The Cambodian National Assembly is going to repair the law. The top 100 National Salvation Party is expected to return to the political arena.

China News Agency, Phnom Penh, December 3 (Reporter Huang Yaohui) Cambodian National Assembly Secretary Lin Binlong held a press conference on the 3rd, announcing that Congress will amend the “Party Law” or allow 118 former high-ranking party members to return to politics.

Lin Binlong said that 87 People’s Party members jointly signed an application letter on the same day requesting the revision of Article 45 (new) of the Political Parties Act. Lin Binlong said that the content of the draft is that politicians who are prohibited from participating in politics can obtain the king’s amnesty and regain political power after the end of the Supreme Court ban, or the Minister of the Interior and the Prime Minister’s proposal.

Lin Binlong said that Congress will hold a meeting in the near future to review and adopt the above draft.

On the same day, the Royal Government of Cambodia issued a statement through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, stating that in the spirit of national reconciliation and the expansion of democratic space, the Parliament is reviewing legislation to allow individuals who are prohibited from participating in politics to resume their political activities.

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