The American Soybean Association welcomes the consensus between China and the United States on economic and trade issues

Xinhua News Agency, Chicago, December 3 (Reporter Wang Qiang) The US Soybean Association issued a statement on the 3rd, welcoming the leaders of China and the United States to reach a consensus on economic and trade issues and calling for the restoration of trade relations between the two countries as soon as possible and a long-term mutually beneficial agreement. .

The US Soybean Association President Heisdorfer said in a statement that the leaders of the two countries agreed to take measures to cool the trade friction, which is the US soybean farmers experienced months of decline in soybean prices and exports blocked. The first "positive message"

The statement said that it is hoped that the two countries can reach a long-term agreement through negotiations and rebuild mutual economic and trade relations.

Since July this year, the American Soybean Association has repeatedly stated that the US government’s practice of imposing tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States will inevitably harm the interests of American farmers and call for “non-tariff solutions”. ;

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