Rural Loan: Focusing on Rural Finance Provides Strong Support for the Development of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers

Under the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, the role of the market mechanism of the rural economy has gradually become apparent. Coupled with the development of Internet finance, rural finance has become the soil for inclusive financial development. With the entry of Internet finance, “Internet+ is working hard to gradually activate the living water of rural finance.

In response to the weak service capacity of rural finance and the lack of credit information, the Central Document No. 1 of 2017 proposed to encourage financial institutions to actively use Internet technology to provide small deposits and loans, payment settlement and Financial services such as insurance. Policy support opens the door to the opening of Internet finance. As an Internet financial platform with the mission of benefiting agriculture, rural areas and farmers, rural loans actively carry out rural financial layout, adopting supply chain + small micro-credit + big data model for the vast rural areas. Provide supply chain financial services.

With the purpose of “three rural” services, rural loans through agriculture supply chain finance, combining finance and agriculture, recommending customers around the core enterprises of agriculture and animal husbandry, and communicating the upstream and downstream capital flows and logistics of the supply chain, The credit review of the borrowers by the big data risk control, multi-dimensional cross-validation and fiduciary payment, to ensure the authenticity of the borrowing and the real use of funds, to provide efficient and convenient financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises and farmers.

Rural loans have a wealth of practical experience in serving entities. Before being online, rural loans have been deeply immersed in the agricultural industry supply chain finance. The team visited and inspected the agricultural industry and conducted in-depth research on the market. At present, through strategic cooperation with core enterprises such as Henan Puai Group, Beijing Challenge Group, Shandong Haiding Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, rural loans continue to expand their business coverage areas, relying on the low-risk characteristics of supply chain finance and the strict control of the platform itself. Providing financial services to more rural groups with financial services needs.

With the promotion of the financial services real economy, rural finance has become a good starting point for the Internet financial services entity economy. Rural loans will continue to deepen supply chain finance, adhere to the service of three rural enterprises, use technology innovation technology, integrate existing channels, and help the development of rural finance and the upgrading of precision poverty alleviation.

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