Summer decoration knowledge rookie must see the floor can not do seven things

The first thing that can’t be done in the summer floor laying: floor stacking

The summer is originally a high-temperature and dry fire high-incidence season. There are many materials and tools in the decoration site. The wooden floor is not placed in a cool place, but also other The materials are piled up together and placed at the plug and wire connections. If the temperature is too high, the material will burn and cause a fire.

The second thing that can’t be done in summer floor laying: don’t pay attention to the environmental protection of the floor

There is often rainy weather in the summer. At this time, you need to pay attention to the water content of the floor. Rate, the moisture content of standard plates should not exceed 12%. In addition, formaldehyde is an inevitable addition in the production of wood flooring. When the humidity exceeds 45% and the temperature reaches 28°C or above, the formaldehyde in the floor will be released in multiple times, so the wooden floor that can smell strong pungent smell cannot be used. .

The third thing that can’t be done in the summer floor laying: high temperature and rainy day construction

Generally speaking, the temperature of the decoration should be between 5 °C and 35 °C, exceeding this temperature. If the floor is easy to lighten, and the excessive temperature will affect the working condition of the workers, it is not conducive to the final laying effect, and must avoid the hot weather. In addition to the high temperature, do not work in the rainy days in order to catch up with the construction period. Especially in the continuous rainy days, the air humidity in rainy days usually reaches 70% or more, which will affect the paving effect of the floor. In the future, the floor may also appear. Arch, tilting and other issues.

The fourth thing in the summer floor laying can not be done: not considering the warm wall heating

The southern part of the floor heating, wall heating is relatively rare, the north is basically every household. Although it will not turn on heating during the summer, it cannot be forgotten. When nailing the floor nails, be careful to avoid the floor heating pipes, and pay attention to the floor near the wall.

The fifth thing that can’t be done in the summer floor laying: the floor gap is too large

Some decorators save time, do not put the floor tightly when laying the floor, so When the weather is dry, the floor shrinks and the gap between the floors becomes larger, causing the floor to loosen or deform.

The summer floor can not be done the sixth thing: direct sunlight on the floor

summer is hot, many people will open the window ventilation, so that the floor will be exposed to direct sunlight Exposure to strong UV rays can damage the paint on the floor surface and accelerate the cracking and aging of the floor.

The seventh thing that can’t be done in the summer floor laying: just step on the pavement

The newly laid floor is neat and beautiful, and the ankle star can’t wait to step on the two feet. And put everything else on the floor, it seems to use the space. In fact, within 48 hours of the floor, try to avoid walking and placing heavy objects on the floor, leaving enough space and time for the glue of the floor glue.

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