Renovated bank

A former bank in the centre of Jyväskylä, Finland, has been converted into a modern hotel by the studio Puissto Architects, taking advantage of the 1953 open architecture. Instead of the typical dorm-style dorms, they created a small private bedroom surrounded by public spaces. The mini bedroom is on the top floor and HostelJyväskylä offers a full restaurant and spa and sauna facilities in the basement. When the restaurant is closed, guests can relax and enjoy the coolness. To make sure they used all the former banks, they converted the vault into a bathtub to make it more relaxing. Overall, the hotel has a black and white colour scheme with wooden details that give it a clean, modern look.

Before the reception area on the first floor, there are three room floors that are almost identical. There are three types of bedrooms on each floor – a mini room along the façade, a plywood bed that takes up most of the space, a large bedroom along the other façade, and a plywood room that finally floats in the middle of the space.

The bedrooms on each floor have shared bathrooms, seating areas and kitchens.

They use economical materials, including home birch plywood for walls and furniture, and linoleum for flooring.

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