Selection of sanitary partitions

Toilet partitions are mainly used in the bathroom. The main function is that it is a combination of environmental protection, lighting, sound insulation, flexible design, repeated disassembly and other comprehensive requirements of the modern office. It is also an inevitable trend of industrial decoration. The main body and auxiliary components are processed at the factory and completed on site. Assembled and impacted the traditional decoration mode. Mainly because she combines the concept of modern decoration, it has the traditional enclosing function, more storage and display effect, not only saves office space, but also makes the office environment simple, modern and full of personality. How to choose a toilet partition, the following small series to introduce you!

  The choice of sanitary partition door:

  First, choose regular products When purchasing a partition door, be sure to check whether there are other relevant trademarks such as commodity certificates.

  Second, distinguish the material, the partition door is mostly tempered glass, the quality of tempered glass is quite different. Good tempered glass looks carefully with a faint pattern. The skeleton of the shower room is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is spray-treated, stainless and non-corrosive. The thickness of the main skeleton aluminum alloy is preferably 1.1 mm or more, so that the door is not easily deformed. At the same time, pay attention to check whether the ball bearing is flexible, whether the door is easy to use and light, and whether the frame combination uses stainless steel screws.

   Third, the color pattern of the partition door should be consistent with the bathroom decoration style. For example, many consumers prefer the translucent partition door with a pattern, which is decorative and strong. Enjoy the beauty; but there are some more traditional people who choose opaque cloth partitions so that they can use the bathroom while taking a bath.
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