The construction of King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center is nearing completion

In 2008, the construction of King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center began to be nearing completion. The center is located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and contains an auditorium, cinema, library, exhibition hall, museum and archives. The 100,000 square meter structure was designed by Snøhetta and the project was inspired by local geology and rock formations. The complex has a tower that looks like pebbles.
Located in Vilnius, Lithuania, the K29 Business Center is the most environmentally friendly building built from all natural and local materials. But environmental protection is not its only great property, and architecture has a very interesting design. Its elliptical shape is iconic, with a sloping roof that allows natural light to enter the space during the day, while the windows provide a panoramic view of the city. There are no dark areas in the building, which ensures a very pleasant atmosphere.
This museum was designed by the architects of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. It is located on a land where dinosaur egg fossils were first discovered. The museum is 70 meters long and is made up of several sections, arranged along the hillside. The project focuses on destroying the terrain as little as possible while giving the museum a contemporary look.

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