Pay tribute to Mondrian, the Dutch EFE glasses brand is fully upgraded to open a light lifestyle

New look for the new year. At the beginning of 2018, in order to better show the young vitality of the brand and bring more aesthetic experience to the younger users, the Dutch EFE glasses brand officially announced that the new logo of the EFE brand will be launched from March 1, 2018. At the same time, the new store image and the brand visual identity system (VI) synchronized overall upgrade, and listed 2018 spring new X-Role multi-role series sunglasses and optical glasses. The release of the new logo and the launch of the new product symbolize that the Dutch EFE glasses brand officially opened the first step of the 2018 brand strategy upgrade. It also means that the Dutch EFE glasses brand, which defines fashion as a new wave of life, will be brought to you in 2018. Come to a new fashion experience that comes from life.

▲ Dutch EFE brand glasses logo logo, new store image and brand visual identity system (VI) comprehensive upgrade

In order to better understand the source of EFE’s brand-wide upgrade, the reporter was invited to enter EFE and had an in-depth conversation with Van Basten Fedora, one of the founders of the brand.

Talking about the Dutch EFE brand glasses logo logo, the new store image and the original intention of the brand visual identity system (VI), Fedora talked about her source of inspiration. Fedora has always been appreciative of young life, she said, “I love to communicate with young people in the cafes along the canals of Amsterdam, which makes me inspiration. I love all the young people, love their vitality, and love their unfetteredness. I like their attitude towards life, the world they see in their eyes, simple and simple. It is because of this love, and the youthful vitality of young people, Fedora wants to inject these unparalleled beauty into the vitality of the EFE brand.

▲The famous Dutch EFE brand glasses, Dutch painter Pie · Mondrian and his “cold” Abstract Art Works

Fedora studied art from childhood, the famous Dutch paint pioneer Piet Mondrian Pied · Mondrian is her idol to her childhood. Mondrian is like a versatile formula that is popular across fashion, with its exaggerated visual effects helping designers to incorporate strong personal style into real-world design. The red, yellow and blue primary plaid patterns are simple but the visual impact is strong. The tension also promotes the fashion series created in Mondrian’s language. Yves Sanit Laurent, Bottega, Prada, Fendi, Balmain, Alexander Wang and other big names are also looking for inspiration from Mondrian’s perfectly segmented color blocks.

▲To pay tribute to the classics, the new store image of the Dutch EFE brand glasses is inspired by Mondrian

In this design process, Fedora was also inspired by Mondrian, so a wonderful idea burst into her mind. She fully borrowed the art of Mondrian’s paintings. The new stylistism perfectly presented the color rhythm of the EFE, the new store image and the design of the new brand visual system. Feeling, and fully demonstrates the good intentions EFE wants to be closer to you.

Reinterpreting the brand new transformation of young vitality brand logo

▲ Dutch EFE brand glasses logo logo , new store image and brand visual identity system (VI) fully upgraded

In the design of the brand logo, Fedora fully infused her love of young vitality into the design, she uses smooth lines As a basis for composition, detailed artistic processing makes the visuals more rounded, lighter and more stylish. At the same time, the new LOGO follows the orange of the Netherlands, which is bright and comfortable. It expresses the new definition of the EEF life in the Netherlands, which makes its young and fashionable image positioning more prominent. The whole logo design is ingenious. Face-to-face double “E design” adds the fun of Logo, representing the current generation of New Generation men and women. In the middle, “F stands for Feel the trend and feels fashionable. The overall design means that fashion men and women wearing EFE glasses will experience more freedom Free, more suitable for Fit, more perfect Flawless light life experience.

2018 Spring New Simultaneous Listing Leads Young People’s Pursuit

EFE Dutch Eyewear Brand Not only does the new logo vividly and comprehensively show the brand’s interpretation of young life, the 2018 spring new sunglasses and optical mirrors ——X-Role multi-role series, which are listed on the list, are designed with the concept of young self and light tide. Let the glasses play different roles in life to express your uniqueness with different images.

According to the designer, this 2018 spring new collection with retro and trendy collision design, frame construction Retro, bold and trendy, combined with ergonomics, upgraded materials and design structure, bringing avant-garde and stylish retro. RigHt time,Right place & Right EFE, at the right time, the right place to meet their own EFE glasses, the new EFE2018 spring new sunglasses and optical mirror to meet the needs of different users in different scenes, its visual beauty and wear The comfort is better. It is the freedom and freedom that EFE advocates. It is suitable for the non-following, perfect and perfect optician experience. It guides the young people to enjoy the light and fashionable life, and explores the beautiful self to seek various self.

A distinctive Mondrian image design creates a distinctive EFE

With a brand new store image, Fedora admits that as a follower of Mondrian, this time she follows Mondrian’s use of black lines to cut the canvas into several rectangles of different sizes. The clever segmentation and combination make the plane abstraction a rhythm. Dynamic picture. Filled with four simple and bright colors of red, yellow, blue and white, rational geometric shapes and sensual colors collide, simple but extremely tension, creating a dreamy and realistic atmosphere of “cold abstract art”.

▲To pay tribute to the classics, the new store image of the Dutch EFE brand glasses is inspired by Mondrian

Under her design, in the image style of EFE shop, Mondrian’s bright colors and geometric patterns are delicately combined with fashion. Mondrian’s abstract art totem has become a fashionable and popular element, bringing consumers a more intuitive and impactful visual experience.

As the founder of the brand Fedora said: “In the Dutch EFE glasses brand, every upgrade is undoubtedly a kind of growth, and EFE’s growing corporate vision is always for the majority of users. See yourself better in the process of choosing EFE. Letting everyone see better is the goal that the EFE brand has been fighting for for a lifetime.

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