The American driver was trapped after driving on the rails and said that “GPS let me do this”

Source: Dichena City Police Department, Pennsylvania, USA

Overseas Network, November 26th, if your car GPS tells you to drive off the road, drive to the rails. ,What would you do? A female driver in Pennsylvania, USA, chose to follow the instructions honestly. As a result, her car was not only trapped on the rails, but I also got a ticket for careless driving.

According to a report on the US website today, the police station in Decena, Pennsylvania, announced the incident on the night of the 21st. The police’s article also included a photo: a white car parked on a railway track and could not move.

The police said that the driver was “very clear-headed and did not have any physical discomfort to interfere with her driving”. When the police arrived at the scene of the accident, the driver told them that the reason why they drove off the road and opened the railroad was because “GPS made me open this way”.

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