Arctic Tree House

Not many hotels are placed in remote and remote places. The Arctic Tree House Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland is special, not only because of its location, but also because it is not a single large building. They are distributed in natural slopes between existing trees with as little impact as possible on the land.

This unusual hotel was designed by the studio Puissto. The project was completed in 2016 and took 15 months to build. Its space covers a natural slope of 1,450 square meters.

There is a larger main structure and several smaller structures with green roofs. The unit is designed to be comfortable and uses warm wood and colour. Wood is widely used throughout the unit. The ceiling and walls are covered with dark stained wood.

The main building has a terrace that provides a good view. It has a large and open lobby area that surrounds a fireplace that is mounted on the ceiling. The steel fireplace is the focal point of the hall. The space was connected to the kitchen area and the hotel’s restaurant. The stairs lead to the gallery area, where there is office and meeting space.

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Jasper Morrison’s environmental installation

VitraHaus hired British designer Jasper Morrison to renovate their headquarters on the Rhine River in Germany. Spanning over 150 square meters, the space is conceived as part of the studio, part of the salon and part of the office.
Morrison designed a low-key color for the device, contrasting with the bold design of others, resulting in a comfortable and dynamic visual space. The restaurant uses natural materials and earthy colors to create a simple space.

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An eclectic attic in the heart of Auckland

Interior DesignerJacquelinePalmerRecently completed the design of a multi-level attic in the heart of Oakland, California. At first it was a blank sheet of paper, and then the attic became an eclectic space that made people feel fashionable and more livable.
Uses a variety of textures, wood and metal, designed to combine geometric details with shareholder decorative items, all with polished concrete floors and recycled wood beams take.
a wide variety of furniture Used to complement the client’s collection of arts and crafts.

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Secret hidden behind Murphy Gate

Give a secret door to the house, which was disguised as an open shelf. It is placed between a built-in seat corner and the stairs, and if you push the shelf away, a casual space will be displayed.
A loft apartment in London was refurbished by architect Alexander Martin. It also has a secret door. It is hidden behind a small bookcase and slides out to showcase the study area. The system is original and tells us an interesting way to hide a home office and keep the functionality independent.
Who would doubt what would be behind the entire wall covering the bookshelf? The bookshelf designed by architect Consuelo Jorge is so special that it offers a surprise element. This is a space in Brazil. Designed for an art collector, it has three Murphy doors that can be opened at the same time to show a secret room.

It is easy to disguise a door as a bookshelf. When there is a wall covering the bookshelf, a door can be more easily integrated and less likely to be suspected. This home is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and the interior is fun.
Airbnb works with The Bold Collective when creating their new office in Sydney, Australia. This is a comfortable and welcoming office that looks and feels more like a home. It has a comfortable seating area, meeting space and comfortable benches, and the meeting room is hidden behind the Murphy door.
When you enter this apartment in Slovakia, everything is beautiful and beautiful, except for one thing: the bedroom is gone. This is not because it is missing or somehow integrated into a multi-purpose space, but it is hidden and the door is invisible. Look carefully at the left side of the bookcase and everything will be revealed.

This Vietnamese house is bigger than it looks. If you analyze a large bookcase wall, you will find that it has an unnecessarily large frame, and there is a space below that should not normally be there. This can only mean one thing: this is a secret door. It leads to the room and also serves as a home office.
When you deal with a large space, it is easy to hide a room, but a small house? A lot of things are possible when you are smart and creative. When Project.DWG ~ Architecture designed the Dutch KLM, they brought surprises. The house is situated on a 55-square-meter piece of land, but this does not stop it from being full of surprises, including the secret corner next to the stairs.
Building your own home is exhausting, but it is also fun and exciting. Architect Jesse Bennett and interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo created the Planchonella house. This is a house with lots of interesting features, including a secret space hidden behind the Murphy door.

Building a house on a very small land in Antwerp, Belgium. They want a simple interior with clean forms, classic and stylish furniture and mostly neutral colours. At the same time, they added a secret space behind the bookshelf.
Utz Design knows a little about custom furniture and understands that it can be optimized to meet a variety of spatial configurations and needs. They designed this cool bookcase wall with a built-in hidden door.
In order to successfully integrate the secret room with Murphy Gate into a home, this detail must be built from the beginning, although it can sometimes adapt to the existing layout. Nick Mehl Architecture has done a great job here. The secret bookcase door reveals a narrow corridor to the left of the stairs.

Use Murphy Gate for one of their projects. They cleverly concealed the kitchen of this home and separated it from the living room without making it look mainstream and boring.
It’s easy to hide the secret door on the wall, just use the geometric design. The door becomes part of the pattern, and as MurphyMears Architects showed us here, the shelf is optional. This is the Zaguan House, a single-family home located in Houston, Texas.

There is a secret room with a secret door in the basement that sounds a bit creepy. Just Basements showed us a beautiful design that can change everything. Don’t you like this irregularly shaped door? It is perfectly hidden on the wall.

A secret door can be an interesting option when you want to hide a guest bathroom or bathroom. Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects designed the home. This small washroom is located under the stairs and the door is subtly concealed as a simple wall.
When you see such a wall is obvious, it hides. You only know what is going to happen, especially if you play some games in your life. What you see here is a dark door disguised as a wall. This is Mikhail Fortune added to the London house and updated it.
The secret door is disguised as a shelf is cool, it is hard to find, even if the entire house has only a bookcase, imagine this design strategy is used in the library. The house used to be a barn, transformed by the Seilern Architects studio, a magical and mysterious home.

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PURO Hotel in the Old Town of Gdansk

Located in the heart of Grand Island, the PURO Hotel is a bold, lively and colourful hotel that offers tired travellers a place to work, play and stay in Poland. This 4-star hotel has 211 rooms, 9 suites and a comfortable corner filled with modern design, worth a stay on your itinerary.

The hotel is located in the center of Gdansk and was destroyed by World War II. It is now a hot spot for tourism and business. The interior of the London interior design studio DeSallesFlint reflects this rejuvenation and innovation. Colors, designs and artwork are placed in every corner of the hotel.

PURO features modern furnishings and warm ambient lighting. As a tribute to the island’s long-standing food warehouse, materials such as linen, wool, brass, iron and wood are incorporated into contemporary interiors.

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3SIXTEEN and HERMAN MILLER launch Eames recliner and ottoman

In a modern design fairy tale, two seemingly unrelated brands are combined to create a special product that can pass Have the test of time.

This once-in-a-lifetime cooperation Being united by common values,3sixteenandHerman MillerDesigned a famous Eames A new version of the recliner and ottoman. The natural plant 鞣 leather was chosen as the fabric of the chair, and the shell of the chair was hand-oiled. Made from Brazilian rosewood thin wood chips. Only three sets of chairs are made and will not be produced.
This partnership celebrates Generation cooperation, human values ​​and beautiful ancient design.

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Modern interior garden with indoor courtyard and garden

HangingRockHouse is made in Melbourne SixDegreesArchitectsDesigned, it not only has rectangular windows with panoramic views of the surroundings, but also an open-air indoor garden that can be enjoyed from different spaces.

FougeronArchitectureDesigned this rooftop apartment , TehamaGrasshopper, one in San Francisco In the old warehouse. The top floor of the home is a living space that includes a glass-covered outdoor courtyard.

Located in Peru, this home is inspired by the lush environment, and the two-story garden also helps to bring daylight into the first floor.

This two-story atrium is open to the sky and occupies CubeThe center of the house Location, by JohnManiscalcoArchitectureDesign, this is a way to enjoy the sun, air and green plants.

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Leader Cecilie Manz Beoplay M5

Beoplay M5 is a simple 360 ​​wireless speaker designed by Danish designer Cecilie Manz, made of aluminum and textiles. The speakers can be used as a stand-alone function or can be connected to speakers in other rooms via Beolink Multiroom or Beolink Multiroom. The speakers can also be connected via Bluetooth.
Speakers make full use of position optimization, in order to maximize the quality of the sound, depending on where the speakers are placed, for example, in a corner, a wall or a room. The fabric around the speakers is interchangeable and can be replaced with different colors.

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Coloured apartment inspired by paper sewing

French fashion designer Waterfrom Design created a colorful and sophisticated apartment for a young homeowner, inspired by paper-stitched patterns. From the braided lines of the glass bookcase to the translucent texture of the blue bookshelf, the apartment is filled with subtle details that will keep you stunned. The kitchen and dining room is next to the study, with a warm orange that extends from the ceiling to the floor. On the desktop is a minimalist lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades. The kitchen’s upper cabinets are rich in gold, paired with black low cabinets and textured white tiles. The custom base of the table is referenced to a sewing machine.

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Inspired by the wreckage of the street

Uhuru in Brooklyn was inspired by the wreckage of the street and designed the Fold collection. The folded metal form references the flat wreckage of the Red Hook industrial community, especially the metal shoulder strap that binds the object to the tray and the box.
They even let this idea go further by copying the natural luster of the material. The portfolio includes tables, benches, coffee tables and coffee tables that will slowly reveal personality over time.

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