Regret is too early, the balcony can be like this! ! !

People are constantly looking for high-quality lifestyles. Balconies vary in terms of usage, building facades, and presentations, including some unique new balconies. From the use function, the balcony can be divided into a living balcony and a service balcony. The living balcony is generally used for people to relax, enjoy the scenery, dry clothes, grow flowers and grass, and connect with the living room. How should the balcony be used reasonably? Here’s a detailed introduction to the balcony decoration. Five, comfortable balcony

Design Tip: If the balcony is perfectly planned, it will become an important part of home life, a small study, or a lunch break, as long as you use a little thought, it It will surprise you. If the balcony is large and located on the top floor, it should belong to the “stairs”. A large area of ​​glass is lit, and the green leaves outside the window seem to be within reach. Naturally, the living room is in a small space on the balcony.

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