Swiss referendum anti-immigration EU issued a memo “warning”

China News Service, Brussels, February 10 (Reporter Shen Chen) The Swiss referendum “opposing a large number of immigrants” caused a great uproar in continental Europe. The European Commission issued a memorandum on the relationship between the EU and Switzerland on February 10, which, while explaining the importance of bilateral economic and trade relations, highlighted the problems that followed the Swiss referendum against immigration.

EU officials pointed out in Brussels on the same day that Switzerland’s move seriously jeopardized its relationship with the EU and may lose its many priorities in entering the EU’s single market. German Foreign Minister Steinmeier reminded the Swiss government before attending the EU foreign ministers meeting that the referendum of the country’s referendum “opposing a large number of immigrants” is tantamount to lifting their own feet.

The Luxembourg Foreign Minister asked · Asselborn to speak more directly. He said: “Switzerland will pay for it. You can’t enjoy the priority of entering the EU single market on the one hand, but restrict the free flow within the EU on the other hand. ”

The European Commission issued a memorandum on the relationship between the EU and Switzerland on the same day, first explaining the importance of the relationship. The memo mentions that Switzerland and the European Union are close neighbors, both geographically and politically, economically and culturally. Switzerland is the EU’s third largest economic partner, behind the United States and China, before Russia and Japan. The EU is Switzerland’s most important trading partner and the two sides benefit from each other in economic and trade exchanges.

In the second paragraph of the EU Memorandum, the situation of personnel exchanges between the two sides was mentioned. The memo mentions that more than 1 million EU citizens live in Switzerland, and 230,000 EU citizens travel daily between the EU and Switzerland. At the same time, 430,000 Swiss people live in the EU member states.

The EU pointed out that the important cornerstone of EU-Swiss relations is the free trade agreement signed by the two sides in 1972. In 1992, the Swiss referendum refused to join the European Union. In 1999, Switzerland and the European Union signed a series of seven aspects, including seven aspects of the free flow of people. In 2004, Switzerland and the European Union signed separate agreements, including the agreement of the Swiss Federal Parliament to join the Schengen Agreement.

The EU memorandum subsequently mentioned a series of problems caused by the Swiss referendum anti-immigration, involving various aspects of cooperation in science and technology and education.

The European Commission’s rotating presidency, Greece’s referendum in Switzerland, “opposing a large number of immigrants” issued a statement after the results were released, expressing regret over the results of the referendum and saying that it will assess the overall referendum between the EU and Switzerland. The impact of the relationship.

On February 9, Swiss citizens voted with a vote of 50.3% in favor of a vote against a large number of immigrants, setting a ceiling on the number of EU citizens working and working in Switzerland. It is reported that the Swiss federal government will formulate a plan as soon as possible to implement the relevant decisions within three years. In addition, the Swiss government will resume consultations with the EU and its member states. Prior to the entry into force of the new agreement, the free movement of personnel and other binding agreements signed between Switzerland and the EU remained in force.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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