New outdoor furniture series

In 2012, B&B Italia launched the Ray interior furniture collection designed by designer Antonio Citterio and expanded it into the outdoors in 2017. The Ray Outdoor Collection brings the same comfort to the terrace.

The Ray Outdoor Series consists of two seat series, both of which are located on an aluminum frame with a woven structure and cushions. The structure is made of woven polypropylene fiber, durable and UV resistant, and has vivid colors such as turquoise, acid green, Bordeaux red, and includes two depth sofas, armchairs and recliners.

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Floating sauna powered by motor

SeattlegoCstudioDesigned a place for friends and communities to enjoy the beauty of the lake together. The motor-powered structure is a floating sauna that cites a traditional Nordic sauna.
The sauna is equipped with an electric rotating motor, which is powerful enough to support the sauna in the lakes of Seattle. Sauna can accommodate 6People, it provides warmth through a wood-burning stove. After the sauna, you can jump into the lake Swimming in.

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This week’s 2017 Milan Design Week works

The Dwell bench was designed by Vera & Kyte in Bergen, inspired by the simplicity and symmetry of the vibrator design, expressed in contemporary lacquered wood structures.
Sara Wright Polmar created these shelf/drawer mixes, which can display and store small items and play with the size of a classic matchbox. Each piece consists of a dyed ash box with a folded steel casing.
Norwegian Notes is a collection of aromas created by KajaDahl in Oslo for use in residential and retail environments. Each scented wax gives the Norwegian outdoor aroma.
The Noidoi designer duo in Oslo created a series of three blown glass containers based on the iconic 18th century floral bouquet.

Named after the favorite Norwegian island of industrial designer Jonas Stokke, Tjøme is a formal dining chair. Inspired by casual garden furniture, it was built by local boat builders.
This incredible multifaceted vessel is made of blown, sandblasted, polished glass from glass blower and artist Kari Mølstad. Her work is inspired by the Norwegian landscape.
Combining clay with hand-polished wood, the Make container puts two different materials together. It was created by collaboration between designer Per Tore Barmen and Siri Brekke. Interdisciplinary artist Anette Krogstad explores the boundaries between art and craft, bringing a range of ceramic plates and bowls that are fixed to the wall.

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Spanish restaurant bar

Bar RavalFor Toronto is a new and very interesting addition. This is a Spanish restaurant-style bar by chefGrant van GamerenImagine and PARTISANSDesign. It is unusualArtwork, the boss thinksBar RavalYesAn art restaurant .

The total area of ​​the restaurant is 1980Square feet, it is indeed a building-like sculpture. The hand-crafted steel mesh covers the front and side windows, allowing passers-by to see the real magic of the interior design of the restaurant.
The mahogany mahogany strips form unique furniture that surrounds the walls, revealing a little beauty and elegance. Everything is fluid and subtle, affecting the atmosphere inside the bar.
The ceiling is engraved with warm concave lighting that highlights the bar, walls and everything.
This is a magical interior design, once you walk inside, it is like entering a different world with a unique style.

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NOE VALLEY Residential

Noe ValleyHouse is Bach Architecturea project, it is for a 3

Reconstructed an indoor space around an open stairwell to allow light to pass through the floor above. The stairs connect the house from the entrance to the top floor. To help illuminate the stairs, they installed a chamfered window and a large skylight to make each floor bright.
The stairs are clearly the focus of the house, with wooden pedals, glass and steel elements.
The right side of the office has access to the new terrace and green garden.
The three bedrooms are on the top floor, including the master bedroom suite.
The light bulb fills the shower room and illuminates the rest of the bathroom. Each space is decorated with locally produced healthy ceramics.

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TWIG chair from NENDO

Twig is a minimalist chair by Tokyo Design CompanyNendoforAliasDesign. Alias is a company specializing in the production of aluminum furniture, so the design company decided to create an aluminum chair.

Although the aluminum structure remains unchanged, the upper parts of the five different chairs use different shapes, colors and materials . As a result, they offer a range of seating experiences, from high-back chairs for dining to office chairs for everyday use.
The materials for the seat include wood, plastic or fabric. In addition, when the upper portion of the seat is removed, the underlying aluminum frame can be folded for transport.

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Two neighbors fell in love and merged the apartment

After two neighbors fell in love, they chose to merge adjacent apartments into a modern design in Sofia, Bulgaria. Responsible for the project is Pavel Yanev, fromALL inStudio, he named the project When a neighbor falls in love. This newly combined unit exceeds 100square meter(1080square feet), maintain a functional bright space within the budget design.

The apartment is visually separated by oak parquet, spanning walls and ceilings. It gives an open view, from the lounge to the living room, making the apartment look bigger.
The panel is kept in simple black and white, balanced with grey and wooden style.
The oak dining table was built specifically for this project, as well as the sofa.

The wooden walls in the bedroom are connected to the floor to create a warm feeling.

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Colorful house designed by CUBO

This minimalist house is located in Kanagawa, Japan, by CUBODesigned. The location is located at Otobash, an intensive resident, some distance from Nagoya Station. This project was built for a father and his daughter, focusing on the modern Japanese aesthetics and artistic talents throughout the space, mixing a vivid color scheme.

The spacious gap is placed at the entrance to provide a buffer. The father’s contemporary Japanese-style single-story space occupies the empty space on the right. On the left is the daughter’s living space, which is also adjacent to the inner courtyard. An eclectic color palette reminds of traditional Oriental art, placed with a colorful lantern and black tatami, creating a space that is creative and comfortable.
The structure of the home consists of simple straight squares in order to coordinate with the surrounding environment. Paintings on the Lama Gate——Japanese paper sliding door—— was created in collaboration with an artist. The bedroom design on the second floor is based on a European hotel design. One of the walls is painted in indigo, decorated with ivy-like patterns that accentuate the atmosphere of the interior.

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Modern minimalist furniture made of steel

Jo WiltonandMirka GrohnYesBritish-Finnish The design portfolio, they were founded&New, a modern furniture company, focusing on Minimalist ventilation design. The use of steel as a durable and strong material is the perfect choice for making a work.

Every modern piece of work stands out because of its bold angles, with interesting colors. Sometimes steel is matched with different types of wood to make the design more unique. The first collection includes a coffee table, sideboard, desk and clothes rack.


Furniture” width=”600″ height=” 800″ />

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Vase made of glass, cement and sand

100% Sand is a recent graduate Anabella Vivas a project to investigate whether the process of designing during the creation can benefit from natural elements. Want to strike a balance between materials,VivasSelect mixed sand and concrete, and combine with glass. All in all, each piece comes with 60% concrete and 40%glass.

By using a large amount of sand in a concrete mixture,VivasCan Blow the glass inside, Some slightly colder than normal temperature, so that the components may be combined together. Each piece is hand-crafted, showing the texture and appearance of the work itself.
This year will be at Ventura Lambrate Show her project.

Vases made of cement and sand” width=”600″ height=”530″ />

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