The adjustment trend of the five development strategies of flooring companies in 2012

Since the beginning of this year, the state has increased the regulation and control of real estate, and the transaction volume of major cities has fallen sharply, and the flooring industry has suffered heavy losses. In the face of extremely severe situations, flooring companies continue to strengthen their operations and management and adjust their strategic objectives. The crisis is both an opportunity and a challenge. The author believes that the future floor market will present five major trends.

Trend 1: Low carbon and environmental protection into the mainstream

The choice of raw materials has become a top priority for flooring companies. The earliest use of the flooring industry was in the northeast of birch, eucalyptus, and ash, and later in Southeast Asia. At present, Thailand has begun to ban timber exports, and Myanmar has also begun to strictly restrict exports. In the future, as global warming and environmental degradation become more prominent, the trend of green environmental protection will become larger and larger, and the control of raw materials and the research and development of new materials will become the focus of future development.

In the context of low carbon environmental protection, the raw material source of the wood flooring industry will change. The use of precious wood in South America will be reduced; the use of fast-growing forests such as eucalyptus and birch in the Northeast and Russia will gradually increase. Multi-layer parquet and laminate flooring will use fast-growing forest wood to better protect forest resources and establish a good recycling mechanism.

In addition to paying attention to sustainability in materials sources, improving the durability of wood flooring, extending service life, and reducing unnecessary waste of resources, it is also contributing to low-carbon environmental protection.

Trend 2: Starting the brand is the key

The single style and the same material selection are the basic status of the current flooring market. Therefore, brand building is the way out for the long-term development of flooring companies in the future.

With the improvement of material living standards, people have stricter requirements on the variety, function and use of wooden flooring, and the degree of recognition of brands has also increased. At present, the domestic flooring industry lacks a strong brand, and the market space needs to be tapped. In the future, the market will have more professional and diversified brand segments. Therefore, brand building is a top priority for flooring companies.

Trend 3: Market sinking to find out the road

At present, the market in the first-tier cities is saturated, and the development of the second and third-tier markets has become the strategic goal of many enterprises. The author saw many well-known flooring brands in Bohai Furniture City, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. As the real estate bubble in the second and third tier cities is relatively small, the market development is relatively stable, which promotes the development of the local flooring industry.

With the improvement of consumption levels and capabilities in second- and third-tier cities, the new affluent class is constantly emerging in the new round of economic growth. They will have the consumption power of the primary market, and the wooden floor is no longer a luxury for them. It is a symbol of its identity.

However, the second and third-tier cities have high consumption dispersion, and the market is sinking, and the consumption dispersion is higher. Especially in the third-tier cities, a large number of private housing construction consumer groups are scattered in different areas such as urban areas, suburbs, highways, towns and towns, and their degree of aggregation is not high. This also brings certain difficulties to the sinking of the channel.

Trend 4: Diversified sales dilemma

The use of multimedia has promoted the prosperity of online shopping. Although online shopping in the flooring industry is not expected to be 2-3 years ago, online shopping will now become a new trend in the development of the flooring industry in the future.

According to authoritative statistics, last year, the sales scale of China’s e-commerce will reach 576 billion.

Professional flooring online shopping website that sells genuine products and lower prices has been favored and recognized by many consumers. E-commerce has reduced the cost of sales to the enterprise to some extent.

At present, the e-commerce platform integrating display, sales and service enables consumers to choose hundreds of brand floorings of different specifications and colors without leaving their homes, and enjoy the high-quality and sincere service of the company. , bringing real benefits to consumers. However, the regulatory issues of e-commerce have become increasingly prominent, making its development prospects unclear.

Trend 5: Audience update attracts attention

As the age structure of the population changes, the younger generation, especially the ’80s’, has become the ‘living force’ of consumption. After the ’80s’ consumer groups have a ‘enjoyment’ side, so the size of the store, design style may become an important factor affecting their purchase of the floor.

Faced with the ‘post-80s’ consumer groups that grew up in the information age, flooring companies should adopt new marketing models based on their consumption characteristics, and continue to introduce different styles of products to cater to individual and fashionable consumer groups.

Release date: 2012/1/16 9:47:38

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