Red sandalwood wood flooring market is left out

According to the market conditions, the recent market for solid wood composite flooring is heating up, and the red sandalwood solid wood flooring is not popular.

The market for wood flooring is warming up

Market survey shows that this week’s parquet market is showing Investing in the situation.

The dealers reflected that the popularity of the solid wood composite flooring market has gradually increased due to the favorable stimulation of the home improvement season. In particular, the proportion of floor decoration for children’s rooms in the opening season is very obvious. Some insiders believe that the home improvement season seems to be very lively, but the actual transaction volume is limited. After a wave of sales in the flooring market, it is expected to cool down quickly. It is recommended that dealers be fully prepared. At this stage, the Guangdong market 610 × 190 × 15mm three-layer solid wood composite flooring business offer 110-160 yuan / Zhang.

Red sandalwood wood flooring is not popular

Market survey data show that the recent red sandalwood solid wood flooring market is not popular.

The dealers reported that the solid wood floor in early September has not yet sensed the atmosphere of the market season, especially the market price of expensive red sandalwood solid wood flooring has been left out since July of the second half of the year.

But there are also insiders who reflect that although the current red sandalwood solid wood flooring has not been the first to taste the sweetness of the home improvement season, red sandalwood still has the opportunity to perform in the floor market, especially the next solid wood floor heating market. The demand will bring benefits to the red sandalwood.

At this stage, Guangdong market 610 × 125 × 18mm Luzhou-flavor red sandalwood solid wood flooring business offer 500-560 yuan / Zhang.


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