Smart hardware, another new discovery

In the smart home around the battle for control, there is another player. On November 24, 2018, the China Hardware Products Association Home Hardware Professional Committee was established. Intelligent cloud products such as intelligent cloud locks, intelligent hinges, intelligent slides and intelligent pulleys were unveiled and became a new force in smart homes. Experts pointed out that the core of the various materials connected inside the smart home is actually hardware. If the intelligent hardware can communicate with each other, it is not impossible to compete for the control of smart home.

Intelligent hardware new highlights

Before a sharp intelligent mirror system, a lot of curious people gathered, Chen Lei, CEO of Guangdong Zuofan Intelligent Home Technology Co., Ltd. patiently To the audience: “The smart mirror system in the bathroom will monitor your weight, measurements, skin and other conditions, and can display outdoor temperature, humidity and other information every morning, with a variety of intelligent interactive functions.”

This smart mirror is only part of the entire Zuo Fan smart home. In this “container” home space, intelligent products can be seen everywhere. A smart wardrobe uses an intelligent hydraulic buffer hinge, which has a smooth appearance and a thick hand. However, it uses the principle of hydraulic buffering. When it is closed to 60°, it will close slowly by itself. The hinge can reduce the opening and closing of the door. Impact force, that is, the use of force to close the door will also be gently closed to ensure smooth and silent movement; intelligent rotating rack cabinet, not only can automatically open the door, turn on the lights, but also built-in rotating track, automatically transport the required clothes to the wardrobe door; smart lift bed, Before going to bed, the bed is lowered from a height, and the bed is taken back after use. It saves space and is beautiful and fashionable. The smart lifting table is lowered as a coffee table, and it is used as a desk. In the future, the computer can be embedded in the table… These smart homes The key to the realization of the scene is the intelligent hardware. “If you compare a person to a smart carrier, smart home decoration is equivalent to human skin, smart home appliances are equivalent to human muscles, and smart hardware is human bones and joints, the human body can support, can move, and can do complex The movement depends on the flexibility of this joint.” In the “smart home scene”, from the hinge to the damping to the pulley, all of them reflect the intelligence and function. Chen Lei’s metaphor makes people understand the intelligent hardware immediately. The role.

Intelligent cloud lock as the core

“Intelligent hardware is the concentrated expression of intelligent cloud lock, intelligent cloud lock is also the first to achieve the most intelligent and intelligent hardware items Li Yu, general manager of the intelligent business center of Guangdong Huitailong Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that the main functions of intelligent cloud lock are intelligent linkage, remote authorization, user management, mobile phone control and abnormal state alarm, and more importantly, intelligent cloud. The lock can be remote firmware upgrade (OTA upgrade) through the cloud to adapt to the tide of smart home in the future, and linkage with all devices in the home to form a variety of customized scenes and modes.

Security is an important reason for consumers to choose smart cloud locks. “In the past, the definition of the door lock product was passive security. How do we make a lock to find a way to prevent it from being smashed, anti-collision, and anti-technique? But in the smart home, it is defined as active protection. On the one hand, when When someone comes to the door, the smart cloud lock can transmit the information to the owner in time. On the other hand, the built-in camera will record the person’s appearance. If the violent method is unlocked, the community security or alarm will be notified.” Guangdong Huitailong Technology Chen Hong, chairman of the company, said that the security of smart cloud locks needs to be coordinated by all parties. In the future, the entire security system in China will be plugged into the wings of the Internet to provide consumers with a more secure home environment.

If the significance of intelligent home products is to create an entrance, then the door is the main entrance to the whole home intelligence, occupying this entrance of the home means that there is opportunity to form intimacy with consumers. Relationships, competition for control of smart homes will go with the flow.

Join control battles

Data show that in 2016, China’s smart home market reached 60.57 billion yuan, and in 2017 exceeded 90 billion yuan. By 2018, the smart home market The scale will reach 139.6 billion yuan. According to industry analysts, it is expected that smart homes will usher in the next few years. By 2020, China is expected to become the largest smart home market.

“In the past few years, regardless of the direction of national policy or the need for upgrading the entire industry, the smart home market has become very popular, and the giants of all walks of life have joined.” Li Yu said frankly, whether it is doing Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, and the three major operators of communications, security companies, and home appliances have begun to cultivate their smart homes and smart security systems. However, due to the lack of uniform standards in the smart home industry and the fact that enterprises are in power, the smart home market is in a situation of melee. Consumers are unclear about the concept of smart home and dare not try it easily. The development of the smart home industry is not like Imagine so quickly. Qi Xinwang COO Mao Xinyong once said, “One big difficulty now is that single products can break through, but it is difficult to connect and grow bigger.”

“The core of all kinds of materials is actually hardware. The establishment of the hardware committee is expected to break the non-standard and disorderly single product competition from the supply chain.” Shenzhen Furniture Association Residential Guan Yongkang, dean of the Hardcover Research Institute, pointed out that under the trend of China’s building assembly, interior industrialization, and modularization of parts, home hardware is a key to twisting and closing different industries. “Now we are starting from the creation of intelligent hardware to export smart furniture items to the furniture enterprises, to build intelligent scenes, to form an industry alliance, ecological industry.” Chen Lei’s words seem to imply the China Hardware Products Association home hardware professional After the establishment of the committee, they will be interconnected and compete for smart home control with the joint efforts of intelligent hardware.
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