渝味晓宇老火锅: From where to fall, where to climb!

Chongqing, where mountains and rivers blend, is half the fortitude of the mountains, and half of it is the tenderness of the water, which has created the enthusiasm of Chongqing people without losing the delicate character. As a representative food of Chongqing, hot pot has naturally inherited the straightforwardness of Chongqing people. Among them, Xiaoyu Hot Pot (渝味晓宇), as one of the representatives of Chongqing old hot pot, is to show Chongqing’s fortitude.

From 1997 to 2018, Xiaoyu Hot Pot (渝味晓宇), which is infinitely beautiful in the eyes of others, In the catering industry, it actually did not go smoothly. After all the life is over, the five flavors are finished, the world is cold and warm, and Xiaoyu Hot Pot (渝味晓宇) can still stand up and smile and say: “Where to fall from, where to climb!” >

Northward defeat, everything starts from the beginning

In 2008, Beijing, China held a grand Olympics. For the Chinese people, this is a glorious year, but for Xiaowei Xiaoyu It is a bitter year.

Zhang Ping, the founder of Xiaoyu Hotpot (渝味晓宇), came to Beijing, a bustling city with his wife’s hard-working money. He thought it would be the beginning of his good life. However, the actual situation has made Zhang Ping feel the fear that has never been seen before. The spicy and spicy fragrance of Chongqing is not popular in Beijing. There is no source for Xiaoyu Hot Pot (渝味晓宇) to keep shut down in less than a year.

The failure of business, the departure of people around, let Zhang Ping feel the indifference of human feelings. However, the wife’s inseparable, let him embark on the road of returning home, revived at No. 86, Lushan Zheng Street, Chongqing, and all came back from scratch.

Helpless to change the name, all smiles to the future

In 2014, for Xiaoyu Hot Pot ( Yan Wei Xiaoyu is a year of fate. This year, the name of Xiaoyu Hot Pot has been popular in the north and south of the country, but at the same time, it has been counterfeited.

Xiaoyu Hot Pot (渝味晓宇) boarded the “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”, and founder Zhang Ping became the representative of Chongqing hot pot artisans. In the program, he was dressed in plain clothes, and the figure of the sizzling sizzling in the alley of the alley was deeply imprinted in the hearts of the audience. It was also the attachment to the hot pot, so that Xiaoyu Hot Pot became a nation. The object of eating and selling.

“ Xiaoyu hot pot is on fire, so the fake Xiaoyu is springing up in the market, Zhang Ping did not think that the brand trademark was fraudulently used, that is, he had to be forced to change his name, so “Xiaoyu hot pot changed its name to “渝味晓宇. Although the process is helpless, Zhang Ping is still laughing at the future, “as long as there is a heart that is really a hot pot, it is not afraid that no customers will see it.”

Internet phishing, rights protection is not awkward

2018, 渝味晓宇The old hot pot opened its fourth direct store in Chongqing. The franchise stores have also spread all over the country. The reputation is great, and naturally there are more people who are interested in Xiaoyu. So the offline counterfeit went to the line, relying on the high coverage and high spread of the Internet, attached to the scent of Xiaowei Yu, “sucking blood.”

Recently, the news media has repeatedly reported the Internet counterfeit brand chaos in the catering industry, and Xiaowei is a brand that has been counterfeited more seriously. Searching for keywords, almost all of the websites of other catering brands that have been intercepted, this phenomenon not only brought great losses to the brand, but also caused the entire catering industry Internet market to be in chaos.

It is reported that Xiaowei Xiaoyu is also actively dealing with this matter. It’s not terrible to encounter problems. The terrible thing is to be indulgent and not to correct. And the attitude of Xiaowei Xiaoyu is also worthy of the attitude, let us see the fortitude of Chongqing.

& ldquo; One bite, one wisdom, many times people are most proud of not falling, but standing every time after each fall. Just like the growth path of Xiaowei’s old hot pot, this way is inevitable, but it is precisely because of these flaws that the brand will become more invincible in the future.

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How to invest in cloud token? Teacher Li Yi

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The largest furniture e-commerce company in the United States

On July 29th, Wayfair, the largest furniture and home electronics company in the United States, announced that it has cooperated with bedding retailer MattressFirm to provide a wide range of return service within 30 days and 30 days.

&ltquo;Mattress Firm has a wide range of outlets, and the express and after-sales systems are also perfect. Niraj Shah, Wayfair’s co-founder and CEO, said: “Our collaboration is to combine online shopping with offline storefronts and logistics systems so that Wayfair’s online users can easily buy and enjoy the line. Complete logistics and after-sales service.

It is understood that Wayfair has a customer service team of more than 700 people, including mattress experts, who can provide suggestions for users to choose a mattress online.

& ldquo; This is the cooperation between the online and offline giants. Ken Murphy, chief operating officer of Mattress Firm, said, “Wayfair is a leader in online home furnishing, and Mattress Firm is expanding its logistics system to make the shopping experience better and better.

Public information shows that Wayfair was founded in Boston in 2002 and was listed in the US last year. The company offers more than 5,000 products in more than 5,000 brands, with revenues of nearly $1 billion in 2013. It has multiple sites including Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane and DwellStudio, with 2,373 employees.

Founded in 1986, Mattress Firm is headquartered in Houston with annual sales of more than $2 billion and has retail stores such as Mattress Firm, Sleep Train and Mattress Pro. Among the end furniture retailers, the logistics coverage is the largest.

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The well mark appeared at CES Asia 2019, the first “one-character typewriter”

► On June 11th, CES Asia 2019 opened in Shanghai

On June 11th, the highly anticipated Asian technology event CES Asia 2019 was held in Shanghai as scheduled, with more than 50,000 spectators in more than 70 countries and regions. turn up.

As Asia’s largest consumer electronics show, CES Asia focuses on cutting-edge technology’s changing and impacting on life. Each year, CES organizers select innovative electronic consumer products from the exhibits. The award-winning products represent innovative trends and industrial directions in various fields. This year’s award-winning products include Xunfei Smart Recorder, Spectroplast AG 3D printing technology, and bio-positioning recognition technology inCORPUS.

It is worth noting that this award-winning product has a red retro typewriter that is not commonly found at CES Asia. This product is the new product launched by the Well Mark on CES Asia —— a typewriter.

According to the well mark, the award-winning one-character typewriter was inspired by the world’s first portable typewriter in 1969.

►CES Asia Innovation Award-winning products & ldquo; One-character typewriter

& ldquo;Technology is making each of us an island of emotions, most of the time we live on mobile phones. The Chinese are inherently implicit, not good at expressing feelings. We hope to have a product that can help you express your emotions, not just on the mobile phone, on the Internet, but back to every word with temperature and every word with emotion. Mr. Yu Bo, founder of Well Mark, said that good technology means not only technical leadership, but also human care.

►Winning a wordwriter with the same series

►The founder of the well mark Yubo

The phrase typewriter uses thermal transfer technology. It can be printed on a variety of materials such as ribbons and stickers. The user can link the typewriter through the mobile phone to personalize the content and edit the content that the user wants to express. Users can use ribbons printed with their own custom content for special occasions such as bouquets, gifts, etc., while personalized content stickers can be used for daily sorting, as well as for handbooks and card decorations.

The typewriter body has 3 green axis mechanical buttons, preset date, answer book and daily sign function, which can be obtained by pressing the button.

The surface of the fuselage adopts the sports car-grade baking process. The cutter on the side of the fuselage adopts the cutting knife technology of Japan’s Da Yagen. The angle of the golden cutter makes the users of the live experience feel the excellent touch of technology and technology. .

The well mark was established in 2017, and the one-word typewriter released this time is the second generation of the well mark. The first generation of product dumplings was launched in Jingdong crowdfunding in October last year. In the past six months, it has become the number one personal label machine sales.

Personal labeling machines have become more popular in the Japanese and Korean markets, but they are still in their infancy in the domestic market and have a large market space.

“ Regardless of whether it is a dumpling machine or a typewriter, we did not use a certain labeling machine when we named the product. Labels are just tools. The original intention of our products is to help you express your feelings. Users don’t have to say too much, a sentence is enough, well logo founder Yu Bo said.

“ Between people, sometimes it is less, this may be a lot less life stories. Helping everyone to say this is a place where technology is moving. (*This article has indicated the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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“鸠 鹊 鹊 ······························

Since July, until the end of August, the Internet has set off a burst of “fake storms.” From the beginning of the fake vaccine incident, a sensation, to the e-commerce platform to fight more fake, cottage products continue to ferment, people have been scornful of this phenomenon of fake and shoddy. Recently, an article on the Internet called “A wave of unrest has started again! The catering industry brand counterfeiting is rampant!” has once again sounded the alarm of people. After the e-commerce, catering once again violated the industry’s bottom line. .

According to the content of the article, many of them mentioned that in the search engine of the Internet, when the relevant keywords of Chongqing famous hot pots were joined, all the websites that appeared were counterfeit brands.

In fact, the incidents of such counterfeit brands are far more than one in the Internet. Due to the fast spread of the Internet, the wide audience, and the high efficiency, this piece has become the franchise of the catering industry. . However, after many companies rushed into the Internet market, they did not have an understanding of the depth of the Internet and the familiarity of the rules, so that they suffered a lot of losses. And some unscrupulous merchants have seized this loophole of most food and beverage brands and have made great profits from them.

Using the keyword cut-offs of well-known catering brands, and then introducing the franchisees to their own brands from private communication, such routines are not uncommon. What’s even more ridiculous is that the brand name is directly branded as a counterfeit, “鸠 鸠 鹊 nest, borrowing chicken eggs, this bad profit model, not only for a genuine brand 亵渎It is also a disturbance to the rules of the catering industry.

Here, the author can’t help but contacted a similar incident in Chengdu last year. The object is the red hot pot, Xiaolongkan, which has exploded in the past two years. Internet phishing information is clustered, and offline counterfeit stores are also emerging. In the end, it was because there were frequent counterfeit shops under the diners who had eaten bad bodies and urgently sought medical treatment. This incident caused the fermentation to heat up and caused widespread concern in society.

Behind this, if there are no security issues with frequent diners, this matter may not be solved qualitatively until now. Then imagine, is it really only when the problem is serious enough to involve the safety of people’s livelihood, will everyone get the attention of everyone? This result, I believe that no one wants to see it.

Whether it is food, medicine or the Internet, e-commerce. Every industry has avoided the sham and counterfeit things, but in the face of small profits, many people have begun to move toward this no return. The popularity of the Internet has increased the speed and efficiency of counterfeit brands, and has caused many people who do not understand the Internet to inadvertently fall into the trap of these illegal brands, making the phenomenon of Internet counterfeiting brands more and more serious. In recent years, these bloody cases have frequently warned everyone, whether they choose to buy or join, they need to polish their eyes and recognize the decision. For brands and consumers who ultimately take risks, it is not only the maintenance of their own interests, but also the protection of industry rules!

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Comparison of the development status of LED lighting market in China and Japan

After years of promotion and application, LED lighting has become the mainstream of the lighting application market. With the rapid increase in market penetration in recent years, the price decline of LED lighting products has slowed down in 2016. At the same time, some analysts pointed out that the market growth momentum has begun to slow down, showing the phenomenon of uneven global demand.

According to the 2016-2021 China LED lighting industry market demand and investment consulting report, with the continuous development of the LED industry, the number of LED companies has also increased rapidly. Japan, South Korea, which are at the high end of the industrial chain, Japan, Europe, and the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain are gradually shifting to emerging markets with lower manufacturing costs. In view of the rise of the new US President Trump, the industry generally believes that the uncertainty of the US market in 2017 will increase, and emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East will have greater growth potential and will be expected to become a battleground for the military … …

Below, we will focus on the Asian region together, focusing on understanding the current situation of the LED lighting market in China, Japan and Vietnam for reference.


Product exports are falling, indoors are still mainstream

In the past 2016, global accelerated elimination of incandescent lamps, LED has become the mainstream source of lighting . Among them, China’s domestic LED lighting products output is about 8 billion, an increase of 33% year-on-year; domestic sales of about 3.8 billion, an increase of 35%. The domestic market penetration rate of LED lighting products (the domestic sales volume of LED lighting products/the total domestic sales volume of lighting products) reached 42%, up 10% from 2015.

In terms of lighting exports, after years of rapid growth, China’s LED lighting products began to decline in 2016. In the first 11 months of 2016, the cumulative export value of LED lighting products was nearly 9.4 billion US dollars, down 2.4% from the same period in 2015. The total export value for 2016 is estimated to be approximately $10.5 billion.

Throughout January-November 2016, the EU, the United States, Japan, ASEAN countries, BRICS countries and Middle East countries are the main markets for the export of LED lighting products in China, but the market is uneven. The growth is different. In the US market, the growth rate slowed down to 17%, and the market share increased by 4% compared with the same period of 2015; the EU growth rate was 23%; the Middle East market was booming, with the highest growth rate of 27% and a market share of 7%. It increased by 2 percentage points over the same period of last year. At the same time, the Russian market has fallen sharply; the BRICS market share has shrunk from 7% in the same period in 2015 to 6%; exports to Japan have fallen sharply, down 17% from the same period in 2015.

And indoor lighting is still the mainstream export product. In 2016, among the domestic LED lighting products, the export volume of bulbs ranked first, followed by tube lights, light bars and decorative lights. The market share of several major products (bulb lamps, tube lamps, light bars and spotlights) is gradually shrinking, with tube lamps decreasing by 11.99% year-on-year and spotlights decreasing by 28.98%, while decorative lamps, floodlights, and flat lamps The growth rate is faster, with flat lamps increasing by nearly 120% year-on-year.

According to relevant data, the average export price of LED lighting products decreased by 87.6% in the four years from the beginning of 2012 to the end of October 2016. From January to October 2016, the average export price of LED lighting products fell by more than 20%. In 2016, the concentration of the top ten manufacturers in export volume was 11%, which was basically the same as in 2015. The top ten companies and rankings changed slightly.


The market is relatively closed and has the highest penetration rate.

Japan’s local lighting manufacturing industry is developed, the industrial chain is well-equipped, and its manufacturing process is advanced. In the upstream of the industrial chain, there are two famous chip manufacturers, Nichia Chemical Co., Ltd. in Tokushima Prefecture, and Toyota Synthetic in Aichi Prefecture. In addition, Showa Denko and ROHM are also working on LED chip development. Toshiba Electronics also worked. By purchasing Bridgelux’s patented silicon substrate technology; MOCVD equipment manufacturers have Dayangjiu; epitaxial graphite carrier manufacturers have Toyo Carbon and Donghai Carbon.

Citizen’s packaging includes Citizen and Sharp, and the packaging materials include Shin-Etsu Chemical and Kyocera’s ceramic packaging. In addition to Panasonic and Toshiba, the downstream application manufacturers include NEC, Hitachi, Sharp, Mitsubishi, etc., Iwasaki, which is known as HID expert, and rising star Alice; in terms of lighting, Endo, Koizumi, Dasan, etc. Features; special lighting field, Xiaoyan is the leader of the car, Stanley can be described as versatile, and the oxtail motor is known as the originator of the authentic LED filament lamp. In terms of OLED, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Chemical, Sumitomo Chemical, Idemitsu Kosan, Konica Minolta and Zhonghua are at the forefront.

Japan has a small land area, a large population density, and a lack of natural resources. However, the local manufacturing industry is highly developed and is the most developed country in Asia and the third largest economy in the world. It is understood that the nuclear leakage caused by the 2011 earthquake has caused a subversive change in the energy consumption concept of the Japanese people. It is found that nuclear energy is no longer a worry-free, and the urgent need for lighting energy conservation has made emerging LED lighting useable. This has ushered in the rapid development of the LED industry.

Since 2011, LED replacement products have been able to grow at a high speed, and in less than three years, they have occupied more than half of the lighting market; while LEDs have the advantages of energy saving and long life, which makes At the end of 2013, the replacement product market quickly approached saturation, and the market potential began to turn toward the direction of LED integrated lamps. The industrial planning of the Japan Lighting Industry Association envisages that in 2020, the Japanese lighting market will sell 100% of its LED products; by 2030, all lighting products including market sales and stocks will be LED products. In general, Japan is now the developed country with the highest penetration rate of LED lighting in the world.Family.

Japan also has strong product development and manufacturing capabilities, and a complete supporting industry, which also determines that it is a relatively closed market. Strong as international giants PHILIPS and OSRAM have not really opened up the Japanese market, but only rely on acquisitions, joint ventures and other means to enter. In addition, the Japanese market’s lighting product certification system (PSE certification), electrical safety requirements, such as external power LED lamps require Class A PSE diamond certification. In addition, the power supply must be isolated power, and the chip and phosphor of the whole lamp are also patented. The entry threshold is high, and the requirements of individual customers are also high, but the total amount and profit are considerable, the reputation is generally good, and it is very suitable for enterprises that produce medium and high-end products.

Although Japan is a big country and a strong country in the manufacture of lighting products and has self-sufficiency, it is still an important market for the export of lighting products in China. In 2015, China exported 1.34 billion US dollars of all lighting products, down 14.2% year-on-year; among them, 570 million LED lighting products, down 6.57% year-on-year, the export volume ranked 4th in the export destination country, and the LED lighting products in 2016 was about 5 Billion, a further decline year-on-year, is still the fourth highest in export destination countries (except Hong Kong re-export).

In terms of traditional light source products, first look at the heat radiation source. In March 2010, Toshiba, which produced Japan’s first incandescent light bulb, announced that it had discontinued its 120-year-old incandescent lamp. The Japanese government has been working hard. The work of the incandescent lamp exiting the market. However, in reality, incandescent lamps are still on the market. It can be seen from the export figures that a small number of incandescent lamps are still exported to Japan, and the relative price changes little. The quantity, amount and unit price of tungsten halogen lamps have basically shown a downward trend. Fluorescent lamp products have always been favored in the Japanese market, and whether it is compact fluorescent lamps or straight tubes and circular fluorescent lamps, in recent years, due to the replacement of LED lighting products, it has entered a gradual downward channel, and the unit price is basically stable.

In terms of HID, high-pressure sodium lamps are products imported from Japan. On the one hand, they prefer metal halide lamps for outdoor applications, and on the other hand, they are more self-produced; high-pressure mercury lamps are high-energy because of their high energy. In terms of consumption and mercury-containing disadvantages, the quantity, amount and unit price have shown a significant downward trend in recent years, which is also in line with the global common trend; metal halide lamps are the most direct products affected by LED, and the decline trend of various indicators is also very obvious. . In summary, with the continuous improvement of the cost performance of LED lighting products, it has become a trade-off between traditional products and traditional products. In the future, traditional lighting products will coexist with LED lighting products in the market for a long time. LED lighting The share of products will increase year by year.

According to the above figure, it is different from the continuous growth of the export of LED lighting products in China. The LED lighting products exported to Japan are weakened by the economic downturn, and the growth base is too large. The impact of factors such as the peak market change and the appreciation of the renminbi caused by the extension of life, although the total amount is considerable, but in recent years, it has shown a slow decline.


The market is developing rapidly, and the opportunity risks are the same.

According to the Southeast Asian lighting market report, the LED lighting industry in recent years has matured in Europe, America and Japan. The market saturation has gradually increased, and the Chinese market has fierce price competition and numerous suppliers. Therefore, emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, South America, and the Middle East are becoming the nuggets of many manufacturers. Among them, the Vietnamese market has attracted many foreign-funded enterprises to set up factories because of the low labor cost, and the per capita income has increased year by year, which has the opportunity to drive the local LED lighting market demand. According to statistics from industry organizations, Vietnam’s LED lighting market share has the fastest growth rate among several major Southeast Asian countries, and maintained a year-on-year growth rate of over 60% in 2013-2015. By 2016, the LED lighting market reached 348 million US dollars and the penetration rate exceeded 40%.

In the past, in the era of traditional lighting, Vietnam consumed about 200 million traditional light bulbs each year, mainly based on traditional tungsten filament bulbs that consume more electricity. In recent years, the traditional lighting market in Vietnam has continued to decline, and the LED lighting market has always maintained a rising trend. Considering the growth momentum brought by government subsidies and rising market demand, the growth rate of LED lighting penetration is expected to further increase. By 2018, the penetration rate is expected to reach 51%.

As the 14th most populous country in the world, Vietnam has a population of 94 million. At present, half of the total population is under 30 years old and 60% is working age. Rich human resources and labor costs are relatively low in Asian countries. The land area available for use in Vietnam is about 34.76 million hectares, 2011— in 2015, the development and use of 30.998 million hectares, including 130,000 hectares of industrial land, and the rental price of industrial land is about 30-100 US dollars / square meter / year. In addition, the government has been working hard to strengthen social and political stability, revitalize the economy and investment climate, and intensify efforts to develop infrastructure. According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, by 2020, Vietnam will need to invest US$150-160 billion in infrastructure construction.

Low land, labor costs, and rapid development of infrastructure and political economy have made Vietnam’s success in attracting new investments in electronics and electrical products. In particular, major Korean manufacturers have laid out production lines in Vietnam in an effort to make full use of local resources. Samsung has invested in Vietnam to set up production bases and R&D centers for mobile phones, batteries, electronic components, displays, household appliances and other products with a total investment of more than 12 billion US dollars. Currently 50% of Samsung mobile phones are produced in Vietnam. LG is also investing $3 billion in Vietnam to produce OLED display modules as well as mobile phones, televisions and other home appliances. In addition, Seoul Semiconductor and Lumens invested US$300 million and US$20 million respectively in Vietnam’s production.

In the LED lighting manufacturers, the Vietnamese market is currently the mainFor local lighting manufacturers and European and American manufacturers. Famous local lighting companies in Vietnam include DienQuang, RangDong, Duhal, etc. Foreign companies are mainly Philips, Cara, Eurolight and other companies. Despite this, as local manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the field of downstream lighting assembly, the industry chain is missing, and the overall industrial chain still has a large room for development. However, the Vietnamese lighting market is mainly based on engineering construction, mostly from the demand for LED lighting in new factories, or part of the government’s standard. Therefore, most of them need to cooperate with the local Vietnamese lighting manufacturers, or set up an assembly factory in the local area to obtain the bid.

Overall, as a fast-growing emerging market, Vietnam’s overall economic, infrastructure, and resources are all contributing to LED lighting companies’ investment and development of local markets. In addition, the Vietnamese people’s spending power has gradually grown. After the past China and Thailand, Vietnam’s domestic demand market has also begun to flourish. In the early stage, the company can promote the products through appropriate agents, and then establish brand awareness in the local area through government support, or obtain local access channels through mergers and acquisitions, thereby expanding the local domestic demand market and successfully deploying.

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Vice President Zhang Zhiwei of Harbin Engineering University came to investigate

Beijing 2018-08-03 (Commercial Telecommunications) — On August 2, 2018, Zhang Zhiyu, Vice President of Harbin Engineering University, and Du Jun, Director of the Information Center, visited our company. Liang Xuliang, chairman of Youxuan Software, Zhao Chunxue, co-founder, and Yao Yao, director of marketing, attended the forum.

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Global gel coating demand will reach $1.223 million by 2020

By 2020, the global demand for gel coatings is expected to reach $1.223 million, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.6% from 2015 to 2020, with the marine and transportation industries being the largest market for gel coatings.

Gelcoat is a coating specially developed for the inner surface of the mold, which not only serves the aesthetics but also protects the substrate. A wide variety of polymer resins are used in the production of gel coats such as polyester resins, vinyl resins, epoxy resins and other resins (polyurethanes, phenolic resins and acrylic resins, etc.). Gel coatings are widely used in a variety of terminal applications such as marine, transportation, construction, and wind energy industries.

The global gel coatings market has experienced rapid growth in recent years due to its diverse resin types and end-use applications, and this growth rate will continue in the next few years. The shipbuilding industry and the transportation industry are the largest markets for gel coatings. In 2014, the market share of the two companies was over 50%. In 2015-2020, the wind energy and transportation industry will become an important driving force for the growth of the gel coating market.

North America is the main market for gel coats, followed by Europe. The development of the ship and transportation industry in these two regions has driven the growth of the gel coatings market. Benefiting from the growing wind and transportation industries, the Asia Pacific region is expected to be the second fastest growing market for gel coatings. The market share of ROW area gel coats is relatively low, but it is expected to usher in rapid development between 2015 and 2020.

Resin-based polyester coatings account for the largest market share due to their widespread use in the marine, transportation, construction, and wind energy industries; due to the development of the North American shipping industry, vinyl ester gel coatings will also occupy A considerable market share; the wind and transportation industries in Asia Pacific and ROW are developing, and epoxy gel coatings will achieve healthy and rapid development.

The global gel coatings market is full of competition, leading market companies such as HK Research (USA), Scottbad (Europe), Rekod (USA), Ashland ( The United States), etc., through the establishment of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, research and development of new products and new technologies to increase market share.

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Zhang Ping and Yan Wei Xiaoyu’s 23 years of hot pot See the miniature of Chongqing people

From the banks of the Jialing River in Chongqing and the Chaotianmen Pier in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, to the modern streets. With its long history and unique flavor, Chongqing Old Hot Pot has conquered the diners in the north and south of the Yangtze River. For many Chongqing people, the hot pot is not only the spicy taste of the tongue, but also a heartfelt complex, a symbol of Chongqing’s food culture.

As a representative of Chongqing authentic hot pot, Yan Wei Xiaoyu has a history of 23 years. And its founder Zhang Ping and hot pot also have a lot of intriguing stories. We had the opportunity to interview Mr. Zhang Ping and his neighbors in the past, and learned about Zhang Ping’s 23 years of experience. In 1995, laid-off Zhang Ping and his wife Xiong Xiaoyu opened a simple spicy shop at No. 86, Lushan Street. The husband and wife know very little about this, and the enthusiastic neighbors come to give advice and help, and the business has slowly improved. Later, with the efforts of Zhang Ping, Mala Tang became a hot pot shop with only four tables. In the name of the hot pot restaurant, Zhang Ping used the homonym of his wife’s name ——“ Xiaoyu. The birth of Xiaoyu Hot Pot has become the economic source of Zhang Ping’s husband and wife’s life, and has also become their spiritual sustenance.

According to neighbors’ memories, Xiaoyu Hot Pot was originally their “unique nightingale, because of the guests at the door” Rarely, most of the old neighbors were eating at that time. After eating, Zhang Ping would give advice and Zhang Ping would adjust the taste. Because of this diligent and rigorous craftsmanship, Xiaoyu Hot Pot finally broke out in Chongqing and was welcomed and recognized by more and more Chongqing people. For neighbors, this is the hot pot restaurant they watched as they grew up, representing the old hot pot in Chongqing. In the face of such success, Zhang Ping is not proud and complacent. In order to give his wife a better life and bring better material and spiritual enjoyment to the family, Zhang Ping, who is striving to change, decided to go to Beijing. So he took a little more than ten years and his wife’s savings, went to Beijing to open a shop, originally thought that the classic taste of Chongqing old hot pot can be recognized in Beijing, but this time the adventure made Zhang Ping lose his blood. . The loss of the new store and the dispersion of the employees made Zhang Ping taste the warmth of the people and the ruthlessness of the mall. Fortunately, his wife Xiong Xiaoyu, as always, accompanied and supported Zhang Ping to spend the most lost and dark time in his life.

The failure of the north made Zhang Ping aware of the quality of raw materials and the importance of the craftsmanship. Since then, he has taken roots in the Laoshan old store in Chongqing, insisting on his all-night cooking, only for the taste of the pot to the diners. Slowly, Zhang Ping’s Xiaoyu hot pot has been recognized by more people, and Chongqing’s old hot pot has been affirmed by “China 2 on the tip of the tongue.” Xiaoyu hot pot on the tip of the tongue 2 is still the same delicious, but at this time there is a thing that makes Zhang Ping couple very headache — — someone used the name “xiaoyu hot pot”, opened a hot pot restaurant . Not only the use of his wife’s name, but also the credibility of his years of accumulation. After painstaking thoughts, Zhang Ping decided to rename his own Xiaoyu Hot Pot to “Xiaowei Xiaoyu” and continue to do the old hot pot in Chongqing.

Although the taste of Xiaoyu on the tip of the tongue is greatly increased. However, Zhang Ping did not forget his initial heart. Like other people, he did not use his means for profit. Instead, he continued to use good raw materials, and he personally speculated and continued to pass on the delicious food. Zhang Ping also said in the interview that the change from the artisan to the brand manager does make him feel powerless, but in order to provide his wife with a better life, and to make Xiaoyu better, he will not be easy. give up. His goal is to make Xiaowei Xiaoyu a century-old store, not for profit, but for the heart of a craftsman who will never change. Zhang Ping’s Xiaowei Xiaoyu is not only the cause he built with youth and sweat, but also the epitome of Chongqing’s old hot pot culture. It is the epitome of Chongqing people’s tenacity and courage. In 23 years, Zhang Ping accompanied Xiaowei Xiaoyu and experienced countless ups and downs. It is these hardships and hardships that made Zhang Ping more and more determined on the road of insisting on authentic Chongqing hot pot.

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Talking about the Application of Outdoor Temperature Compensation Technology in Weieng Boiler

I. Basic Concepts

The design concept of the climate compensator is to automate the weather-related process to compensate for the corresponding adjustments, to achieve energy saving or to improve product quality. Further applied to all weather-related processes, the amount of control can be switching, analog, pulse, and the like.

II. Application Introduction

In the heat metering heating system, the free heat is effectively utilized, and the heat supply to the heating system is effectively determined according to the actual demand of indoor heating. The adjustment will help to save energy for heating. The climate compensator is the way to do this. He can automatically control the water supply temperature according to the set curve by the temperature change of the outdoor climate, the indoor temperature requirement set by the user at different times, and realize the climate compensation of the water supply temperature of the heating system; in addition, it can also pass the indoor temperature sensor, according to The water supply temperature is adjusted at room temperature to achieve room temperature compensation, and also has a function of limiting the minimum return water temperature. The climate compensator is generally used in the heating station of the heating system or in the heating system using the direct heating of the boiler, which is a powerful means for local adjustment.

III. How it works

When the outdoor climate changes, it is placed outside the building. The temperature sensor transmits the outdoor temperature information to the climate compensator. The climate compensator outputs the adjustment signal to the three-way valve according to the adjustment relationship curve under different conditions inherent therein, and changes the supply and return water mixing ratio so that the output meets the adjustment curve water temperature. . The climate compensation energy-saving control system controls the opening of the valve according to the outdoor ambient temperature change and the actual deviation between the supply/return water temperature and the user-set temperature. The DC0-10V signal or other analog signal is output through the PI/PID mode. That is, by adjusting the primary side cold/heat medium flow to achieve the purpose of controlling the outlet/supply air temperature, the primary side water supply flow rate is automatically adjusted, the secondary side water supply temperature is indirectly controlled, and the quantity adjustment control is adopted to achieve the purpose of temperature adjustment, thereby maximizing the saving. Energy, to overcome indoor temperature fluctuations caused by changes in outdoor environmental temperature, to achieve energy saving and comfort.

The climate compensation energy-saving control system is characterized by high automation, high efficiency and high applicability. According to the system, the energy saving rate is between 5~10%.

IV. System Composition

General outdoor temperature compensation system consists of four components

1) Climate compensation energy-saving controller

Climate The compensation energy-saving controller consists of a temperature controller and a time setter, and can also be integrated by a PLC controller.

Role: Climate compensated temperature control and time period setting based on supply/return temperature and outdoor temperature.

2) Immersion Temperature Sensor

Function: Detects the supply/return temperature.

3) Outdoor temperature compensation sensor

Function: Detect outdoor temperature.

4) Actuator

allows the electric control valve to also be used as a frequency converter for distributed secondary pumps. Its main role: for the liquid volume, gas system pipeline media flow analog adjustment, is AI control. (If the system medium is water, and the pump is running in frequency or the medium is steam, the valve generally adopts two-way valve body; if the system medium is water, and the pump is running at power frequency, it is recommended to use three-way valve body , to avoid damage to the operating conditions of the pump, to achieve the purpose of power saving), the specific use depends on the process structure of the official website.

V. System Differences

5.1 Traditional Heating System:

Working Logic:

Just according to the set supply and return water temperature To control the start and stop of the boiler, regardless of the outdoor temperature.


1. Energy waste is more serious

2. Heating comfort is lacking

5.2 Outdoor Temperature Compensation System:

Working Principle:

The heating system basically realizes on-demand heating, which can be realized during the heating season. Energy saving is about 10% or more. By adding a climate compensator, the heating system can be synchronized with the outside world, further narrowing the gap between heat supply and heat demand, achieving the purpose of energy-saving operation, and controlling the boiler group to achieve the best match of boiler load. The climate compensation system can realize the following functions:

1) Control and adjust the temperature of the water supply to the user according to the change of the outdoor temperature, to avoid the user’s excessive room temperature, resulting in increased energy consumption;

2) Make full use of solar radiant heat and human activity rules for time control;

3) Automatic segmentation adjustment of the running curve according to changes in outdoor temperature;

4 According to the equipment and maintenance structure of each boiler room, it can be adjusted at any time and conveniently;

5) The boiler operates at a higher return water temperature to avoid the occurrence of condensed water and prevent boiler corrosion. To extend the service life of the boiler.


1. Saving daily running expenses

2. Increased heating comfort

VI. Application Fields

1) Heating system heat exchanger or heat exchange unit;

2) Domestic hot water system;

3) Air conditioning water/wind system;

4) Thermal temperature control for living processes.

VII, Control System

Power Intelligent Boiler Controller ——turboCRAFT

Weineng intelligent boiler control system adopts Weieneng microcomputer controller, which can implement multi-level modular control of boiler system operation according to indoor and outdoor temperature in winter. Each group of boiler controllers is a microcomputer controller that controls the operation of the boiler based on the outdoor air temperature. When heating is required or the temperature is lowered, the controller automatically starts the boiler burner and sends a corresponding signal to the circulation pump. The controller has the characteristics of simplicity, generosity, convenient installation, touch screen and button coexistence, and can be used to set the running time and display various temperature and fault signals.

Features are as follows:

1) According to the preset heating curve and the thermal inertia of the building, the boiler outlet temperature can be automatically adjusted according to the change of the outdoor temperature. The indoor temperature is set;

2) The intelligent controller can be adaptively adjusted, that is, the controller can automatically judge whether the set heating curve is reasonable, and can automatically adjust to meet the set indoor Temperature;

3) The controller can control the 24-hour time of each day to meet the indoor temperature requirements of different time periods;

4) The controller has a fault recording function. It can make it easy for maintenance personnel to find the cause of the fault and facilitate the maintenance personnel to give corresponding treatment plan;

5) It has multi-level fault alarm indication to ensure the safe operation of the boiler;

6) With voice prompt function.

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