Saudi girls’ school prohibits male rescuers from entering the student’s death

The Saudi Girls’ School prohibits male rescuers from entering the student’s death

Saudi Arabia has always had a tradition of separation between men and women, especially for schools, which is even more stringent.

ChinaNet February 9 According to the French “Le Figaro” website reported on February 8, a young woman in a women’s university in Saudi Arabia died of a sudden myocardial infarction. When the rescuers arrived, they were unable to enter the campus because of their male status and delayed the rescue opportunity, causing the female students to die.

According to the official media of the Saudi Arabian newspaper Okaz, a public women’s university in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on January 5, local time, —— A student had a sudden myocardial infarction and died after being sent to the hospital. When the medical staff rushed to the accident school, the female student’s tradition of being unable to enter the women’s campus due to the inability to meet the requirements of the man (the first-aid physician is a male) delayed the rescue opportunity and indirectly caused the student to die.

It is reported that the medical staff rushed to the school district where the sick student was located after receiving the call for help, but the women’s security department of the university refused to enter the school district within two hours after the emergency personnel arrived. And place them in a place where they can avoid meeting other female students. Subsequently, the school’s Defence and Order Department acknowledged this practice and insisted that the female students who were ill at that time did not wear the traditional clothing when they met with men and had to take this measure according to religious practices.

This cruel practice of the school’s security department has led to the loss of optimal treatment time for female students. Eventually, as the time for waiting for the medical emergency team to come to the patient was passed, the female student died in the school’s vice president’s room because the myocardial infarction was not rescued in time.

However, this situation was dismissed by the President of the Saudi King’s University, Badland · Omar, who believed that the emergency doctors were entirely in danger of carrying out rescue measures.

According to the “Okaz” news, a witness who did not want to be named, the classmate of the girl who was in the incident, indignantly described to the reporter the scene around the girl’s onset: “Some people Surrounded by her, crying exhausted, and some put some apples to pray for peace. But these are just stunned. What she needed most at the time was medical first aid. But until the end, there is still no medical team coming. At the time of life, legal religious ideas have not yet been established. & rdquo;

In Saudi Arabia, single-sex universities are particularly strict with requiring students to follow religious rules. Faced with the incident that has just been blasted, all the teachers and students of King’s University of Saudi Arabia have expressed their desire to conduct a thorough investigation to restore the truth to the public.

It is reported that religious issues concerning women’s rights have been repeatedly questioned in the country. On March 11, 2002, a fire broke out in a primary school in Mecca, and 15 trapped female students were burned alive. The reason was simply because the police followed strict religious practices and did not allow the victim not to wear a headgear. The scarf came out of school to face the male. (Internship Compilation: Sha Li)

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