Polishing powder can also cause stone to return to alkali, you know?

The formation process is that the silicate and water in the cement sand react to form calcium silicate, and calcium hydroxide is also formed. When the calcium hydroxide is dissolved in water, there is condensation water when there is a temperature difference, and calcium hydroxide is Under the medium transport of water, it is sent to the surface of the stone. When the aqueous solution reaches the surface of the stone, it forms a layer of monstrous, commonly known as hair and fog. When the water evaporates, white crystal powder does not remain on the surface of the stone.
   However, polishing powder can also cause stone to return to alkali, you know?
   polishing powder is a polishing material used for stone polishing and maintenance, and can be used with stone calcium carbonate. A fast chemical reaction that achieves a mirror finish that keeps the stone a lasting shine. The main ingredient of the polishing powder that is often used in the market today is Acid Potassium Oxalate acid oxalate. It smells very strong in oxalic acid. Polishing powder with too high acid oxalate content in the polishing application stone is very fast, saving labor costs, and the mirror effect is also very beautiful. But the problem is that in the second day of polishing, the original luminosity of the stone will be found, which is much more blurred than the luminosity effect of yesterday. That is because the potassium oxalate in the polishing powder reacts with the calcium carbonate, the main component of the marble, to form another alkaline calcium oxalate salt, which forms a return alkali on the surface of the stone.
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