Passengers of Egypt’s flight revealed that the co-pilot of the hijack had threatened to crash the plane

ChinaNet February 17 According to the Russian news, an Italian passenger on the Ethiopian Airlines flight that landed at the Geneva airport on Monday told reporters that the hijacked co-pilot had threatened to crash the plane.

The 25-year-old economist Francesc · Kuomo said that problems started in the middle of the night and the captain could not enter the cockpit. He asked the first officer to open the door and even try to open it, but The first officer did not want the captain to enter the locked cockpit.

The Italian ANSA news agency quoted the passenger as saying: “At the time, we heard the news published in bad English, but the meaning was understandable. It is threatening to crash the plane. Then heard the noise of the noisy and impact in the cockpit, the oxygen mask in the cabin fell. The situation stabilized, but everyone was nervous. ”

A Boeing 767-300 passenger jet from Yadis Ababa to Rome signaled the hijacking of the aircraft and landed at Geneva Airport at 6:10 local time. The hijacker was a co-pilot. He had surrendered to the police and asked for political asylum in Switzerland.

According to local media reports, two Italian fighter planes intercepted the passenger plane in Sicily and escorted it to French airspace. The French fighter then took off and tracked the passenger plane.

The passengers on the plane left the plane smoothly and no one was injured. The Italian aviation authorities said the aircraft contained 193 passengers, 138 of whom were Italian citizens. The staff of the Ethiopian Airlines office in Rome told the Russian news agency that there is no information about the nationality of the passengers.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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