Water paint, self-contained bathroom two strong winds strong like a cloud, who can sit firmly?

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The author observes that water-based paint and whole bathroom have become two obvious industrial trends in the home building materials industry. Although there are pioneers such as Chenyang Water Paint and Seagull Living, it is not easy to sit on the top of the throne. Under the clear and firm market structure, the opportunity for the latecomers is very large, and the big guys need to continue to work hard.

There are two categories above the air outlet, one is a full bath and the other is a water paint. This is not a pseudo-wind, but a solid industrial trend, and the market penetration rate has risen steadily.

The morning sun in the water-painted plate and the seagull in the self-contained sanitary ware market are two older brands. The former started to paint with water and made a full effort. The latter transformed in 2012, stormed the whole bathroom, and also spent money to buy a special one to do the nest.

Although he is willing to invest, but the competition in the entire market has escalated, the two companies have not been able to win the top spot in the segmentation category. For example, the whole bathroom is active in Keyi and Xinling. Professional brands such as squatter houses are eye-catching, and their market share is quite impressive;

The water paint market has attracted several first- and second-line brands such as Three Trees, Dulux, Carpoly, and Kao. Bet.

According to the current situation, whoever comes to sit on the throne of the boss still has a lot of variables.

First, the prospect of water-based paint is huge

The prospect of water-based paint has no doubt. According to a research report issued by research institute Zion Market Research, the global water-based paint market scale is 583.9 in 2015. Billion dollars will reach 78.24 billion US dollars by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 5%.

It is said that in the European and American markets, the market share of waterborne coatings accounts for more than 60% in some places. In China, CITIC has reported that China’s waterborne coatings account for 39% of the entire industry.

In the context of reducing environmental pollution, from the official to the private sector, pushing water-based coatings is undoubtedly a consensus. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has documents, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has policies, and local policies have regulations. Even patent applications for water-based paints have increased dramatically.

For example, as early as around 2012, many provinces and municipalities have introduced policies to restrict the production and sales of oil paints, and encourage the promotion of water-based paints.

In July 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance issued the “Action Plan for Volatile Organic Compound Reduction in Key Industries” to clarify the main task of the coatings industry, which is to focus on promoting green coating products such as waterborne coatings.

In the air pollution control plan and the blue sky action plan in various places, most of them mentioned the special rectification of volatile organic compounds and the elimination of organic solvent-based coatings. A number of policies are exerted, all of which are water-based paint platforms. In addition to the above mentioned 39% market share, what is the current status of domestic waterborne coatings?

There are public data showing that the waterborne coatings market in 2016 was 54 billion yuan, an increase of 8.22 over the previous year. %. From 2000 to 2016, China’s waterborne coating patent applications increased year by year. Especially after 2007, the number of waterborne technology patent applications increased sharply, with 508 in 2014 and 477 in 2016.

So, which brands have listed water-based paints as a new product strategy?

According to incomplete statistics of large-scale research, almost all first- and second-line paint brands have Transformed to water-based coatings, built a special water paint production base, and some even set up a special water paint brand.

The morning sun of All in water-based paint is self-evident and belongs to the old qualified brand. Waterborne Ketian is also a strong team that can rank top. In addition, companies such as Sanshu, Carpoly, and Mei Tushi have also made heavy bets on water-based paints. In foreign-funded enterprises, Nippon and Dulux are also the rush of water paint.

Speaking of Chenyang lacquer, it is also a 20-year-old predecessor. The large-scale research has noticed that many brands such as Nippon, Dulux, Sanshu, Jiabaoli are still pushing green paint. When the paint is healthy, Chen Yang goes straight to the theme and pushes the water-based paint.

On the official website of Chenyang, all products are named after water paint: home decoration water paint, wood water paint, engineering water paint, industrial water paint, etc.

According to public information, the 2008 Beijing Olympics project, the 2015 wedding 9· the 3rd military parade Tiananmen repainting, and the bird’s nest re-painting, all use the products of Chenyang, which is evident in the North China market. Shang Yang’s status is currently leading.

In order to promote himself to the status of “water paint endorsement brand”, Chenyang has no less effort than any brand, such as the waterborne paint academician workstation and the Hebei Waterborne Coating Engineering Technology Research Center.

Perhaps more weighty, in cooperation with the Institute of Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, built a water-based coating nanomaterials laboratory, with the endorsement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the recognition of technical strength can be improved .

The bigger professional action is that Chen Yangjian is the leader of the water-based paint industry standard, and at the same time expands production capacity. The large-scale research has learned from the open channels that their current production capacity is 1.05 million tons. Up to 1.25 million tons, this figure is placed in the entire industry, basically the level of the big brother.

There are also many marketing tools. The over-the-counter research has done a preliminary review. At least the following representative actions have emerged: in 2017, the water paint day will be set, and the 17th of each month will be set. For the morning sun water paint day, engage in water paint experience and promotion; organization & ldquo; paint master to go home, through the oil channel to promote water paint; launched “green nest billion homeActivities; take advantage of the “China B&B Coating Trend Report”, push the water stone; set up the China Water Paint Research Institute, run the water paint festival, release the “2017 China Water Paint Consumption Trend Survey Report”; double eleven concentrated efforts, cut The total sales volume of 26.5 million.

Described in one sentence, it is to seek the goal of water-based boss.

Unfortunately, Deng Chaoming, founder of the overgrown research, found that the short board of Chenyang is quite obvious:

First, its popularity is not high enough, compared to Nippon, Dulux, Sanshu, China Resources, etc., the gap is still relatively large, the space for improvement is still very large, and it is necessary to detonate fame and reputation as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may face the severe challenges of traditional big names such as Dulux, Sanshu, China Resources, and US Tushi. .

Second, the movements of technology and marketing are frequent, but unfortunately there are weaknesses, and the density of national outlets is not enough. The large-scale research visits found that many building materials markets or home stores have Dulux, Nippon, and San The tree is waiting, but there is no morning sun. In addition, the construction team it has established is not widely distributed, and the popularity of water paint in the workers’ circle needs to be improved.

The challengers have been closely following. In 2017, there was a public report that Sanshu plans to invest 30.5 million yuan to increase the production capacity of waterborne coatings (latex paint, texture, color and accessories) by 202,000. Tons per year.

Guotai Junan had an analysis in 2016, arguing that water-based coatings accounted for up to 80% of all products in Sanshu. You know, in 2017, Sanshu’s revenue has exceeded 2.6 billion, and it has won a lot of engineering orders. According to this situation, the offensive of Sanshu’s water-based paint will be very rapid.

Another role is Carpoly, with a revenue of at least 3 billion. It has achieved fruitful results in the research and development and production of waterborne coatings. In 2016, it won the 18th China Patent Excellence. The award, and its water-based paint division in recent years, the results are quite good.

It is said that in the 1990s, Carpoly established a special waterborne wood paint research and development team, and later cooperated with South China University of Technology. It is said that the paddles and bamboo rafts used in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are the water-based wood lacquers of Carpoly.

The US painter who was listed on the New Third Board, the main paint business in 2016, shows that close to 10 billion in revenue, there is a provincial water-based paint research base in hand, in 2017 The key laboratory of Guangdong Province’s energy-saving and environmentally-friendly water-based coating technology enterprise has received government funding of 1 million yuan.

The large-scale research is seen on the official website of Meishishi Furniture Paint, along with PU paint, PE paint, NC paint, UV paint, and water-based paint appears as a column alone. In fact, as early as 2012, the large-scale research found that Mei Tushi had a water-based paint patent in the same year, called “a water-based wood lacquer and its preparation method.”

However, Mei Tushi did not fully promote the water paint, but instead put a lot of energy into the category of art paint.

Even in the traditional category of industrial paint, water-based has been on the string. Suzhou Jiren High-tech, which is listed on the New Third Board, has been included in the plan. In 2014, a high-performance water-based paint engineering technology research center was established. In 2015, a joint research laboratory for industrial paint water-based technology was established with universities. In the same year, “Natural Green Coating Zero VOC” The water paint completed the technical conversion and was nominated for the Gold Award of the Industry Fair.

Later, Hubei Jiren Waterborne Automotive Coating Co., Ltd. completed construction and put into production. Last year, Jiren Paint Industry brand new water-based paint won the Jiangsu Famous Brand Product Certificate.

In the subdivided areas of water-based paints, such as water-based wood lacquers, water-based wall paints and other heavy-duty sub-categories, there are also professional brands, such as Berdink, mainly for water-based wood lacquer and water-based wood coating. . There is also a Kao paint, which has specially established a brand like Kao Water Paint.

The step is even bigger. It may be the water-based Ketian, the company that Yao Ming endorsed, cut through the water, put on the product line of home improvement materials, cabinets, wardrobes, furniture, etc., and “not toxic” Furniture, “ The concept of non-toxic whole house customization.

However, unfortunately, according to the “Beijing News” report, in May, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration in the sampling inspection, there are three “water-based products are unqualified, according to this Come, the goal of water-based non-toxicity has yet to be truly implemented.

For many new entrants, in the absence of strong capital and superior resources, the possibility of killing the first echelon of water paint is very small. However, if you have outstanding water-based paint technology results, or you can quickly lay out outlets, lay down the fully-renovated finished residential or apartment market, and get considerable engineering projects, there are still opportunities to get back a few rounds.

Deng Chaoming, founder of the overgrown research, believes that after all, water-based paint does not form a clear and solid brand recognition. The top 10 is not a monolithic pattern, and the opportunity for strong players is very large. This is exactly the case, Chen Yang has to occupy the throne of the boss, but also need to continue to enlarge the move.

Second, the lurking and outbreak of the self-contained bathroom

The time for the whole bathroom to enter the country is not very long.

According to the research of large materials, it probably came to Japan in the 1960s and was introduced to China in the 1990s. The GF Securities Research Report has an analysis showing that in 2014, the market for the sanitary ware market The penetration rate is only 0.15%, corresponding to a market space of about 1.2 billion yuan.

Japan’s self-contained bathroom penetration rate is relatively high, a saying that the penetration rate is more than 90%, TOTO has an announcement that as of March 2018, their home’s installed bathroom has sold more than 1,000 Million sets.

Putting it into the country, even if it is calculated according to the penetration rate of the bathroom market of 10%, the scale is still 100 billion. in caseSome companies have achieved the level of TOTO. In the first-line echelon, it is necessary to add another sergeant. It will not be worse than Wrigley, Huida and Jiu Mu.

There are many companies that have entered the market. First, there are Keyi, squatter, seagull, nest, Xinling, Hongli, etc. In the past two years, like Huida, Liansu, Dongpeng, Yuanda lived. Workers, etc., all add up to the whole bathroom, and they will be smoldering.

One of the more typical seagull sanitary wares is particularly early in the sanitary industry. In 2006, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange was listed.

After 2012, Seagull Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was established to establish a strategic deployment of dual-main business, on the one hand to develop integrated bathroom accessories, and secondly to enter residential energy-saving and industrial energy-saving fields, to provide solutions to the overall residential solution. Transformation. By 2017, Seagull Sanitary even changed its name to “The seagull lived and bet on the assembly-building market. One of the big cakes was a self-contained bathroom.

From the time point of view, the action of the seagull is earlier than Huida, and in the first-line bathroom brand, the seagull is undoubtedly the first group of awakened. After all, it is already the head force of 2 billion in annual revenue. It is very rare to be able to install all the bathroom.

Since 2012, in the following years, the seagulls have been moving continuously, ploughing the whole bathroom, and are willing to spend money and dare to spend money. For example, in early 2016, they won 90% of Suzhou’s nest. Equity, this is the nest is dedicated to the whole bathroom.

According to public information, there is a nest system sanitary ware founded in 2005, the main business scope includes the production of whole bathroom equipment, water heaters, sales products and sanitary equipment installation, and engaged in home appliance products board set and zero The import and export of parts, wholesale business, started the whole bathroom.

An article from the Business Times shows that Suzhou has a system in the design, manufacture, sales, installation and maintenance of the bathroom. It is second to none in the country. Japan’s well-known companies provide technical support, the name is: Japan’s Changfu Manufacturing Institute.

After the acquisition, in an interview with Xinhuanet, Chen Hao, deputy general manager of Seagull, said that in the entire six systems, industrialization, from the most difficult and complicated bathroom The system starts, and our waterproof chassis eliminates the entire leak and can significantly improve the quality of the home.

Soon after, Seagull spent 60 million yuan to buy Chongqing’s four-dimensional bathroom, using four-dimensional bathroom to have both marketing channels to help the custom-built bathroom of the nest to further open the market.

In the first half of 2016 alone, Seagull Sanitary Ware invested as much as 1 billion yuan, an increase of 329.93% over the same period of last year. It is mainly used to acquire a 90% stake in Suzhou, and an annual output of 65,000 sets of custom-made sanitary wares in Suzhou. Space project, Zhuhai annual production of 130,000 sets of custom-made bathroom space projects, as well as Internet marketing OTO promotion platform project.

In a large number of investment projects with expanded capacity, the whole bathroom has occupied more than half of the country.

Also in 2016, Seagull has set up a state-of-the-art industrialized integrated bathroom laboratory to technically support the new main business. On the basis of self-contained sanitary ware, the company independently developed flexible molds and opened up the business of custom-made sanitary wares individually to meet the individual needs of the owners.

Responding to the self-contained bathroom, the seagulls simultaneously implement the two strategies of residential industrialization and smart home. In fact, these two lines are still closely related to the whole bathroom. It seems that the seagull has a lot of movements and should be able to stick to the top seats in the bathroom market.

But to occupy the throne of the boss, it is estimated that the difficulty is relatively large, and there are too many challengers. The first is Huida Sanitary Ware. In June this year, the whole assembly strategy was released. The Huida resident was established. Its determination is not smaller than the seagull. It is only a few years later.

The large-scale research found that Huida’s efforts in the subsequent landing action were very strong. With a few practices, everyone could feel their hard work, such as: uniting many real estate developers. With the home building materials company, engaged in a livable Chinese alliance. For example, it became the first national residential industrialization base in the sanitary ware industry, and the first batch of assembly and construction industry base enterprises of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

As far as product details are concerned, modular integration, smart bathroom, and quick dry construction for 4 hours are all the main selling points of Huida, which is also needed for the whole bathroom.

There is also Dongpeng Sanitary Ware, which changed the name to Dongpeng’s self-contained bathroom, and opened a special conference, which is not as strong as Huida. And the introduction of the package of the whole package, the layout is far more than just the bathroom, such as kitchen appliances, ceilings, doors and windows, etc., are covered.

It seems that Suzhou is a treasure trove of decoration. There is a nest in Suzhou, and another vanguard of the whole bathroom is “Ke Yi”.

The establishment of Keyi was only one year later than that of Nest. The official website shows that it has obtained more than 300 patents. It is also a national residential industrialization base and a fabricated construction industry base in Wuhu and Suzhou. Suzhou Xiangcheng has production bases.

In addition to the whole bathroom, the company also has a kitchen. The main market includes long-term rental apartments, hotels, hardcover real estate, integrated houses, etc. There are many well-known brands in the list of cooperative customers, such as long-term rental apartments. There are Beijing Jinyu’s “Free Building, Changsha’s pixel sinks, etc.”

There is a saying that Ke Yi is the largest manufacturer of self-contained sanitary wares in China, accounting for more than 70% of the total. This statement is difficult to determine.

There is also a squatter in Kunshan, which started late, was only established in 2014, claiming to introduce Japanese system bathroom experts, the main selling point is also 4 hours of bathroom decoration in place, as well as nano silver anti-mildew chassis, heat insulation Technical advantages such as insulation. For example, Vanke is a residence, and some projects use the products of the squatter.

And there are two production bases in Changshu and Jiangyin. The whole bathroom production line includes SMC and Caigang.And the tile, you can get 150,000 sets of matching whole bathroom every year.

Don’t neglect the Xinling of Changsha, the older brand, claiming to have a history of 20 years, the whole system of the whole bathroom products, including SMC, color steel, ceramic tile wallboard, etc., various styles, known as the year The production capacity is 200,000 sets. Both domestic and export markets have a strong performance.

In some public reports, it is said that Xinling’s overall bathroom products can account for 30% & mdash in the mass market; 40% share, ranking the top three in the industry. determine.

Hongli, located in Guangzhou, established a company in 2011, which is the flag of the leading brand. The company is positioned in the space capsule and integrates the honeycomb composite technology used in the aerospace industry to the civil building. field.

In the customer list, there are well-known companies such as Country Garden, Vanke, Poly, Wanda, Zhonghai, China Merchants, Greenland, Huazhu, Rujia, and Platinum.

The material research thinks that the concept of this space capsule is more interesting. Moreover, breaking through innovation and making differentiation from the material link is also a rare highlight of Hongli.

Several companies, such as Keyie, Suiwu, Hongli, Xinling, etc., although there is no big scale, there is no big crocodile behind them, but their own heritage is relatively thick.

Especially Ke Yi, Xin Ling, there are many projects at hand, the strength can not be underestimated, once the first listing, or marriage with the predators, the first place of the throne also has a chance.

Count down, presumably any company that works hard to install a bathroom will feel the pressure from the face.

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The 7 major scourges that hurt the floor turned out to be them!

1. Furniture heavy objects

When furniture, dining tables, chairs are moved or chairs that use rollers, it is easy to cause scratches on the floor. It should be handled gently and cushioned on the furniture, table and chair to extend the service life of the floor.

2, insect

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171021857.jpg”>

The floor will not produce termites due to high temperature and high pressure during the production process, but external insects may come in due to the environment itself during construction. If such happens, use insecticide to spray the insects.

3, Chemicals:

It is difficult to remove the floor if it is contaminated with a solution such as hair dye or shoe polish. Avoid using chemical agents to wipe the floor, otherwise the floor will be whitened. If the rag is placed on the floor for a long time, it will cause discoloration of the floor.

4, high temperature items

Try to avoid placing the heater or other heating equipment directly on the floor.


Due to the natural characteristics of wood, it will swell when exposed to water or moisture.

6, Corrosive agent

Avoid various pharmaceutical products Use on the floor, if you accidentally spill it on the floor, please wipe it as soon as possible.

7, light

The wooden floor cannot be exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet rays for a long time because of its nature. If necessary, use shades such as curtains to cover Covered.

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Price war is just a matter of expediency. The development of flooring companies needs to be multi-pronged.

In recent years, the market situation of the flooring industry has shown a relatively low development trend. Although the market scale is expanding, there are many brands coming in, and the homogenization phenomenon of the whole industry is serious. In the face of this situation, flooring companies have sought to find a way out of their own development. However, whether it is a transformation or an upgrade, enterprise development needs to return to the original product.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021756071534.jpg”>

Price war is just a matter of expediency Multi-pronged approach (see more floor news)

Intense market competition, non-permanent price wars

Nowadays, the floor market promotion activities are all over the sky. The price of jumping off the building, the lowest price in history, the delivery of the full price, etc., continue to impact the bottom line of the market price. The endless price war will make the competition into a vicious circle. The lower the price, the lower the marginal benefit of the company. In order to seek profits, some enterprises will do their work on the cost of production to reduce expenses, which will inevitably affect the overall quality of the floor. The ultimate injury is only the consumer and brand reputation.

At present, due to the impact of the property market and production costs, the flooring industry is experiencing a period of low development. Enterprises want to fight hard, not just rely on price cuts to attract consumption. ‘The price war has caused many companies to ‘increasing their income without increasing profits’, although the turnover has gone up, The net profit is not high. ‘The head of a well-known flooring brand talked about its own price wars in the industry. In the domestic flooring market, in order to consolidate its position in the industry, price wars have become a commonplace.


Floor companies need to take a multi-pronged approach and seek long-term development

In the current flooring market, price wars are clearly not suitable for long-term development. If companies want to win in the fiercely competitive market, they need to use both products and services to occupy the market.

First of all, the flooring company adopts the market strategy of products as king. The company believes that in the age of informationization, brand information can be easily delivered. Good things pass thousands of miles, bad things are also spread thousands of miles. For this reason, once a company has a quality problem, the company’s trust will be greatly reduced. Floor companies need to strictly control the quality.

In addition, in order to improve the artistry of the products, the flooring companies also need to set up a professional carving team, dedicated to the design of flooring products. Designed to be artistic in floor products The quality is highlighted to open the door to differentiated routes.

In order to create a service that matches the brand, flooring companies need to provide high-end services to customers. Learn more about customers, establish detailed customer information for them; provide professional services for on-site service and installation, and provide floor maintenance and maintenance programs for customers after sales.

In short, in the era of rising consumption levels, consumers’ eyes are no longer limited to price, but more about brand awareness and product quality. Therefore, a single price war will not be as attractive as it used to be. Floor companies can not only stay at the product service level, but also actively explore more perfect marketing channels, more competitive advantages, fully demonstrate the comprehensive strength of the floor brand, and take the road of differentiated development.

Release date: 2015/1/16 13:50:10

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Korea KAA video live broadcast reward mining platform – KAA live registration to find sunny

What is KAA?

KAA is a 13-year-old entertainment industry company in South Korea. It has an advanced star-making system in Asia and has trained 60% of Korean nets and artists. Now plans To upgrade from offline to online operations, through blockchain application, anchors, fans, communities, and users will become a community of interests. The first bidding invited 13 operating teams, and finally we won the project incubation of KAA by our Deren Foundation. KAA first-hand docking V letter: QQ3149031

KAA first-hand docking V letter: QQ3149031

KAA Business model?

KAA Live is based on the application of blockchain, including live entertainment + live education training (learning blockchain) + shareholder system + exchange, our culture is the entertainment industry to achieve everyone The star dream, education and training to achieve everyone’s big coffee dream, shareholder mechanism to achieve everyone’s dream of success. The three dreams come together to create a huge attraction, to continuously contribute fresh fan traffic to all stages of our future, and to achieve the whole through exchange, live rewards, voting, purchasing, shopping malls, games and so on. Ecological blockchain.

How does it relate to KAA?

We only need fans in the first stage, download the registration app, and complete the real-name authentication, you can get a maximum of 1 BTC (bitcoin = money) random If you can bring 100 traffic (fans) to the company, you will become a shareholder of KAA and get 3%-15% of the total revenue of the KAA platform (according to the multiplication of team traffic, the revenue will increase relatively)

KAA’s first-hand docking V letter: QQ3149031

How do we make a profit at KAA?

Download registration and complete real-name certification, random lead up to 1 BTC (Bitcoin = money)

VIP1 Share 10 fan teams directly 100 people get the total return of KAA platform 3% dividends

(Gift card: 3000KAA, 8% monthly release = 240 KAA/month)

VIP2 Directly share 20 fan teams 300 people get KA bonus on 5% of total rewards

(Gift card: 10000KAA, 10% monthly release = 1000 KAA/month)

VIP3 Directly share 50 fan teams 1000 people get 10% bonus on total KAA platform revenue

(Gift One diamond card: 30,000KAA, 12% monthly release = 3600 KAA/month)

VIP4 Direct sharing of 100 fan teams 5,000 people get 15% bonus on total KAA platform

(One black diamond card: 70000KAA, 15% monthly release = 10500 KAA/month)

—The invitation mechanism is valid for two generations–

KAA’s first-hand docking V letter: QQ3149031

The profit source of the KAA platform?

Today we saw All of our income is based on the profitability of KAA. So how much money does KAA make? Take one of our sections for example. We will have our own exchange, a general exchange with 50W fans, and 5W people will trade every day. The transaction fee for one day is 100 million yuan. This is the exchange. Pure profit. Will be evenly distributed to our VIP level.

Example: In the first stage, we have a 100W fan exchange fee income of 100 million yuan / day

Achieved VIP1 has 1W people 100 million net income of 3% dividend is 300W then every People can be divided into 300 yuan per day

Achieving VIP2 has 5,000 people with 100 million net income of 5% dividend is 500W, then each person can be divided into 1,000 yuan per day

Achieved VIP3 has 2000 people 10% of the net income of 100 million net income is 1000W, then each person can be divided into 5,000 yuan per day

Achieving VIP4 has 1000% of 100 million net income, 15% of the dividend is 1500W, then each person can be divided into 15,000 yuan per day.

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Floor companies: use “violent marketing” to spend the winter

The end of 2014 is approaching, the weather is getting colder every day, but the price war in the flooring market is hot. The flooring industry market is almost saturated, and the competitive pressure is constantly increasing. More and more floor companies are engaged in price wars. The slogans of discounts and promotions are everywhere.

The retail price of the flooring market has been generally high, the imbalance between high cost and low efficiency has led to high floor prices. Floor companies can only promote promotional cards in order to increase sales, and even normalize sales. .

price war is not the best choice for flooring companies, such violent marketing damage to the floor brand is not overnight, nor can be measured by the promotion income. The price war in the flooring market is one of the performances of bad competition in the industry. For floor companies, it can only play a short-term sales sprint effect, which will inevitably lower the brand, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of flooring companies.

The long-term development of flooring companies also depends on technological innovation, from the root cause of the possibility of chaos in the industry. Floor companies need to adhere to the principle that science and technology are the primary productive forces, accelerate technological innovation, and achieve breakthroughs in production technology.

Environmental protection plays an increasingly important role in the development of contemporary society and has become the theme of the times. The pursuit of environmental protection by the whole society has become increasingly hot. The flooring industry should strive to see the market situation, actively meet market demand, strengthen environmental protection technology innovation, and produce green and environmentally friendly health products.

flooring products are an important part of home decoration, and the home pollution source – formaldehyde is inextricably linked. The design of environmentally friendly flooring for flooring companies needs to start from the formaldehyde content, strengthen technological innovation, reduce the amount of formaldehyde emission, and provide consumers with safe and secure green flooring products.

The competition in the flooring market is increasingly fierce. It is impossible to please consumers by relying on price advantage alone. Starting from products, using green escorts and using technology to improve environmental performance of products is the best strategy for flooring companies to compete for the market.

Release date: 2014/11/24 16:01:41

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Visionary Yu Junyi: The journey of the first person in China’s prevention and control of myopia

In Yu Junyi’s time zone, the fate of the arrangement, everything is just right.

In August, when the sun was warm, in the office of Peihui South Road in Yanta District, Xi’an, the reporter saw Laoyu. Into his office, the bookcase displays a variety of books, mainly in the historical economy. A few words, he began to introduce his new “secret weapon” to the reporter: I saw him take out a pair of glasses from the drawer and looked at several product design drawings. The tone was not urgent, but from it. Mei Yu can see his love for this baby.

According to the introduction, the secret weapon name is “License”. In his words, this is a product that can cause earthquakes in the industry.

On the other side of the product drawing, there is a stack of newspapers, and the front page headlines are striking ——

“The whole society must act and share Take care of your child’s eyes and let them have a bright future. General Secretary Xi has made important instructions in recent days. The myopia of our students is high and low, which has seriously affected the physical and mental health and the future of the country and the nation.

The National Preventive Myopia Expert Group survey data shows that there are currently 200 million young people wearing glasses nationwide, including urban primary school students with myopia rate of 49%, junior high school students with 76%, and high school students with 84%. Effective prevention and control, this number will continue to increase.

Today, the prevention and control of myopia in young people has risen to a national strategy, and the society is eager to call for the break of the true and brave. What is unfamiliar to the public is that as early as 12 years ago, some people began a journey of guarding the field of prevention and control of young people’s myopia. They wanted to use their own fulcrum as a fulcrum to incite a top-down change.

From blood donation, lectures, to hematopoietic research and development of smart glasses with controlled growth, and franchise stores, Yu Junyi and his “Lei Mei is on the road to prevention and control of young people’s myopia” The farther away, the number of beneficiaries is countless, and the media kindly calls this man of Xi’an Weihe “&ltquo; the first person in China’s prevention and control of myopia.

In the sun, there is something to do, yes or no

2006, When Yu Junyi decided to enter the glasses industry, the first reaction of the people around him was: “Isn’t it crazy?”

It’s no wonder that the aura around the man on the Weihe River is really alive. Too much. Participated in the work into the steel mill, three months soared to the director of the factory “the most important cadres, one person, above 100 people; selling Shi Yuzhu’s brain gold, with 2000 yuan for more than 2 million business contracts, made one month Crowns; drumsticks cosmetics, opened 13 chain stores in the country … …

Despite the career, but Yu Junyi’s heart is often low. As a generation that grew up with the reform and opening up and the transformation of the social system, his character has a feeling of home. I have been immersed in the industry for a long time. I saw that there are too many people around me who are making a lot of money to make quick money. I don’t want to use it. In the end, I don’t even want the basic conscience.

“ In the sun, there is something to do, there is nothing to do! In the repeated self-torture, Yu Junyi decided to return to the beginning.

What really stimulates Yu Junyi is a news that was accidentally seen ——“China’s youth myopia rate has soared to the top in the world, growing at an annual rate of 8% to 9%! There was hardly any hesitation, and Yu Junyi did not return to the unfamiliar field of visual protection.

Yu Junyi, who was first introduced to the agency, chose to be an agent. It was this decision that made him fall to the bottom.

“The introduction of French zoom technology can restore young people’s myopia. This emerging product with the concept of intelligence has been popular all over the country, but in 2011, the brand was exposed by CCTV, because of exaggerated efficacy, false propaganda Go to the mouth and cut it.

For a time, the city was full of wind and rain, and the sorrows and sorrows were in vain. After the death, Yu Junyi began to re-examine the industry. The results of the investigation made him sad and angry. The so-called “vision recovery instrument and related products are a big lie from beginning to end!”

The worried parents are rushing, not only delaying the best time for control. It makes the myopia problem even worse.

Under the great interests, the informal laser surgery institutions have taken the opportunity to do it, forming a more chaotic “ecological rivers and lakes”, while earning money and mistaking people, earning a lot of money. Full.

The sword refers to the chaos in the industry. In 2013, Yu Junyi took all his net worth and set up Van Dyro Optical Technology Co., Ltd. to focus on the prevention and control intervention of young people’s myopia, and the main theme is “Lianmei brand”.

“ True myopia is irreversible! Dare to be the first in the world, Yu Junyi publicly voiced, hand-sharp industry shady, proposed “defense and “regulation” is the fundamental. In his view, more serious than myopia is the development of high myopia, high myopia is very easy to cause lesions, prevention of myopia growth is the top priority.

These actions were regarded as revenge because they touched some people’s cakes. Because of the wholehearted commitment of Yu Xing’s nightingale, he couldn’t take care of the family. Yu Junyi’s wife could not bear to endure it. divorce. No matter what the situation is, Yu Junyi has never stopped. “I don’t regret my choice. I think Limei is not only doing business value, but more importantly, it is to use a big love heart to create a youth vision health. ‘Green Shield & rsquo;.

In order to popularize vision health education, Yu Junyi spends millions on his team and goes to school every year.In the surrounding area, we will promote the science of near-ambly prevention and control science. We have traveled to 23 provinces and more than 200 cities in China, with more than 3,000 games, and tens of millions of young people have benefited.

A partner asked privately about Yu Junyi, which was worthless. I didn’t expect him to be on the spot. Fire; once investors also proposed to buy 50 million shares, but demanded to immediately stop this non-cost “public interest behavior”, was Yu Junyi’s categorical rejection, he said: “If you only pursue profit maximization, Not suitable for investing in Limei!

Perhaps related to past experiences, perhaps because of personality, in Yu Junyi, you can always see this northwestern man’s feelings. He has ventured into the children’s village on several occasions to support orphans; he has also traveled over the mountains to send living materials to poor families.

In just a few years, Yu Junyi’s social donations have exceeded 10 million. For everything he did, he never said anything, but the media came to his own name. This discouragement, looking at the entire business community, can be compared with it.

“The business model of the style of the singularity

“The problem of myopia is not a child’s play, only to be awe-inspiring, holding the ruler, can really do this. Shouldering the social mission, Yu Junyi said, “Looking at the beauty of the United States is to correct the wrong questions and change the problems that the whole industry is avoiding.

In order to trace the roots, it took 2 years. Yu Junyi traveled throughout the United States, South Korea and China. He has introduced the US OEP 21-step international eye standard test process and Korean environmental frames to integrate high-end myopia in the world. After the prevention and control of resources, the Limei full-focus axis control mirror was born.

The crux of myopia is that —— long-term close-up use of the eye, leading to ciliary muscle spasm. Ordinary glasses have only one degree, causing the object to fall behind the retina, forming a far-sighted defocusing. Each time the eye axis is stretched by 1 mm, the degree will increase by 300 degrees.

Vision’s full-focus axis control mirror breaks through this long-standing “difficulty”, using the exclusive technology of bionic eyeball surface imaging, while eliminating retinal imaging after visual defocusing, effectively The optical focus is clearly imaged, allowing the retina to remain relaxed, without stretching the eye axis, and continuously preventing and controlling myopia.

With world-class leading technology, Yu Junyi not only won five national invention patents, but also pioneered the industry.

Even so, he still thinks that “not good enough, in pursuit of the ultimate, regardless of manpower, time and cost, the number of lens focus increased from 1500 to 2000, and increased to 4,000, until today’s tens of thousands Optical focus. While constantly refreshing the record, Yu Junyi and Vision Li are also moving toward strength.

Contrary to the industry’s unspoken “single-store processing”, Yu Junyi chose optical listed companies as the production base, and only one row of precision instruments and equipment is worth tens of millions, depending on the production process of Limei glasses. It takes a total of 107 processes to complete the process, which takes 7 days to complete, and every detail can stand the test. Thanks to this master’s dedication, Limei has been awarded the honor of “Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise” by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce for three consecutive years.

Applying a generation, reserve generation, and development generation, Yu Junyi stood at a higher starting point and took the lead in introducing APA International Youth Amblyopia Eye Program, which was divided into active correction, passive correction and auxiliary correction. I played a new set of combination punches. He believes that each child’s life rules and eye habits are not the same, should not be generalized, but need to combine the situation with the right medicine, long-acting short-acting combination.

“Myopia prevention and control is a long-term and long-term thing, not a day’s work! At the same time as the first-class soldiers, Yu Junyi has spared no effort to start the big thing in the eyes of another peer. , announced that all stores “small amblyopia corrections will not charge, help tens of thousands of amblyopia teenagers regained new life, calculated, the cost of input has exceeded 3 million.

In product development, it is known for its strict self-discipline, and in terms of strategic layout, Yu Junyi has the same vision. . When competitors were busy imitating the production process of Vision Beauty, Yu Junyi also innovatively proposed “three free strategies, namely free optometry, free training, and free class. This is a move, and the industry is at a loss. Regardless of whether it is a member of Vision, the problem of vision can be obtained at zero cost. As long as the child with spectacles has glasses, you can enjoy life-free free eye training.

This is a business model that makes Yu Junyi win more market opportunities while gaining a vertical reputation. With leading technology breakthroughs in the field of subdivision, to the consumer experience with the ultimate user experience, Limei has created its own moat and has developed rapidly.

In 2015, Limei entered CCTV and accepted an exclusive interview with the famous host Aqiu to deeply reveal the truth of myopia. Under the inspiration of the public welfare cause, the famous host, the Scarab, is pleased to become the Visionary Public Welfare Ambassador!

In 2017, Vision Li won the honor of 315 key promotion products. At the same time, the famous youth column “Little Feet of the World” producer and host Hui Xiaojie and the famous children’s star Xiaobao of the Avenue of Stars were invited to endorse the Vision brand! At present, there are more than 100 in-depth partners in the country, and there are more than 400 stores in 27 provinces and cities.

Organizational strength for a long time to win-win cooperation

After 12 years of stagnation, I will move forward. Yu Junyi is savvy, to achieve the whole visionThe insurance industry’s “big exchange of blood, from disorder to order, is not enough power alone, but should build a positive cycle of radiation: “One with 10, 10 with 10 It will be a film in a few years.

Yu Junyi takes the affiliation as the entry point and proposes a strategic policy of “winning for a long time” and working with each franchisee to form a national organization. From site selection advice, decoration planning to business guidance, Limei will send professional teams to follow up and help each agent to cultivate their own professional talents for free. At the same time, Vision Li also regularly carries out post-support with management training and technical coaching to ensure that each franchise store can continue to develop healthily.

Zhu’s in Beijing, with a monthly income of more than 100,000 in Zhongguancun Book Building; Chongqing Deng, one 21 stores opened in the first half of the year; Pingdingshan Meng Zong, who has transformed the catering industry, has now become the actor of Vision Lihe Henan; the spokesperson of Changsha Wu Zongyue, reluctantly likes to win the Changsha City … …

These successful samples are not a case, but a true portrayal of most of the franchisees. Today, Yu Junyi’s vision of the United States and the United States has a considerable scale, east to Huludao, Harbin, south to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, north to Tianjin and other nearly 100 cities, more than 1,600 people in the country every day are Youth contributes to the prevention and control of myopia.

From the team of several people in the initial stage, to the current number of employees, becoming the leader in the prevention and control industry of myopia, Yu Junyi can always attract the loyal followers of like-minded people, many of whom were internationally renowned companies. The executives are willing to give up high salaries and work with Yu Junyi.

Yu Junyi believes that the key to the success of Limei is “all in one, not only to promote benefit sharing, to encourage employees to start their own businesses, to provide substantial resources and financial support, but also to allocate at every stage of development. Stock pools of varying proportions are given to employees, making them the founding business partners of Vision.

& ldquo; The company is your ship! At the staff meeting, Yu Junyi screamed, “To be happy together, to be proud together, everyone has a share! This may be important to see Limei quickly break through.” one of the reasons.

One side is the rigid demand for prevention and control of adolescents’ vision, and the other is a high level of attention from the state to the government. The youth vision health market is showing a spurt of development, with a total volume of over 110 billion yuan, becoming a new blue ocean. Looking at the beauty of the policy, Limei will face more challenges when it comes to major benefits.

“ I don’t think that Vision has an opponent in the same field, and our products and business models are not comparable. Yu Junyi is more confident about the future. Just recently, the new secret weapon carefully built ——<;The Limei myopia prevention and control mirror has been in full preparation for the market, which will inevitably lead to another round of industry earthquake.

Written in the last

The movie “A Generation of Masters” said, see yourself, see the heavens and the earth, see all beings. Coincidentally, Yu Junyi also proposed a very interesting business equation: achievement = wisdom & times; sentients & times; mission, how many others are in your heart, how big your borders are.

In contrast, Yu Junyi, who can believe in business as a business, is extremely valuable in any era. Reinventing the industry benchmark in one’s own life, this life is only for Xi’an Hanzi who has a pair of glasses, and uses his own chest and pattern to make another demonstration for Chinese contemporary entrepreneurs.

Author: knife captain

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The Ordovician in Chongqing’s scenic area is enlarged this winter.

There is a magical scenic spot in Chongqing. The winter here will make you scare a cold sweat and let you play a hot sweat. This kind of scenic spot is still not available in other places.

This is the Wansheng Ordovician Scenic Spot. The newly launched “Cold Khan + Hot Khan” game is only available in winter.

Cold sweat: high-altitude project courage

Ordovician as the newest online red this year, the most intriguing thing is that here is the most scary high-altitude project in the world, you need There are only two words to prepare: guts.

The most famous sky hanging gallery in the Ordovician, extending 69.6 meters from the edge of the cliff, the more you go ahead, “A-shaped full transparent glass hanging gallery is shaking, there is a cloud when it is like a fairyland, When the clouds are scattered, overlooking the foot and the mountains, it is really scary. If you are afraid of heights, please bring your own friend so that you can drag you away.

The degree of excitement in the sky cannon is only a star in the Ordovician scenic spot. The five-star stimulation project is the first to bear the cliff swing, especially the 21- and 18-meter cliff swings. There are two most scary moments on the cliff swing. One is when the drawstring pulls you to the six or seven-story high in the air, the feeling of involuntary feeling, and the second is the moment when the electromagnet is released from your back. Out of the cliff, many people couldn’t call it out. It was this moment of repeated life and death. When playing, some people were sweating because they were over-stressed and the hands of the chain were pulled.

The 360-degree pendulum near the middle gate of the Ordovician, and the catapult, are new in September this year. The project, the former is the only 360-degree pendulum in the Southwest, “Romdom and “Rotation is 360 degrees. When people are hanging upside down in the air, and they don’t know that the pendulum will fall to the other side, then The feelings are like the edge of life and death, and some strong guys are also unstable. The catapult is to shoot the sky into the sky like a cannon, and the seat will rotate. The feeling of one second, some daring old drivers will retreat.

The Ordovician is a scenic spot built on the edge of the cliff. Some of the original projects have been seen in other places. However, built on the edge of the cliff, the degree of stimulation is doubled by the mountainous terrain of Chongqing. For example, the eleven-opened cliff machine, the cliff screaming, the trapeze are all on the edge of the cliff. Take the cliff machine as an example. You are When the machine is delivered to the highest point, it is impossible to see the platform under the foot. As far as the eye is concerned, it is the mountains. Every time you land, you feel that you have to fall into the valley.

There are more than a dozen high-altitude projects in Ordovician. In the off-season, almost all of the net red projects can be played in one day. This is the most cost-effective time of the year, and you may have to be scared out. Many times cold sweat.

Hot sweat: The snow project is not too cold

How can you get less snow in the winter, the Ordovician scenic spot at 1200 meters above sea level, now it is already one meter thick? Sprinkle wild in the snow, winter is not white.

At an altitude of only 1200 meters, if the temperature is above zero, how can there be 1 meter of snow? Is it deeper than the Jinfoshan and Fairy Mountain at an altitude of 2,000 meters?

The Ordovician scenic spot began to make snow two months ago. Since the temperature is close to zero, the thick snow of the Ordovician scenic spot will not be normalized. The most important thing is that the Ordovician can go at any time. I realized that the fun of snowfall makes you take pictures of the beautiful photos that have snowed, but this is not possible in other scenic spots.

The Ordovician skiing is 100 yuan for two hours, in the scenic spots with heavy snow resources in Chongqing. It’s quite low. After two hours of skiing here, you should have a sweat.

Even if you don’t love skiing, the Ordovician scenic snow field also has a variety of snow-playing equipment, such as sledding, snowmobile, snow ring, snow inflatable ball, etc. for you to play, play for a while, you I will want to take off my clothes.

It is the dreamy ice and snow kingdom of Ordovician that really makes children play with sweat. The ice sculptures here are all ice sculptures that can be played as slides. Children will not want to play out in them. There are thick down jackets on the scene to rent, play a few more laps, children’s parents should pay attention to whether they will run out of sweat, this is also the most suitable for children to play in the Ordovician.

In fact, the southerners play snow, they can’t play for a long time, and the Ordovician is also a pass system. Tickets can be skiing, snowing, ice sculpture, and other adventures in Ordovician. The comprehensive price/performance ratio is unparalleled. Playing the high-altitude project by the way, the snow is also played, this day is the most full.

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Winter home maintenance book: three points for wood floor maintenance

The weather is dry in winter, and the surface of the floor is relatively dry and vulnerable, especially for solid wood flooring, the surface is more fragile. In order to prevent cracks in the floor in winter, people should pay attention to the maintenance of the winter floor while enjoying the warmth.

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70% of furniture companies are committed to the whole house customization, can the whole house customization “unify the world”?

Image from “123rf.com.cn

2017 The year can be said to be the first year of the custom home, and the major custom home companies have started the “full house custom” business, becoming a no-nonsense. Many other companies in the segment have begun to follow suit and want to share a slice of the custom home industry. This article will discuss and analyze the future of the whole house custom home will not be unified.

In the past two years, there have been many whole-house custom homes on the market, from wooden doors to cabinets, wardrobes, and even stair siding, which can be customized for you, and also by many consumers. Favor. Especially in the market situation where the sales of finished furniture declined, many home furnishing companies began to enter the whole house to customize the home.

Some insiders said: “Now it is no exaggeration to say that 70% of furniture companies are doing whole house customization. Regardless of whether it used to be a cabinet or a wooden door, whether it is made of panel furniture or solid wood furniture, it is all custom-made. Then, in the future, the whole house will be customized. Will it be in the world? At the China Business Daily, the Shaanxi Home New Retail New Service Innovation Forum will give different interpretations and analysis.

The whole house custom home is favored after 80, 90

“Customized home is not muddy, and beautiful. Ms. Huang, a citizen of Xi’an, purchased a compact two-bedroom apartment in the urban area. At present, the hard-covering project has been completed, and the rest is home-based. Ms. Huang said that the reason why she chose to customize the home is not only because it is fashionable and beautiful, but also saves herself a lot of troubles. Many whole cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, etc. can be customized. As long as the brand is approved and a deposit is paid, there are special designers who come to the door to measure and customize the furniture according to the preferences of consumers.

Lu Yuke, general manager of Parker Brothers Furniture, said that after 80s and 90s, the more popular products are personalized home products, and the pursuit of exclusive and unique home products. Therefore, this has given birth to a considerable market prospect for customized homes. “Younger will undoubtedly be the development trend of the customized home market in the future.

Whole house customization maximizes space utilization

Hou Ming, general manager of Bintu Wooden Door, believes that the reason why the whole house custom home is popular in the market is compared with traditional finished furniture. Its incomparable advantage. Customized homes are not limited by size. There is no doubt that custom homes can fulfill almost any size, shape and material requirements. Therefore, the customization can at least monitor the use of materials and the cost is more controllable.

The design style can be changed depending on the purpose and the like. For example, the custom home case that is often done is the design of the children’s room. Usually the children’s room is not large, and the space can be saved by customizing the integrated bed and desk. The overall room is also very strong. Such a piece of furniture, because of the pursuit of the integration of the room and the overall effect, in addition to the on-site measurement of size customization has no choice.

The use of materials and the use of colors are more flexible. For example, the owner wants to have a changing desk + bookcase model, and is also very recommended for custom furniture. Because customization is designed by the designer according to the owner’s imagination, and reflects your design philosophy, of course, unique.

There are shortcomings such as high price and long period of time

Mr. Tian, ​​who has been engaged in the home industry for more than ten years in Xi’an, believes that there are still many high-priced, long production cycles, etc. insufficient. First of all, before the furniture is made, it is difficult to grasp what it looks like. Because each family’s size is different, there are no ready-made finished products and templates, all rely on the designer’s drawings and experience, so it is hard to say how the final completion effect is.

Second is the high price. Custom furniture requires designers to draw sketches, construction drawings, on-site cutting boards, find suitable hardware, etc., which could have been completed quickly in the factory. Once customized, it may take two skilled workers to work for a week, plus designer coordination. The custom price usually considered will more than double the price of the finished product.

Again, design takes time and can’t be started in an instant. Because it is a brand-new concept, there is no rule to follow. It takes time to consider every detail. Production is also the same. The whole process is completely new product development and innovation, and the construction period is relatively long.

Customization has not yet reached the real “full house”

Mr. Tian believes that the current house customization has not yet reached the real “full house.” First of all, in order to customize the whole house, in addition to the traditional suite furniture, cabinets and wardrobes, including ceilings, lighting, curtains and other decorations, are also required. In this respect, the company cannot produce or incomplete, and there will be costs for external procurement or cooperation. Problems in quality, delivery time, etc., which are difficult for most furniture companies to solve or unwilling to touch.

Secondly, although many companies are vigorously promoting themselves as “customers”, in fact, a large number of enterprises mainly rely on the purchase of finished furniture, and the investment in customization is obviously insufficient. Most of the companies that have introduced customized home services say they don’t understand the customization model. The company rarely produces it by itself, mainly by acquiring some custom furniture companies, or cooperating with some companies that make wooden doors, curtains, ceilings, etc. Provide overall home customization services to promote the market, or directly to find custom furniture companies to cooperate, only to customize the furniture services.

Whole house customization is breaking through the original product classification

Huang Haibin, general manager of Derry Dynasty furniture, believes that the emergence of customized home is a revolutionary breakthrough, let the furniture home and decoration There is more than one combination point, and there is one more category in the home. No matter howAs such, the whole house customization is an innovation of the old-style finished furniture, which promotes the adjustment and optimization of the industrial structure to a certain extent, and is a direction for the upgrading and development of the furniture industry.

Due to the consideration of the uniformity of the whole house style, more and more consumers in the future hope to realize one-stop service such as whole house customization. Even if the whole house customization still takes time to test, although the whole house customization still has its imperfections, its development will not be smooth, but after all, the whole house customization conforms to the changing needs of modern consumption and social trends.

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Should the floor be rested? Four strokes help you stick out the perfect ground

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021727211130.jpg”>

1. Retreat before paving

Solid wood flooring, laminate flooring or laminate flooring, the main material is wood, wood materials are susceptible to climate change and thermal expansion and contraction. After buying the home, the floor should be placed in the new living room or other dry and dark places. Two days, the water content of the floor and the indoor water content are balanced to facilitate paving.

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