South Korea’s largest pornographic site exposure suspected of illegal organization "sexual abuse party"

South Korea’s largest pornographic website exposure (screenshot of Korea’s “Asian Economy” website)

People’s Daily on February 20, according to South Korea’s “Asian Economy” report, February 20, Seoul Jinquan In the name of allegedly spreading pornographic pornography, the police station filed a case against a South Korean middle-aged man, Kim.

The police said that since March last year, Kim has established a sexual abuse community in South Korea’s largest porn site “soranet”, called “SM Club”. The online community has now reached 1,550 members, and Kim is responsible for uploading the obscenity of these members to the community as a picture. According to the survey, Kim usually recruits male and female members to meet at home or in hotels.

The report said that the police recently received a report from a man who said that someone posted on the Internet “looking for objects with SM tendencies” and exposed their phone numbers, afterwards I received a lot of harassing calls and I was tortured. After the police tracked the source of the information, they discovered the illegal behavior of Kim.

The report also said that Kim had confessed to the investigation, “to create a community for people with the same sexual orientation, this is not to make money. ” The police said that they will further investigate the behavior of Kim to confirm whether Kim had any suspicion of forcing a female member and asking for selling while making obscene pictures and videos.

South Korea’s “Asian Economy” said that the Korean obscene porn site “soranet” was established in the late 1990s, the main language service is Korean, the main audience is Korean domestic netizens, and currently the largest obscene porn site in Korea. The database has millions of obscene erotic images and video resources. The Korean police and the Broadcasting and Communications Commission have tried to ban the site, but the site has existed for more than 10 years and is still operating today.

Kim is not a precedent. Last year, criminals recruited members by establishing chat rooms on the pornographic website, and implemented crimes by members as the target of sexual transactions. In the same year, there were even criminal gangs that sold fake male sexually functioning drugs, through which advertisements were carried out and illegal activities were carried out.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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