Perfect solution to the problem of small apartment bathroom

I want to transform the small bathroom of 3-5m2 into a large space. It is not enough to use the light color expansion. It is necessary to make more humanized interpretations of the decoration, in order to solve the problem of small-sized bathroom perfectly.
Q1: The space is narrow, and the installation of bathroom products is difficult?

Solution: In-wall decoration and wall-mounted bathroom products

Small bathroom with narrow space should be considered in the planning and use of the wall surface, hollowing out the wall Space becomes storage and the world is reduced in size and balance. It does not seem to occupy space, such as in-wall mirror cabinets or built-in bathroom cabinets and storage racks.

Q2: Can’t fit the shower room, it’s difficult to separate wet and dry

Solution: use the shower curtain

Ingenious use of shower curtain, shower curtain Made of plastic or nylon, it has a certain windproof and waterproof effect, and can effectively maintain the temperature of the bathing area.

Q3: The bathroom feels depressed and crowded

Solution: Use the mirror to enlarge the space

Mirror and other mirror materials can increase the visual depth, so that The effect of the bathroom seems to be more than double that of the actual area. If you extend your view, there will be no feeling of depression and crowding.

Q4: Insufficient lighting, difficult to change the window position

Remedy: Renovate half wall, use transparent material

can be open The bathroom is made of a combination of transparent glass and other areas of the room. It can also be used to remove only the wall of the bathroom and the upper part of the bedroom/living room. The damaged part is decorated with frosted glass to solve the lack of lighting. problem.
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