Sydney’s new modern home

Normally, when a family owns the terrain near the ocean, we are all looking forward to seeing what kind of house they will build. Modern, ecological, antique, small, large … perhaps we will be surprised to find that an amazing family faces beautiful seaside scenery. Because the land is located on a cliff above the sea more than 100 meters, the owner believes that this is a shame, if they do not take advantage of this magical landscape, they hired an architect to design the house.

Located in Sydney, Australia, this magical three-story house is designed to be thermally efficient and uneven terrain forcing architects Design a floor on the ground, enter the entrance through the middle floor, including the living area, kitchen and dining room, as well as a spacious bedroom, a large balcony, allowing the owner to spend the morning watching the sunrise. On the back is a yard that strangers can’t see, so this is a place for the privacy of the entire family.
Inside, we can see that the entire structure is designed to face the ocean, a place that allows natural light and ventilation, and a place where you can enjoy your sky. You may ask yourself why this house has many different angles, especially on the roof. Yes, the architect believes that the sun’s light reflected in the ocean’s water will destroy the morning mood, so the house needs a shield to block the sun’s dazzling light.

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