Teak flooring cleaning and maintenance instructions

Maintenance of teak flooring

1. In normal times, you should not let the heavier and harder objects hit or fall on the floor. Do not push and pull the furniture. Lift it. It also avoids the occurrence of cracks in the friction of the floor. It is best not to wear high heels and hard-soled shoes indoors, and flat-bottomed soft-heeled shoes are good.

2, the general new floor should be maintained once a month. You can put a layer of floor wax on it, after a certain period of time, you can have a season or a half year. Do not use essential oils, liquid waxes and other floor maintenance products, which will destroy the natural oiliness of teak itself.

3, after installing the teak floor, you should stay as soon as possible, you should regularly open the window to change the air, pay attention to adjust the indoor air temperature and humidity to prevent the floor from immersion. When you go out, remember to close the doors and windows. Do not let the rain wet the floor. If you accidentally pour the water onto the floor, you should quickly dry it and keep it dry so as not to affect the gloss.

Clean teak flooring

1, if it is the general dirt left by water-soluble substances, you can wipe off the dust first, then use a soft rag to add strong tea, salt water or Wipe with orange peel soaked in orange peel. This will remove dirt and restore the gloss of the paint film.

2, if it is traces, gums, oil paints and other difficult to remove dirt, do not rush to rub with gasoline, to prevent static electricity generated by friction, causing fire must carefully distinguish the nature of dirt Decided to take different approaches and different cleaning agents to clean up.

3, usually waxing at intervals, before the waxing, to remove the dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner, then use a clean lint-free soft rag to stain the wax, from the side of the floor Start at the edge and make a circular wipe on the board at a time. Wipe it evenly and repeat it again from the beginning with a rag.

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