Singapore’s eclectic apartment has been artistically transformed

This stylish Singapore apartment was recently KNQ Associates studio renovation.
The owner of this apartment is very artistic, so it must reflect this passion. Designers try to make it possible, so that beautiful designs can be seen at the entrance.
The entrance hall sets the tone of the apartment, and the mirrored walls are matched with geometric panels to add a vibrant color to the space. The rust surface gives the design a subtle industrial feel.
The public area contains an open floor plan including living room, dining room and kitchen space. There is no separate area here. The style stands out, and designers and homeowners deliberately don’t let individual styles limit the overall design.
The interior design is soothing, with adequate lighting, beautiful fixtures and simple and functional furniture. Texture plays an important role in the entire decoration. The main idea here is to try different design styles, materials and textures to find the perfect balance.

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