Putin Meets with Egyptian Defense Minister to Support His Candidacy

Egyptian Defense Minister Seyce. (Source: British Media)

Egyptian Defense Minister Sethi. (Source: British media)

According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported on February 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Egyptian Defense Minister Seyes on the same day and expressed support for his election to the Egyptian president.

“I know that you have decided to run for the presidency,” Putin told Sethi, “to take on this mission to the fate of the Egyptian people is a very responsible decision.” On behalf of myself and the Russian people, I wish you success in your campaign. & rdquo; As of now, Sethi has not officially announced his candidacy for the presidency.

Putin welcomed Sethi’s visit and pointed out: “The stability of the situation in the entire Middle East depends largely on the stability of Egypt. I believe that you can mobilize your supporters with experience. At the same time, normalize the relationship between various parts of Egyptian society. ”

Most Egyptians believe that Sethi will run for the presidency and will win the election. However, as a foreign leader, Putin expressed support for him before he announced his candidacy for the president. It is very rare.

Egypt ended its military and strategic alliance 40 years ago and embarked on a pro-US path. Recently, relations between the two countries have deteriorated as the United States criticized Seysey for overthrowing former President Morsi in July and shooting hundreds of protesters. Western media analysis believes that Egypt may re-adjust relations with Russia. But is the Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil, who is currently accompanying Sethi? Fahmi said that Egypt is only in the “expanded” diplomatic scope.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

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