment Executive Director Solheim publishes UNEP’s latest report, “Towards Zero Pollution Earth”

UNEP Executive Director Solheim

It is worth mentioning that at this conference, the latest UNEP report released: Environmental degradation has led to the world Each year, 12.6 million people die, which is equivalent to one in every four dead people who died of environmental problems. Among them, air pollution kills 6.5 million people every year and becomes the number one environmental problem killer.

In addition, the damage caused by land, fresh water, marine pollution, chemicals and waste pollution to people and the earth is also shocking.

Once upon a time, the sky was blue, the water was clear, and people could go outside to breathe fresh air; Today, the sky is gray, the water is black, and people are breathing haze and industrial waste gas outdoors.

Once upon a time, the home was safe, healthy, and a place that brought warmth and happiness to people. Today, the home is the cradle of formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other pollutants. It is a gas chamber. The place where the family’s broken nightmare begins.

Nowadays, the degree of environmental degradation has attracted the attention of governments, and 6.5 million people are caused each year. The deadly human first environmental problem killer & mdash; & mdash; air pollution, the next step will also become the focus of government governments. However, it is not enough to eliminate air pollution by government policies. We also need each of our families to have awareness of air pollution prevention, especially for indoor pollution that we can control.

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Black Pearl Nutrition Lunch Charity Project!渝味晓宇张平一心向阳 Love does not stop

On January 16, 2018, the US Mission Group jointly launched the “Black Pearl Nutrition Luncheon” public welfare project at the “2018 Public Commentary Black Pearl Restaurant Guide Conference” in conjunction with the United Nations World Food Program and some Black Pearl restaurants. , Committed to “Let children eat better, help 3&mdash in poverty-stricken mountainous areas in China; healthy growth of 5-year-old preschool children. On June 28, 2018, the first batch of Black Pearl Restaurant led by Yu Weixiao took the lead in setting a good example in public welfare action. The chef went to Yongshun County and Longshan County of Hunan Province to serve 32 kindergartens. 1940 children were sent a healthy and nutritious meal.

As the first restaurant to participate in the “Black Pearl Nutrition Luncheon” project, Xiaowei Xiaoyu supported this time. The target kindergarten is the Tongxing Kindergarten in Luota Township, Longshan County. Here, Zhang Wei, the founder of Xiaowei Xiaoyu, is an incarnation. “Life teacher, through the intimate interaction with the children, personally lead the children to make nutritious meals and experience the hard-won food. In a series of fun activities, children can easily learn more about dietary nutrition. Finally, Xiaowei Xiaoyu shared a lot of dietary knowledge with children through nutrition lectures and data distribution, which effectively improved children’s awareness of nutrition knowledge and healthy diet.

渝The concept advocated by Wei Xiaoyu is to restore the authentic Chongqing hot pot with good ingredients, and create a grassroots food legend with a masterpiece, so that more people can eat healthy and enjoy peace of mind. The public welfare project of the Black Pearl Restaurant through the US Mission not only can really help the children in the impoverished mountainous areas to build a healthy and beautiful life of “zero hunger”, so that more people can join this charity trip and be able to Pass the concept of healthy nutrition to more people who love food and love hot pot.

It is undeniable that Yan Weixiao is one of the representatives of authentic Chongqing hot pot, and now it is in the entire catering industry. A household name. Especially after the broadcast of “China 2 on the tip of the tongue” in 2014, Zhang Ping and his wife Xiong Xiaoyu’s smile were engraved in the minds of many people. From the poverty of the past to the stability of the present, Zhang Ping has always maintained a simple heart, both for his hot pot career and for his daily trivial life.

As the saying goes, “only poor people can truly understand the bitterness of the poor.” For Zhang Ping and his wife, although the entrepreneurial life in 1995 was difficult, they never thought about giving up. In the past, he was given a gift from neighbors in the neighborhood, so that Zhang Ping wrote down the eternal grace in his heart, and this became the bud of persisting in public welfare after his glory.

Since the first donation in 2013, Zhang Ping’s accumulated personal donations have reached one million. Come, financial management is just “small good.” Only the true “find the heart to the end to make yourself “usefulness, use 23 years of ups and downs, 23 years of tempering, Zhang Ping tasted the life of life, but in his glory, he never forgot when he came. Hardship.

The sky is always a person who loves the heart and wings. The earth always loves the people who have the four seasons. Walking with the heavens and the earth will contaminate the landscape. Just like Zhang Ping, who is a savory Xiaoyu hot pot, he is bent on his heart and does not say that he is bitter, but he always pays attention to the warmth of others. Every charity, every good deed, conveys not only Zhang Ping’s resolute attitude towards life, but also his responsibility to society and his unchanging initial intention!

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Senma’s new brand concept is on the line, telling the new idea of ​​“quality in daily life”

Whether it is a dazzling star in the crowd, or you and me who live an ordinary life, as long as you feel with your heart, you can “give a little more to life, and thus have your own” quality. In daily life, this is the daily life of the masses. The new brand concept of the clothing brand Senma.

Recently, Senma has united a new brand concept video on the line, bringing together five moments of texture in daily life and showing it to the public. At the same time, Senma even joined the “Jia Ren” to invite four artists, Ayun Yi, Li Zikai, Yang Wei and Zhang Xiaofei, to tell them more stories about life and expose their secrets in daily life.

Senma X

Converging five moments of everyday life

1/ Just a little more sweet, busy and more relaxing taste

In front of work, so forgetful female executive. A power outage for her to press the pause button, turned and sparked in the dark, reflecting the bright smile of her colleagues for her birthday. Just a little more sweet, busy and more relaxing. Both the bitterness and the pain are all alongside the teammates. It is her quality.

2/A little more action, expressing concern with temperature

The age stretches the physical distance between the father and the child, but as soon as you look back, the father will be behind the child. When you get along with your father and son, your actions are always more than words. The jacket that gently put on him is the best expression of care. Take a little more action and express concern with temperature. The warm heart time spent together is the “quality in the daily life” between father and son.

3/A little more trust, to meet the friendship around you

The girl who participated in the new class “trust game” stood in the high place, closed her eyes, and calculated the falling ground in her heart. The acceleration of gravity. Take a deep breath, lie down — — she is steadily caught, lying in the air looking up at the clouds. A little more trust, to meet the friendship around you. The excitement of the new classmates sweeped her haze and decorated her “quality in everyday life.”

4/A little more discovering, let love fill the heart nest

The overtime work of the father returned home with a difficult exhaustion, under the light, a childish hand-painted The family portrait dispelled his previous concerns. It turned out that my daughter had already prepared the warmest gift for her father’s hard work. Find out more, let love fill your heart. Whenever there is a family waiting, it is a father’s “quality in everyday life.”

5/A little more tacit understanding, it’s more fun to meet together

You may have missed countless parties when you work hard, this time, you can finally wear a carefully selected new T-shirt. , get together with friends. There seems to be telepathy between friends who suddenly hit the shirt, and one eye can understand each other, even if they laugh. A little more tacit understanding, it is more interesting to get together. Whenever you are, you can be yourself in front of your friends. It is your quality and quality.

Senma x “Jia Ren”

Join four artists to tell their qualities in daily life

—— Ayun嘎: Give life a little more freedom

Ayun in the “Sound into the Heart” is polite and decent, and the singing on the stage is not sloppy, because people love him very much. Therefore, the time of relaxation after walking down the stage is even more precious. A laid-back hot bath and a comfortable home service are the ritual of his transition from work to home. A movie or a book can accompany Ayun to sink his heart. Get along with yourself and return to life. “To give life a little more freedom is Ayun’s “quality” in everyday life.

——李璇: Give life a little more taste

Li Zizhen is a girl who is sensible, strong, and seems to have lost a little bit of luck. But now, she can do herself more freely, and for the dream of idol, she also does not forget to steal a favorite dessert. Whether running the notice or at the airport, you can find the delicious &mdash with the most sensitive sense of smell; — is her hidden “kill”. Such beans are incomparably cute and true. Because she knows that a multi-tasting life will let everyone see the multifaceted self. Be down to earth, cherish the little satisfaction of every moment. “To give life a little more taste —— is Li Zikai’s “Quality in everyday life”.

——Yang Wei: Give life a little more warmth

Olympic champion Yang Wei, now the most important identity, is the father of three children. The family is the source of Yang Wei’s sense of well-being, and it is the original driving force he has worked hard to pay. In Yang Wei’s view, every moment with the child is precious because it cannot be copied. A few children play with each other, “, every day, hold together, cry a lot back, laugh a lot back —— these are the most happy and warm pictures of Yang Wei’s mind, and let him be willing to shelter the family and keep them forever. Haven bay. Accompanied by family members, the lights are amiable. “To give life a little more warmth is Yang Wei” “Quality is in everyday life.

——Zhang Xiaofei: Give life a little more inspiration

Zhang Xiaofei Think it is shy and introverted, but in front of familiar friends and audience, she seems to put a lot of outside, and immersed in comedy performancesIn the same time, I often laughed at people. She said: “When on the stage or in front of the camera, I think they are the friends I am most familiar with. The “smiles” on the stage are full of self-sufficiency, which stems from the state of creation at all times in life. A friend’s words, a joke, may become a source of inspiration in the work at any time. Live a serious life and discover meaning in everyday life. “To give life a little more inspiration is Zhang Xiaofei’s quality.”

A little more comfortable, a little more taste, a little warmer, a little more inspiration. Through the lens, we can see that the stars’ quality is in the daily life, but it is also very simple. No matter how dazzling the lights on the stage, no matter how high the honor has ever been, the most authentic “quality” is everyday, often in the daily life at your fingertips, in the soft clothes, when you chat with friends. The “golden sentence” that exists in the child’s crisp laughter, exists in a cake that is eaten in a busy space … … let the real sense of touch in life, and the inner feelings. The texture begins with a little more in everyday life. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Foreign media inventory 2016 bathroom fashion trends

Years are in a hurry, time flies, and in the blink of an eye, 2015 is nearing completion, and 2016 is approaching. It is said that the eternal change is the change of the bathroom trend in 2015. We seem to have no time to summarize, the trend of 2016, the foreign media has been summarized.

Material articles:

The trend of metal materials in 15 years has been obvious, and 16 years will be more popular. Popular metals include: gold, silver, aluminum, and stainless steel. These materials will give your home’s faucets, bathroom doorknobs, and bathroom accessories elegance from metal. At the same time, natural stone and minerals are believed to be more popular in 16 years, not only in the bathroom, but also in functional enhancement. Some ceramic basins will be replaced by marble basins and bathtubs, and even for matching effects, marble bathroom stools, soap holders, etc. will be more and more left, giving the bathroom a different temperament effect. Others believe that marble or minerals in the bathroom are good for feng shui.

Art Design:

In the past, the cold bathroom seems to be more inconsistent with the modern aesthetic. Foreign media believe that some hand-crafted art crops will become more popular, such as: handmade bathtub mats, handmade soap, custom shower curtains, and so on. With the enhancement of modern people’s personal consciousness and the improvement of living standards, the pursuit of bathroom is no longer in the function, but hopes to make the bathroom a place for rest and thinking.

Green Vegetation:

The bathroom with the theme of “Green” seems to be the streamlined trend of various industries in the 21st century, and this trend will continue in 16 years. Green vegetation and green walls dominate the mainstream style of the bathroom. Think about how cool this bathroom is.

Rich colors:

It seems to be goodbye for uniform white and ivory white, bold black and matching of colors will be popular in the bathroom for 16 years, colorful The tiles, bold black series of sanitary ware, with the automatic switching of the emotions of the lights, 2016, embrace the rich bathroom color bar.

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How do I need to pay for Cloud Token? Cloud token Li Yi teacher one-on-one explanation

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What is the Cloud token wallet?

A: Simply put

RMB deposit bank has interest

Electronic digital asset deposit balance has revenue

Cloud Token is the world’s first mainstream currency to store mainstream currency.

is the balance of the mainstream currency of the blockchain

How does the Cloud token wallet operate? ?

A: Register a CloudToken wallet

Join the planned trading system in the wallet (free of charge)

How do I start the joining plan to earn revenue?

A: Then you must first deposit the mainstream currency with a market value of more than 550 US dollars (currently support USDT. Bitcoin. Ethereum. And so on.) There will be more and more mainstream currencies in the future. Currency), join the plan to entrust Cloud Token intelligent robots to high-frequency quantitative trading and arbitrage on major exchanges.

I don’t have mainstream currency. ?

A: No-currency partners can buy some mainstream currency transfers from major exchanges around the world. In this era of blockchain digital currency, the mainstream currency is held for a long time. The Cloud Token wallet is definitely yours. The best choice, deposit coins, and wealth multiply!

How long does it take to join the program?

A: After joining the program, the intelligent robot will grab the major exchanges 24 hours a day. Different prices of data, high-frequency quantitative trading generates revenue. Open the joining plan, there are gains every day!

How is the income generated by Cloud token calculated?

A: All generated The proceeds are calculated in CTO currency. CTO coins can be directly converted into Ethereum coins at any time. Ethereum coins can be redeemed at any time without restriction, and can also be sold to people who want coins. Static income and shared income are all CTO The currency is settled every day. At present, the CTO currency is 0.3 US dollars, and will reach 50 US dollars & mdash at the end of the year; 60 US dollars.

How is the cloud token static income?

A: Cloud token static Monthly income is between 6% and 12% (not counting the value-added income of CTO coins)

When can I return to this?

A: I didn’t return to this book. The money that I transferred to it was saved, just like the money I put in the balance treasure. I always control myself, my own currency is my own. , the capital gains in and out of freedom!

Cloud Token Highlights

First, there is no lock In the long run, the principal will enter and exit at any time

Second, the fool-style lie mode [strong] [strong] There is no limit to the LOCK BTC TTH and other mainstream currencies.

Third, all coins are open to the world on the public chain

Fourth, APP content is all original code development is not a replica or made in Shenzhen

1 static income [Strong] deposit money to mine and make money [strong] [strong] monthly income 6~20% daily is not capped

2 share income [strong] take a generation 100%

2 generations 50% 3-21 generations 5% income is not capped every day

3 community dividend team total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is C1 community,

4C1 community level Team unlimited 5% income community rewards

5 reaching 3 C1 communities C2 community takes community rewards 10%

6 reaches 3 C2 communities, which is 15% for C3 community rewards

7 reaches 3 C3 communities, which is C4 community rewards 20 %

8 reaches 3 C4 communities and is C5 community

Community income takes 5% of global community total performance

C5 can reach 500,000+ one day Cap [strong] [strong] storage value of more than 500 dollars is considered a valid account

[strong] above the reward settlement is issued by the platform currency CTO [strong]

The secret conservative estimate is 5~20 times before the end of the year to earn [strong]

Spike all items [strong]

Once in a hundred years [strong]

Join early to make money [strong]

Cloud Token [tact] [tact] 2019 preferred investment project

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North Heneng, Nanzhongyu, accelerating development of the assembly-style decoration

Image from "Oriental IC

The topic of assembly-style decoration can attract a lot of attention, especially in the last two years, it has attracted special attention and favor. Not only is it after a long chat, but many innovative companies are beginning to take practical actions.

Perhaps the Chinese decoration industry has been criticized for a long time. The traditional decoration method has not spawned a truly large-scale branding enterprise. What is more anxious is that the traditional decoration market is extremely scattered, heavily dependent on labor, on-site construction. The work is not environmentally friendly, the user experience is poor, and the satisfaction is extremely low. In the past few years, driven by the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the decoration industry has been subject to short-term attention and betting on the capital market because of its large market size, but because most companies have not brought any changes to the industry, The enterprises themselves do not have the ability to deliver quality. A large number of enterprises have burned a virtual fire under the help of capital. In the end, they have been killed in succession. Both capital and entrepreneurs have suffered great frustration and internal injuries.

The old productivity mode and the acceleration of industrial innovation are gradually out of touch. Everyone is thinking about whether a new production method can really change the status quo of the industry. Regarding the new way of productivity, the most discussed is “" Assembly-style decoration, consisting of integrated design, prefabricated production, assembly and installation, and information management constitutes several major features of assembly-style decoration. The essence is that industrial production thinking replaces on-site processing thinking, and modularizes the housing structure space. Through the industrial production, the integrated parts are installed, the construction period is greatly reduced, the uncontrollability of the workers’ technology is reduced, and the labor costs and material costs are also reduced. These highlights have attracted the attention of many investment banks, industry players and consumers. It seems that the industry is reaching a consensus, and assembly decoration is the next future.

Looking at the assembly decoration from another dimension, that is the labor force population. During the two sessions in 2019, the digital changes in the labor force are worthy of industry-wide attention:

& nbsp; From the supply side, the working-age population continues to decrease, with a cumulative reduction of about 28 million since 2012. The transfer of rural labor to cities has slowed markedly. The annual increase in the number of migrant workers has dropped from 12.45 million in 2010 to 1.84 million in 2018.

The digital change in the labor force is also reminding that the artificial dividend is fading. If the decoration industry continues to use traditional construction methods, there may be pressure on employment; of course, similar situations may not occur in the short term. In addition, the policy orientation is also accelerating the accelerated development of assembly-style decoration. The State Council and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development have issued a series of related documents. In the industry, it is necessary to use a newer productivity thinking and efficiency thinking to start a new round of industrial transformation. Industrialization will become a more important new topic.

On March 29 this year, Yiou Home held a prefabricated decoration industry forum in Shanghai, attracting first-line investors, assembly-style decoration enterprises, home building materials companies to participate, from new technologies and capital. , manufacturing, application scenarios and other dimensions focus on the assembly-style decoration industry as a new variable in the entire industry transformation, how will the chemical reaction in the future?

Representative in the field of assembly decoration There are not many companies, and the company has been deeply cultivating the industry for many years. From the earliest products to the standards to the whole industry chain, whether it is the design link, the manufacturing, construction, and the human habitation, the assembly decoration is beginning to be completed. During the whole link, many engineering projects were practiced in Beijing and Tianjin, and the cumulative service customers reached 60,000 sets, which has accumulated a certain brand influence. At present, we are actively building more intelligent manufacturing production bases for assembly and decoration to cover more areas of service. Up to now, it has become a full-product, full-process, all-technology assembly-style decoration development system and an all-industry ecological platform.

The industry is hot, attracting many participants to carve up the market. Founded in 2018, Zhongyu Residential Technology is one of the intelligent manufacturing enterprises of assembly and decoration parts. Although the establishment of Zhongxiang Residential Technology is short, it is an innovative company, and it also chooses a special but not enemies. In the words of Wu Tangxiang, the founder of Zhongxiang Residential Technology, if the assembly decoration and traditional decoration are an iteration Transformation, then we want to be the arms dealer in this iterative transformation, to provide decoration companies with the support of internal parts and system solutions, which is the positioning of Zhongyu. From the point of view of brand positioning, Zhongyu plays the role of an enabler. Since its establishment, the company’s overall development strategy and business development have been relatively smooth. The company has completed two rounds of financing, and the business level has gradually opened up. On March 18th, 2019, the intelligent intelligent production base with high intelligence, advanced equipment and large capacity —— Zhongxiang residential technology and East China production base was officially mass-produced in Yancheng, Jiangsu. The production base of Yancheng is expected to have an annual output of 30,000. It is equipped with a built-in whole house system with an annual output of 5.5 million square meters of calcium silicate decorative panels, 1.1 million square meters of waterproof trays, 8 million square meters of overhead floor, and an annual output value of 700 million yuan. This is the establishment of a residential technology for just one year. Fortunately, it is a new starting point.

Although the assembly decoration is a sunrise industry with high growth rate, from the perspective of penetration rate, it is still at a relatively early stage of development. From the existing market competition pattern, it can be built. In the north, it has initially established its own influence. From the perspective of growth time and practical projects, it is a leading enterprise in the assembly-type decoration industry, and Zhongyu Residential Technology is an innovative enterprise, accelerating its running with the role of component parts and arms dealers. The production base in Yancheng, Jiangsu has gradually matured, the production capacity has increased, and the demand for orders has grown steadily. The superposition of all aspects of the chips has also made Zhongxiang’s empowerment to the B-end industry.Speed ​​up the foothold in the East China market. North and Neng, Nanzhongyu, the former chooses EPC as the main track, and the latter chooses the channel as the track. No matter which track is selected, it accelerates the pace of assembly decoration, whether it is commercial value or application scenario, the future. There is enough room for imagination to dig, and the whole decoration will start to surge.

In the next few years, the market-strucking of assembly-style decoration will become more and more fierce. At the same time, it will grow faster than we think. It represents a new kind of The productivity structure model is constantly adding new forces to this track. In the future, this track will become more and more crowded. We can understand the changes in the assembly decoration industry from the industrial end and the consumer side:

From the industrial point of view, the rise of the assembly decoration industry will drive the entire manufacturing industry to change. In the past, traditional manufacturing companies need to adjust their development pace from the perspective of thinking and role, from traditional single manufacturing. The role of the person to the role of the whole industry service, from the traditional materials to the direction of new materials to upgrade, the future may be a shared industrial-wide ecological synergy mechanism, the role of the transformation and the upgrade of thinking are also forced to the original industry The pattern began to reorganize.

From the perspective of consumers, at present, the application scenarios of assembly-style decoration are mainly in hotels, apartments, and affordable housing projects. With the application scene gradually expanding, in the future, in the popular home decoration consumption scene, it will also be certain Infiltration, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials, more efficient industrial production methods, lower costs, and more technically skilled technologies will enhance the sense of living of consumers. As mentioned earlier, policy-driven Renovation and delivery to replace the rough room will also accelerate consumer awareness of assembly decoration to a certain extent.

The situation is stronger than people, and people are better than things. From the industrial end or the consumer side, or from the influx of players, assembly-style decoration will be a hot topic. Yiou Home believes that whether it is construction or decoration, it will not be from the past data standards. Collaboration, information asymmetry, low efficiency, high cost, grafting new technology, data collaboration and open interoperability, project precise and flexible management upgrade, this is the evolution of the offline era to the data age, this acceleration of industrial upgrading is irreversible, Innovative companies in the field of assembly and decoration, represented by Nengrenju and Zhongyu Residential Technology, have the opportunity to reconstruct new service formats. Perhaps from 2020, the impact of fabricated technology on the entire decoration industry will continue to intensify. This is a new technology, new ideas, new policies, new directions to the traditional decoration industry initiated efficiency, experience, cost war, which may be a recalculation after the originally unstable rankings were completely broken up.

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GEEBOX E2 Bluetooth full-range music headphones evaluation: summer sports talent must

Summer is coming, more and more people have joined the night running and walking team. A convenient, good and waterproof sports Bluetooth headset has become the standard for sports people. Today we will look at a new Bluetooth wireless music headset under the GEEBOX brand to see if it can meet the needs of sports people.

I chose this GEEBOX E2 true wireless full-range music headset.

First of all, the outer packaging is still relatively simple and fashionable. The earphones are placed in the classic box of GEEBOX. This kind of box design will be very kind for GEEBOX powder. The official standard is: a pair of Bluetooth headsets, two pairs of ear caps, a charging cable, a charging compartment. The two ear caps are also very intimate.

Take out the headphones and you can see that the body is simple and compact, and the stylish black is very technical, 4.2g The weight of the body is also very light. The call control button and music control button on the body can realize the functions of answering, hanging, playing and switching. The button is sensitive and can be tapped with a tap.

After booting up, Bluetooth automatically powers up for pairing. You don’t need to connect again after pairing once.

Compared to the normal Bluetooth headset design, these two stereo headphones will be more effective. Strong, listening to music, communication experience will be better. Even if you lose another one, you can take on the responsibility of making a sound, and there will be no big impact.

Trying on for a week or so, the stereo effect is really better than the same price. In static calls, the sensitivity of the sound is very high. During the exercise or driving, the passive noise reduction function of the headphones shields a part of the surrounding. The noise allows the user to focus more on the sound in the headphones, clear and smooth, without stagnation.

According to the official introduction of GEEBOX E2, this headset is optimized for structure and materials, and the dynamic unit is more sensitive, so it can effectively enhance the dynamic performance and details of the music; at the same time, binaural call and noise reduction The function also reduces the interference of the surrounding environment noise. On the one hand, the sound effect is enhanced, and on the other hand, the noise is weakened, so that the user can obtain a 360-degree stereo immersive experience.

In fact, Bluetooth headsets require a high degree of stability for access, especially for sports people. During the fitness process, the headphones are more susceptible to interference in dynamic situations, and the stability of the connection is greatly reduced. The stability of GEEBOX E2 is very strong. Through the dynamic evaluation of the week, it basically maintains the performance in the static situation, the connection is stable, the call is smooth, the sound quality is not affected, and there is no jamming phenomenon.

This may be related to the loading of the Realtak Bluetooth 5.0 chip.

Let’s talk about the waterproofing issues that everyone cares about.

A lot of sweat, water vapor, etc. in the movement, it is easy to soak the earphones and cause damage to internal components. So most Bluetooth headsets have waterproof settings.

IPX2-3 can meet the requirements when it is not very sweaty or non-sports. Sports people need at least IPX4 or above. GEEBOX E2 has a waterproof rating of IPX6, which is a category of deep waterproofing. Don’t worry about sweating or waterproofing.

Many in-ear Bluetooth headsets are comfortable to wear at the beginning, and when they are long, they will have a foreign body sensation and the ears will be sore and uncomfortable. The GEEBOX E2 headphones basically do not have this problem. Its curved design is designed according to the shape of the human auricle, so that the earphones and the auricles fit together, which greatly reduces the discomfort of wearing for a long time, and does not cause the running, sports and the like to fall off the ear.

The owner has been wearing for 12 hours for the longest time, and has basically achieved no traces in different scenes such as work, leisure and sports. Many times the owner will forget to wear headphones.

Life time is not a problem for two days in the case of heavy use, ideally for up to 42 hours The owner tries to charge three times in a week. For the owner who is often out, the time is irregular, you don’t have to think about charging often, and you don’t have to worry about the battery life.

The overall use of this GEEBOX E2 true wireless full-range music headphones is more suitable for the depth of electronic enthusiasts who like sports, pursuit of convenience and comfort. The core sound quality is also very nice. This GEEBOX E2 is also a super cost-effective sports fashion music headset in terms of quality, performance and price. Like a friend can consider starting, and it is currently selling in Jingdong, 618 activities should be quite strong, it is worth a try. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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Before the virtual fire of “shared home” is blown up, I will pour cold water first.

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I think the bubble of the sharing economy has broken down. I didn’t expect to have signs of burning in the home field recently. Recently, there has been a shared home business “to get a nearly ten million dollar financing from the Real Estate Fund and Qingliu Capital. Prior to this, similar to its model, “I announced at home that I have received more than 100 million A2 rounds of financing, including many well-known investment institutions today, capital, Jinshajiang Venture Capital and other institutions have come to bet.

Congratulations on financing and receiving new models, we should also reflect on whether this business model can be continuously verified. The logic of this business model is based on building a house and buying furniture. People’s affairs, dazzling SKUs, complex processes, poor experience, and long-term deep in the high price of the pit, long-term users suffer and suffer, so through the behavior of the door to graft the consumer scene, thus reaching a deal.

For example, User A bought a set of sofas on a shared home platform and expressed his willingness to share it on the platform for other users to experience. User B also wants to buy a set of the same model as User A. The sofa can be reserved for the user A home experience. After the experience, the user B confirms the order, and the user A can get a 5% commission. Of course, the material of the story has the product cost performance brought by the supply chain advantage.

If this business model is operational, you need to ponder two questions: First, why should I open the door to a stranger? Second, why should I enter a stranger’s door? Is the question of trust. If you don’t have strong management and strong trust base, it’s not as simple as saving some money or earning 5 points commission.

For furniture brands, the shared home platform is counted as a new channel. The profit margin of the platform lies in the fact that the bargaining power of upstream supply chain manufacturers and the increase in price are sold to consumers. Just a little bit out. Even so, the final net profit is still very thin, because the platform needs to bear the operating costs, after the layer of cost deduction, there is very little left.

Moreover, one question that needs to be considered is how big it can be in the future. It is hard to say that from the operational data that all parties have learned, this market is obviously not so optimistic. At the previous event, my founder Zhao Qiming said that the current sales business has covered 161 cities, and 21 cities including Nanjing, Wuhan, Beijing, Hangzhou and Xiamen have opened the services of living families. In 2017, the platform completed 28 million yuan. The amount of the transaction. “My family claims to have a single-month GMV of 14 million and a customer price of 20,000. The amount of the company corresponding to this data is still limited. When the platform is small and there is an attempt to squeeze the upstream, it cannot bring actual supply to the supply chain. Revenue, then the interest of the partner will inevitably disappear.

However, in addition to a single C-side family scene, the value of public spaces (eg, hotel lobby, airport, cafe, etc.) is clearly higher than that of C-side users, so you can start from this aspect. But it is not so easy to move on.

To some extent, the retail business of furniture has little to do with policy, but grafting consumer trust and openness, especially business models involving privacy, will face several major market tests, capital investment After this project, I have to bite my teeth to express my approval, and I have to brag about these projects. As an ordinary consumer, you can also ask yourself how high the acceptance of similar models is. The bubble of sharing economy is Many industries have been broken. Is it the turn to share the home industry this time? I will assume that this is a virtual fire, first pour a cold water to destroy it.

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South Korea returned 1515 boxes of imitation porcelain plastic tableware

【招商宝】The reporter learned from Jiangsu Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that on March 27 this year, a company producing melamine plastic tableware in Kunshan was returned by the Korean side, with a total of 1515 boxes of tableware, amounting to 44,125 US dollars.

It is understood that the company is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise that has been established in Kunshan for more than 20 years. It produces and sells household tableware (imitation porcelain plastic tableware). The market responds well, and the market share in Europe, America and Japan once reached 60-70. %. The company exported two shipments to Pyeongtaek Port in South Korea from November to December 2016. Before the goods were shipped, the buyers and sellers did not communicate clearly on the details of the shipment. After the goods arrived in Korea, the buyer stated that in addition to 315 boxes of trays, the dishes can be received. All the rest of the goods should be sent to the laboratory for testing, and the different colors of the same product should be sampled. After the test is qualified, the goods can be received. After consultation between the two parties, the exporter agrees that the goods should be returned for processing first, and sampled for laboratory testing under the supervision of the buyer. After issuing the test report that meets the requirements, it will negotiate and re-export.

In recent years, the trade volume between China and South Korea has become larger and larger, and the probability of trade friction has increased accordingly, and more trade disputes have emerged. Here, Jiangsu Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminds exporters that the products exported to South Korea must be confirmed with the importer before shipment, and should not be directly exported according to the usual practice to avoid returning due to other factors, reducing unnecessary Loss.

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嗖嗖Beside the China Internet Conference, 8 minutes free delivery of new retail attention

On July 10, 2018, the 17th China Internet Conference kicked off at the Beijing National Convention Center, led by government departments such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Internet Information Office, and nearly 300 entrepreneurs at home and abroad. Get together and talk about the new era, the new journey, and the new kinetic energy of the Internet.

China Internet High-Level Annual Meeting Forum

嗖嗖 Founder and CEO Cheng Jun was invited to attend the China Internet Senior Conference Forum held on the 11th of this conference, and delivered a wonderful speech with the theme of “matching demand and the new retail era of the Internet of Everything”. At the forum, Cheng Jun looked forward to the new retail development trend in the future and shared the innovative business model of the new retail platform around him, which brought a trip to the participating guests to create a synergistic sharing economic model under the double wave.

嗖嗖Caller and CEO Cheng Jun’s speech

In the past two years, with the upgrading of the consumer market, the new retail industry has attracted more and more attention from the capital industry and domestic BAT. The new retail is also known by the industry as a “trillion-level gold mine”. The data shows that the new retail industry in the country has reached 30 billion yuan in 2017 alone, and is expected to reach 1.8 trillion yuan in 2022.

顺Beside the new retail wave, launched the first smart life service platform in China, with the fast-moving store as the core The community neighborhood service network, combined with the business app, to grab the order mode, to achieve one-click orders in the field of take-away, on-site service, social and other life areas and “customized functions on demand”.

Cheng Jun said at the conference: With the advent of the Internet era, the impact of e-commerce, the squeeze of take-out, the physical store is facing a difficult situation, in this case, the side of the “last mile” Be the first to propose “new shop”, free delivery, 8 minutes delivery of new ideas. With the concept of Internet + and sharing economy, we have come out of a retail business model.


Under this innovative business model, he has received a new round of financing of more than 300 million yuan in just three months. The current accumulated financing amount has exceeded 400 million yuan and the valuation is as high as 3 billion. The platform has only been online for 2 months, and the number of fast stores increased by 2,000 per day. The number of fast stores has exceeded 40,000. It is expected that the number of fast stores nationwide will exceed 100,000 in the next three months. In the next five years, the platform around the company will have at least one million stores across the country, with more than 500 million users and a platform revenue of 8 billion.

At the end of the speech, Cheng Jun also said: In the future, the company will rely on the 300 city operation centers of the country to carry out intensive cultivation in more than 300 cities and districts. Let “1km high-quality living circle penetrate all aspects of people’s life, let “8 minutes, free to become a habit. Use big data and high-quality offline maintenance to help each merchant enter the fast lane of wealth, so that businesses and consumers can truly enjoy the “match of demand, the wonderful life of all things connected.

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