Slovenian city apartment decoration style is very interesting

The Ljubljana apartment building in Slovenia is nearing completion in sunset. It is a fun, dynamic interior and saturated color residential building, and the interior of the apartment looks elegant and chic through various partitions and space allocation.

The living room is the place to entertain guests, the media center and home office are behind the restaurant. The architect painted the walls of the guest room in white, the room was filled with deep gray shades and darker gray walls. The media center and small office areas have various open shelves in geometric art form, and the sofa is dark blue and green. The kitchen features a sleek shelf with natural wood. The kitchen has a mirror that is too linear and curved.

There are four white doors in the hall leading to two bedrooms, an office and a bathroom. The rooms are small but are designed to maximize the available space, such as how the office desk and sofa backless are rolled up to maximize storage space, then the room has a yellow wall, rose pillows, A beautiful trestle desk, a black-colored chair, you can see the birch in the hall when the door is open.

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