Tips for buying anti-static flooring

1. Before buying an anti-static floor, pay attention to accurately calculate the total area or number of anti-static floors required for the room, and the number of various accessories, so as to avoid waste, but also pay attention to leaving a certain amount of loss, Prevent shortages.

2, fully understand the variety and quality of flooring produced by anti-static floor manufacturers, as well as a variety of technical performance indicators, select quality products.

3, choose anti-static floor to pay attention to the most important in the furniture to determine the load of the anti-static floor, this can prevent some furniture from being too heavy and cause the floor to be deformed or damaged.

4, anti-static floor is affected by external environmental conditions, but the ambient temperature is too high, too low, there is obvious expansion and contraction, so the shrinkage of the anti-static floor affected by the environment should be less than 0.5mm, board The amount of deflection of the surface should be less than 0.25mm.

5, the surface of the anti-static floor should be non-reflective, non-slip, corrosion-resistant, dust-free, dust-free, and easy to clean.

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How to play scenic spots? Knowledgeable cultural experience marketing to help Wuhu tourism development

In recent years, with the improvement of national consumption power and the improvement of living standards, it has entered the new era of mass tourism and global tourism, and with the advent of the Internet+ era, “tourism + Internet development” The model has become the most demanding tourism industry development demand. In the face of such an era when the Internet has become the mainstream media, focusing on “experienced marketing, Chengdu’s knowledgeable culture, with a recent successful experiential marketing case, let all walks of life see the original scenic spot promotion and play this way!

The traditional travel mode cannot be quickly and accurately transmitted to tourists due to the influence of time and space. The point-to-point characteristics of information dissemination are just a clever solution to this problem. The Internet has brought opportunities and challenges to tourism development. Chengdu Knowledgeable Culture Media Co., Ltd. promotes the transformation of the tourism development model through the Internet, and utilizes the main appeal points of the current tourism consumer groups. “How to play? How to play?” The experience-based “experiential marketing model actively promotes the rapid transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry.

The 8th International Self-driving Expo in Sichuan, which is known for its culture, is on November 8th. Wuhu Grand held. From now on, let us see that the drainage effect brought by tourism + Internet has greatly contributed to the tourism of scenic spots.

According to the holding and special nature of this event, the culture of knowledge is followed up from the preliminary investigation to the mid-term event. Continued reporting of the continuation period after the end of the event has maintained a high degree of professionalism. During the period of activity forecasting, news and self-media related to activities published by the knowledgeable culture, as well as forums, have formed hot spots in various Internet channels.

In addition, the Wuhu boutique ring line launched for the 8th Sichuan International Self-driving Expo has adopted the original “experience marketing model” for its promotion. Look for the network red people, travel experts to lead the way, in the form of tourism experience, from the details of each attraction to promote the advantages of the scenic area, in which the culture of knowledge also organized a professional team, from photography to post-processing, step Careful steps. For each “ attractions tailored to a different network promotion direction.

For different tourist attractions, the whole planning direction will be different, let alone event marketing, but want to One thing has aroused public attention on the Internet. The effort here is deep and deep, but the culture of knowledge can be said to be highly sophisticated in this respect.

In the future, with the economic growth again, the state’s policy support, the tourism industry will certainly become the largest national spending of our country. Faced with such a trend, each scenic spot must have the help of the Internet. In today’s era of severe homogenization, how to choose a company that can play tricks in the industry is especially important.

I believe that because of the “experienced marketing model” created by the knowledgeable culture, the industry can also see that the original scenic spot tourism promotion can still play like this!

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Winter flooring needs to be classified and maintained

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Is the KAA platform an opportunity? Korean kaa live broadcast for sunny registration

The source of profit for the AA platform?

Today we saw that all of our revenue is based on the KAA profit. So how much money does KAA make? Take one of our sections for example. We will have our own exchange, a general exchange with 50W fans, and 5W people will trade every day. The transaction fee for one day is 100 million yuan. This is the exchange. Pure profit. Will be evenly distributed to our VIP level.

Example: In the first stage, we have a 100W fan exchange fee income of 100 million yuan / day

Achieved VIP1 has 1W people 100 million net income of 3% dividend is 300W then every People can be divided into 300 yuan per day

Achieving VIP2 has 5,000 people with 100 million net income of 5% dividend is 500W, then each person can be divided into 1,000 yuan per day

Achieved VIP3 has 2000 people 10% of the net income of 100 million net income is 1000W, then each person can be divided into 5,000 yuan per day

Achieving VIP4 has 1000% of 100 million net income, 15% of the dividend is 1500W, then each person can be divided into 15,000 yuan per day.

And this is just the income of the exchange, we will also open live awards, voting, purchasing, shopping malls, games in the second stage. Every sector is a big profit margin. Our VIP shareholders can be divided, and KAA will take out 80% of all total revenue. Such a big pattern will surely embrace the world and let us come together to meet the future.

Fans are often accompanied by a series of equally enthusiastic consumer behaviors in their ideological passion for idols, which is the fan economy. Big to the star rumors beat out, small to big V 哗 取 取 取 取 取 取 取 取 取 取 取 取 取 粉丝 粉丝 粉丝 粉丝 粉丝 粉丝 粉丝The emergence of the live broadcast industry is even more exquisite and exquisite in the fan economy. The network red anchor has also become a very popular industry in the past two years. It is well done, and the income is basically very impressive, both domestically and abroad.

Forbes magazine counted the high-income net red anchor on YOUTUBE in 2017, which was as high as 16 million US dollars, or about 110 million yuan. On the domestic fast-play live broadcast platform, one called “two scorpions”, who started to do tobacco and alcohol wholesale in the early years, and later changed to do network anchors. Just on the screen, “jumping the refrigerator, it attracted more than 30 million fans to pay attention, and the price of gold per hour was 1.5-300,000. If you start work every day, the monthly income is at least 4.5 million, and the year is 54 million, which is called the printing machine!

KAA is teaming up with a well-known consortium to go out of Korea and enter the Asian market!

Recently, they are recruiting like-minded community managers to give generous rewards; at the same time, there will be a lot of first-time registered members. Welfare! For example, the first batch of squatters and supporters, free to cast KAA candy. It is said that KAA will give up to 80% of the platform profit to the fans of KAA. The profit distribution is divided into levels. The higher the level, the higher the proportion of dividends. Recommend friends to register, there are rewards, all free!

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Rococo Lowe 2018 New Species Design Exhibition Technology and Design of Dialogue Life Scenes

tribute to life

The future has only been unevenly distributed. The new concept leads the way, such as the shining comet across the sky, but the application of the real life is the Hui tail that people have real perception, and hope to achieve a beautiful life picture. In 2018, Rococo · Lok will once again lead the “New Species Design Exhibition” to the Beijing International Design Week Design Expo, with a new pioneering and imaginative link at the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center from September 20th to 25th. Way, lead the audience to see the beautiful world in the name of design!

2018 New Species Design Exhibition is about to open


The 2018 New Species Design Exhibition, with the theme of “Designing a Beautiful World”. Space content is “clothing, food, housing, travel, play, and all sections are set up” “Future travel,” smart home, “unmanned retail,” “Chuangchuang interaction and “new consumption,” and “new” Wenchuang, etc., integrates innovative design works, intelligent technology products, immersive experience, game interaction, illusion space equals one, for the audience to create “design + technology perfect integration of the five sense experience.

Design and Technology in Clothing, Food, Housing, and Travel

“The smart wearable interface is always active in the concept innovation lab, or in the artist’s studio, The development of biosensing technology brings the imagination to convert biochemical languages, such as heart rate or secretion, into identifiable symbols such as expressions, colors, or vocabulary.

& ldquo;In the era when everything is fast and the kitchen function is out of the box, can the kitchen technology retain the temperature and intention of the hand-made work? It will also be a leisurely moment of life by fast and outsourced switch to private cooking. Food should not be slow, stomach can not live up to, family and self is the meaning of the workplace, the kitchen is simply the position of body values.

2017 Rococo · Loker New Species Design Exhibition

“ Live The rapid development of the Internet of Things technology has brought the smart home from concept to life again, seamlessly integrating multiple subsystems of the home, configuring the nerve center for the home through mobile terminal operation or voice command only; Baidu Duer OS Intelligent Voice The system as a smart home industry leader will participate in the new species of home space; health sleep industry expert Muse V6 will elaborate on his intelligent interaction concept for sleep management in a well-built bedroom.

& ldquo; OK, a smart pure electric vehicle research and development contains more than 800 new technologies, it is oriented to the new middle class avant-garde, born on the track, but can ride the streets, the new CFCF of the Arctic New Energy is pure Representative of the electric sports car. Mavericks is a freestyle for travel, but behind it is a powerful smart technology that will appear in the travel section of the new species show.

 The new species design exhibition curator Jia Wei uses the above concepts to illustrate the new species in the life scene. He is also the author of the word “imaginative economy”, Rococo · Founder.

2017 Rococo · Loker New Species Design Exhibition

The brand will also include a number of international design awards for the micro-single V1, Netease cloud music, Rokid space capsule, wheeled goods, Ali rookie robot G, Himalayan Xiaoya AI speaker, Mango TV milk box, Tencent listen,奇客巴士,Car radish, Elvis, Horizon, Jingdong Th, ThinkPad, Segway, Virtual World, Topstar, Ganlai, Jiye Disinfecting Robot, Zhiqi, ICE Machine, calming fire extinguisher, Higgs Power Wheels have products, motorcycles, worms, only Jii, Cultural Development Press, Tan Carpenter, Poor Travel Network, Qixiu Live, Happy Twist, Gong Runxiang, Oriental IC, and other useful cool play products and fun experience. interactive.

The strategic cooperation media of the new species design exhibition is “Sina Home”, supporting the media as Visual China and IN Beijing.

Interactions in a variety of ways

Jia Wei introduces the overall interactive form of the exhibition area to suit the fun of younger users. It’s not just the vision that the experiential show is mobilized, but the five senses that are immersed in it.

There will be a five-day theme release day during the exhibition. The site will invite industry executives to explore the connotation and extension of the new species concept, from the release of new species to the new IoT, new consumption scenarios, and even Ali. The Yuntianchi Platform Competition and numerous “new species products” were released. Let the audience witness the design of how to integrate new technology into the daily life and construct a new life picture.

The new species exhibition will also push the designer into the spotlight, setting up a designer IP exhibition to present the designer’s slash youth and multi-capacity.

There is a dedicated area in the space where the guest is in the space, and the creative language of the new language is carried out with text as the material on the brain hole market, with the style of “runaway style”. Instrumentalization, used for design creativity, to bring the distance between the public and art closer and break the frame of thinking. During the Design Week Expo, Lok Technology will also launch online “Beijing Network International Design Week” to synchronize reality with virtual.

2017 Lokers create space to stop the foot

“New species concept

“New species concept in 2017 In the year, the identification of new species includes five dimensions of physics, materials, products, imagination, and language. It is the same as the new species. The five dimensions are:

New Physics: New Organizational Structure or Linkage

New Materials: New Technologies and New Business Models

New Products: Unexpected Categories

New Imagination: New Derivatives

New Language: New Speech System and Narrative Method

The New Species Design Exhibition under the Rococo Innovation Design Group debuted in Beijing International Design Week in 2017, with &ldquo New species, “new imagination,” “new story,” “New Story,” “Four creations of the four major themes, completed the series tour of nine cities across the country in 145 days, and won wide recognition and praise from all walks of life. Wang Ning, deputy mayor of Beijing, Du Feijin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, Xu Ke, Director of the Industrial Policy Department Have to & ldquo; new species design exhibition site tour guide.

Rococo · Loker [New Species Design Exhibition]

Time: September 20, 2018 & mdash; September 25, 2018

Location : Beijing · Agricultural Exhibition Hall No. 3 (No. 16 East Third Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

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Comparison of whole bathroom and traditional bathroom

Speaking of Japanese bathroom, do you first respond to smart toilets and bathtubs? For those who like to watch Japanese TV dramas or have been to Japan, I believe that they are also very impressed with the Japanese bathroom. This whole bathroom sparrow is small and complete. Even more, it is more comfortable and intimate than the large domestic bathroom. The whole bathroom was in the 1990s, and it gradually became “into the domestic home improvement market”.

With the increasing popularity of finely furnished homes and the national policies of industrialized, low carbon and environmentally friendly homes In the introduction, domestic hotels, hospitals, ships, and fast-loading rooms have used a large number of bathrooms. However, compared with Japan, the overall sanitary ware is currently mainly used in commercial projects in China, and has not yet taken root in the homes of ordinary people. Therefore, the overall bathroom market has unlimited potential.

What are the advantages of the whole bathroom and the traditional bathroom?


The whole bathroom: generally only need two workers, the fastest 4 hours to complete During the assembly process, the construction period is extremely short, which greatly saves construction time.

Traditional Sanitary Ware: Each bathroom fitting is independent of each other, the decoration is complicated and the cost is high, which takes more than ten days to complete.


Overall bathroom: SMC material, which is an aviation material, It weighs less than one-fifth of the tile, but its strength is much better than that of the tile, which is light, tough and durable.

Traditional Sanitary Ware: Most of the building materials used are relatively hard, including cement walls, tiles & hellip; if the anti-slip measures are not in place, it is likely to cause a fall.


Overall bathroom: It is formed by CNC machine tool once, with high precision and good stability. It eliminates the quality problems caused by artificial empty drums and uneven seams, and avoids water leakage. Hidden dangers.

Traditional bathroom: the traditional bathroom floor is easy to leak, the wall is also easy to leak and mold changes; the traditional craftsmanship of the plasterer can not fundamentally solve the problem of bathroom leakage.


Overall bathroom: SMC material has thermal insulation properties, and the skin feels intimate . Insulation in winter and heat insulation in summer.

Traditional Sanitary Ware: The use of decoration materials has poor thermal insulation properties and thermal insulation properties, and heat is easily lost. Heating facilities such as Yuba are also required.


The whole bathroom: the top can be equipped with cool breeze, sauna, ventilation , dry, hot and cold air conditioning and other functions in one device, the bottom has two stainless steel tubes, encountered yellow clothes that are difficult to dry clothes, you can hang the washed clothes in the bathroom, open the drying function, dry the clothes. There are also multiple intelligent control panels in the bathroom that automatically set the water temperature and heating time.

Traditional Bathroom: The function is relatively simple, you need to install other accessories yourself.

After reading it, is it just an eye-opener? And this is just the bathroom of ordinary Japanese people! As far as China’s current situation is concerned, there are certain difficulties in the development of the whole bathroom.

There are many types of sanitary products in the whole, but because the current market demand has not yet enabled them to form large-scale production, product design and logistics distribution require more costs, and the price is difficult for civilians.

However, the speed of China’s development is so rapid, so the popularity of intelligent bathroom should not be far away from us.

You can also pay attention to China Merchants Bao to learn more about building materials.

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Three major conjectures in the development of innovative models in the flooring industry

The times are constantly changing, all walks of life are constantly updating and developing. Can you keep up with the pace of the times? To progress, we must continue to learn and touch new things. In the development of this ever-changing flooring industry, we must continue to make progress in the most advanced stage of the industry. Do you have thought about the future business model of the flooring industry? What would it be like?

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170156786.jpg”>

One: Mobile devices become interactive homes

The 5G era is coming, which means that using mobile devices in the future will be more convenient and faster than now. Although the number of mobile devices we have now exceeds the total population of the planet, in the future the capacity of these mobile devices and Features will continue to improve. Announcements and advertising are bound to be more suitable for small screens on mobile devices. For example, current passengers can use their smartphones to quickly board, and customers can use mobile devices to shop in various markets. Are you ready for the floor company?

Two: Tailor-made service experience

If you bought something on the Amazon website, you have already experienced what you’ve experienced first. Customized: ‘If you like this, you will also like it…’ The website will remember your preferences and then send you personalized emails, each of which is unique. For flooring companies Measure The system is not limited to the product phase, and customized services will become the standard way to establish user loyalty in the future!

Three: community contribution to corporate culture

look at Wegmans supermarket and software giant Adobe will understand the importance of corporate culture. You may already have a corporate mission and vision. Customers want to see how you achieve these missions and visions, and hope to see how you make a great contribution to humanity. For example, if your business is small, think about what you can do for your community. If you have a huge market, how will you contribute your power to make the world a better place?

The above ideas are for reference only. In short, there are ideas to have goals, and goals to be actionable. We must maintain a normal heart, use long-term vision to gain insight into the development direction of the flooring industry, and continue to learn and innovate in order to go global. The most sophisticated!

Release date: 2015/12/11 10:10:26

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First aid measures after different floors are soaked

In daily life, in addition to the rain, there are many reasons for the floor water in the residents’ homes, such as water pipes cracking, heating pipes running water, concealed pipeline water seepage, bathtub leaks, etc. A similar problem arises. If it is handled properly in time, there is no need to re-lay the floor. So, what should you pay attention to when the floor is soaked in water? How to remedy it?

Solid wood floor soaking water remedy

The floor of Ms. An’s house is solid wood floor. The solid wood floor is made of pure solid wood, which preserves the natural properties of wood, so it is easy to absorb water and deform. Master Zhao, who has rich experience in floor maintenance, said that after the wood floor is soaked, the surface water should be dried as soon as possible. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner can be pointed at the splicing gap of the submerged floor to absorb the water vapor. Or use a hair dryer to blow the seam with cold air until it is blown dry, but avoid blowing it with hot air to prevent the surface from being cracked due to heat drying.

If the large area is soaked in water, in order to keep the floor from deforming, after the surface layer is treated, the floor should be picked up from the gap of the expansion joint and dried with a piece of absorbent cloth. Placed in the shape of ‘well’, the bottom should be padded, and the bottom side of the floor should be facing up to prevent the surface from cracking due to rapid drying. At the same time, it should be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Under normal circumstances, as long as the rescue is timely, after the floor is dry, it can be reused by professionals. In response to the situation of Ms. An’s family, Master Zhao suggested that the solid wood floor with water-up and deformation should be replaced.

Reinforced floor water remediation method

The laminate flooring has the characteristics of easy care, wear resistance, non-deformation after laying, good impact resistance and flame retardancy. Consumers like it. The waterproof floor of the laminate is higher than other floors, and a small glass of water is poured on the floor. As long as the surface is dried as soon as possible, even if it is a large area of ​​water, as long as it does not exceed 10 hours, the treatment will not be serious in time.

After strengthening the floor soaking water, you should quickly remove the furniture on the floor, try not to press the pressure, and quickly drain the surface water. Then remove the skirting line at the edge of the floor as soon as possible to expose the expansion joint of the floor, and distribute the water vapor by the expansion joint, but do not pick up the floor to dry, otherwise it will damage the floor and cannot be used again. In addition, depending on the degree of water inflow, it usually takes 7 to 15 days to completely dry. For floors with good quality or short water immersion time, it can be restored by itself. If it is found that the lifting or flatness cannot be recovered after 15 days, it should be considered again. replace.

Composite floor water remedy

The advantage of the composite floor is that it has both the stability of the reinforced floor and the natural feel of the solid wood floor on the floor surface. The waterproofness of the composite floor is better than that of the solid wood floor, but because the surface of the surface is pure solid wood, it should be treated according to the actual situation after soaking in water. It can be combined with the above method of strengthening the floor and solid wood floor to soak the water.

If the water is small and the amount of water is small, dispose of the dry surface water as soon as possible, and use a vacuum cleaner or a blower to cool the water soaked in the gap between the floors. If it is flooded in a large area, the skirting line should be removed as soon as possible, and the submerged floor should be lifted. Also, the bricks or other things should be placed in a high space. The floor should also be stacked in a ‘well’ shape. In addition, the open floor and the floor that is only submerged in water can be blown dry by means of a fan. In general, good quality laminate flooring with a soaking time of no more than 12 hours and taking first aid measures can be re-paved after drying.

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Analysis of the characteristics of the development of China’s flooring industry

2014 is about to pass. For the flooring industry, 2014 is both a year of Vientiane and a challenging year. In the face of various ups and downs, it also presents some development opportunities. For the floor enterprises, rationally set goals, strive for stability, establish a foothold in the big environment, and improve themselves step by step, do a good job in products and services, enhance brand value, and discover and create more highlights of the company. This is the light that shines in the environment of the boat.

The following are some of the characteristics of the overall development of the flooring industry in the China Report Hall.

1, the floor consumer group sharing features significant

In the early days, people have a habit of exchange purchase and decoration experience, but due to the lack of media, was limited to Chatting between friends and family, or sporadic lessons when needed.

But the development of the Internet, as well as the spread of social media and the rejuvenation of the floor consumer groups, nowadays a considerable number of consumers will share their own through Weibo, QQ, BBS, WeChat and other platforms. Impressions and evaluations. Sometimes, when they encounter injustice, they will also seek help from the news media.

2, network consumption has become more prominent

The number of owners of building materials such as flooring and other online products continues to increase, the proportion of all owners has gradually increased, the range of products purchased continues to expand, from simple Home decoration, faucets, lamps, switch panels, simple wardrobes, wall stickers, to big beds, tables, chairs, etc.

In a certain period of time, toilets, bathroom cabinets, bathtubs, as well as paints, flooring and other products, more and more consumers may buy online.

3, domestic brands are still the mainstream

At present, in the field of tiles, flooring, wallpaper, home textiles, lighting, home decoration, interior design, sanitary ware, etc., domestically produced Brands are mainstream, and many domestic brands are now diversifying. Innovating in design, materials, visual effects, etc., will continue to firmly grasp domestic consumers. In the field of coatings and sanitary wares, although foreign brands have a very large market share, the newly emerging middle-class consumers are more inclined to excellent domestic brands.

4, product functionality is getting more and more attention

In any era, the function of the product will affect consumer decision-making. According to the China flooring industry market survey report released by the China Report Hall in 2014-2018, home building materials such as flooring also have their own functions, such as wear resistance, impact resistance, and even the function of improving air. For example, the water saving function and deodorizing function of the toilet; for example, the energy saving of the lighting fixture and the softer light. Better features will be welcomed by more and more consumers.

5, the company’s development gradually adopts the O2O model

Online understanding of brand and product information, search for word of mouth, compare products, offline to the store to observe and experience, and then place an order This phenomenon is more common in household consumption. However, whether it is online purchase or order in the store, there is no fixed model, which is affected by various factors such as price and service.

Release date: 2014/12/22 13:08:20

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The color of the floor is also particular about it? How to choose?

The color choice of the wooden floor is very cautious. The color of the wooden floor and the home is not good for physical and mental health and eye rest. Therefore, choosing a wooden floor during the decoration is very particular. So according to which household conditions to choose the wooden floor?

First, the wood floor color common sense

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=” /userfiles/20170802170248791.jpg”>

Common floor colors are: pure white, milky white, yellow, brown, red, black. According to market experience, milky white and yellow These two, the visual sense is comfortable, very good care, a little gray can not see, the darker the color is not dirty.

Second, the color of the wooden floor according to the color of the door cover and wall

The wooden floor mainly depends on the color of the door and window cover and the wall surface. If the wall and the door and window cover are white, the requirements are not so strict. The wooden floor is not difficult to match. Everyone knows that the white color is good. If the color of the door and window cover is red, then the color of the floor should be as deep as possible, so that the visual effect is best.

3. The color of the bamboo floor is selected according to the floor

The color of the floor is not so difficult. If the lighting is not good, try to choose the color of the warm and warm floor. Harmony, the walls and the top are white, and the furniture is white. The home has a lot of light color components. The recommended floor color is monochrome, which makes it visually comfortable. The wooden floor should be put. If you choose a little deeper, you can press the entire color tone down.

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