Six kinds of cabinet handles, who do you want to pull?

The cabinets are the furniture that every household needs. For the chef who pursues the cooking experience, the details of the kitchen reflect their love of the kitchen; therefore, for the kitchen where the space is small, each The details are worth paying attention to in order to create a comfortable kitchen. Today, let’s talk about the handle design of the cabinet~
First, the dark handle cabinet

This cabinet handle is usually hidden in the gap of the cabinet door, this design It may not be accustomed to use at the beginning, but it is OK to use it for a long time! The point is that the handle is so simple and simple that it will not interfere with the existence of the brush. I personally like this kind of cabinet handle.

Second, ear handle cabinet

The so-called ear handle is the handle that looks like the ear, if you say you don’t know what it grows Look, then after reading the pictures below, I believe you will suddenly realize it! I believe most people have used such a handle in the 1990s!

Third, the retro wrought iron handle cabinet

retro wrought iron handle, installed in the cabinet is also very grade.

Four, European-style handle cabinet

In the European kitchen, the European-style handle with metal + ceramic combination is the most common design.

Five, one-handle cabinet

The so-called one-handed handle, the shape of the handle looks like a word, the text description is really hard to say , directly below the picture. .

Six, round handle cabinet

There is also a round handle, which is directly attached to the cabinet door like a suction cup, which is relatively simple direct.
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