Survey: 40% of married men in Japan have experience of extramarital affairs, and actress Fukada Fukada becomes an ideal target for derailment

[Global Network Report Reporter Huang Ting] No matter what era, derailment is always a hot topic in Japanese variety shows, just like the depiction of love and hate between men and women in love TV dramas, and the total derailment is related. According to a report on the Japanese Women’s SPA! website on November 28th, a medical hair removal agency in Japan recently conducted a related derailment investigation for 531 people living in Tokyo between the ages of 20 and 40. The survey covers whether or not to go out of the way and the most popular target star list.

The survey results show that about 20% of the people who are out of the way. Among them, 38.5% of married men have derailed experience, 61.5% have no derailment experience; among married women, 18.1% have derailed experience, 81.9% have not gone out of track; 12.2.9% of single men % has derailed experience, accounting for 87.1% without out-of-track; 21.7% of single women have derailed experience, and 78.3% have not made a track.

The highest rate of derailment is for married men. 35% to 40% of male respondents have experienced derailment. Only 20% of women have derailed experience, and the derailment rate of married women and single women is not very different. Only in terms of age, the 30- to 40-year-old woman has a higher rate of derailment.

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