Renovate small spaces with floor beds

This apartment in Poznan, Poland has a full-size loft bed, which is part of a large module that contains a kitchen and a desk, located in the bottom area. In this way, the architect can save a lot of space.
This is a small apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria. It has a high ceiling, which makes things simple, and the designer can improve the sleeping area and make room for the large closet and a desk.
High ceilings can simplify the trouble. Vincent Kartheiser chose to live in a small house instead of a big villa. In fact his Hollywood hut is small and the bed must be connected to the ceiling with a chain to make room for the day.
When converting a space into something completely different, the usual design strategy doesn’t always apply. Space must be reorganized, which means you can create something unique, such as a London apartment. It has an attic bedroom suspended from the kitchen.

This is an apartment in San Francisco, California. In 2015, ICOSA Design gave this space an indoor sleeping area on the platform. The loft bed can be reached by a ladder.
When the space is very small, sometimes you have to make a choice between the bed or the closet, but you have a solution. Here you can see a combination like this. The bed is located on a platform with a set of open bookshelves underneath and a small sink.
This is a self-sustaining off-grid home in Washington, DC. It is covered with a layer of charred cedar, and every bit of space has to be optimized, so the loft bed is used.
This will be the most impressive loft bed we have seen so far. It was remodeled and reorganized from the barn of the 1900s. It becomes a charming home with modern and rustic details, and the loft bed is under the skylight.

Architect Christi Azevedo transformed a brick boiler house originally built in 1916 into a hotel. It is only 8.6 square meters and does not provide a huge space. The way to optimize it is to use a large loft bed and a vertical layout.
This small Manhattan apartment has a small bed with drawers. This layout helps save space. Although it seems to be very close to the ceiling, the platform is located under an opening with plenty of sunlight and looks very open.
A lot of challenges can be overcome with a little creativity. This small apartment is a good example. One problem with it is that the ceiling is high, but not high enough to create a loft area. The solution is to use a loft bed, which is placed directly on the ceiling of the kitchen. When asked to renovate the London house, the architect proposed a new layout that opened up the space to the environment while also providing more storage and better insulation. The attic bedroom can be reached by a set of stairs with storage cabinets.

It turns out that a 29-square-meter house is not necessarily tiny if you know how to use space. This Gothenburg apartment makes the most of the space. It has a beautiful loft bed and a desk below that saves space and is also nice.
This loft bed is too high to be found and requires a ladder to reach. It also helps hide the mattress behind those bookshelf modules. This interesting configuration allows the living room of the small apartment to have a ceiling of normal height.
Can you imagine living in a space of ten square meters? It’s hard to find the location of the bed and some storage space. The solution is to place the bed under the ceiling with plenty of space underneath for storage.
Of course, the loft bed is not just for small homes. This loft bed belongs to the residence of Otago, New Zealand and is a cool feature, especially for children or teens. It basically does not occupy floor space.

This is a miniature apartment in Paris, France. The lack of space is not a problem, the designer gave this space a lot of storage, and even added a loft bed to this large wall unit.
The combination of loft beds and desks is very common and is often used by architects to handle small spaces. Paulde Ruiter Architects used this strategy when designing this home in Blumendal, the Netherlands.
Student apartments are usually small, and the floor bed allows for space on the ground. A project at LYCS Architecture aims to provide affordable and space-saving apartments. Their design strategies include loft beds, minimalist desks, built-in and multi-functional furniture.
By replacing the regular bed with a loft bed, nookarchitects managed to optimize the floor space of this apartment in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The apartment now has two spaces, one on top of the other. Above is the bedroom platform, below is a multi-purpose space.

It’s not easy to add more storage to a small space, but the loft bed makes things easier. You don’t even need a high ceiling. The bed of this 35 square meter Moscow house was raised to a wooden platform and integrated into a module, including a closet.
This apartment in Wroclaw, Poland, is only 13 square meters and is small, but this does not prevent it from being comfortable and tidy. The apartment has a loft bed, a custom storage unit, a desk and a kitchenette.
Relocating furniture to get more space is not difficult, but adding an extra room is tricky. L. McComber Architects faced challenges when they were asked to create a newborn room for a loft apartment in Montreal, Canada. They used plywood and steel to create a curved suspension platform.
Adult loft beds can also help increase storage if the apartment does not have enough space. ThisSmall apartments do not provide enough storage space. The space was remodeled by adding a minimalist cube with a loft bed at the top.

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