The development of furniture e-commerce must have its own magic weapon

  Furniture E-commerce is a store on the large platform such as Jingdong, Tmall, etc., some are self-built home vertical e-commerce platform, some are the brand mall added by the furniture company’s official website, as well as micro-shop micro-store and so on. Different furniture e-commerce companies have different products, different companies have different scales, and different ideas, but they all have their own magic weapon.
  Business model is mature

  How to do furniture e-commerce, a lot of mouth-mouthing, there are many companies that can really do furniture e-commerce But failed more. Some Taobao merchants said that e-commerce is enough for only one move, that is, the price of the product is low, so low that others can’t think of it, and then it is better to keep a single shua ranking. This trick is used by many people, although the platform often checks the storefront. Some enterprises also said that e-commerce must also do a good job of supply chain management, do a good quality product, good quality is king. All kinds of arguments make sense. Compared with other commodities, furniture products are more special, the customer price is higher, the frequency of consumption is lower, and the most important thing is that the inventory and transportation of the products are more difficult. Many people in the industry believe that most of the furniture e-commerce are low-end products, low-cost products, and high-end products consumers must see the physical goods before they buy. But in fact, the current furniture e-commerce products have a variety of styles and styles, high, medium and low grades including mahogany furniture are available for sale. This can be said to be a change in the overall transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry. The development of furniture e-commerce has reached the present stage, and the business model has gradually matured, forming a complete system.

  Compared with the physical store furniture business system, the furniture e-commerce pays more attention to the product itself in the product, and there is little emphasis on the packaging. Many stores are single product sales, and the product update speed Fast, the price is generally low, the distribution of the business is installed by the logistics company all contracted, and some are only sent to the community, not upstairs, installation, product experience is poor, it also gives people a low-end impression. The characteristics of e-commerce products are also one of the main reasons for the difficulties in the operation of many e-commerce departments built by furniture companies. E-commerce companies are mostly independent research and development but product procurement is the mainstay. Therefore, in the current transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry, e-commerce companies If you want to be competitive at all, and do a good job in design, production, quality, price, and distribution, you must do a good job in supply chain management, as well as brand development and good service. Supply chain management can be said to be a key bottleneck in the development of furniture e-commerce. Can it be directly related to the development of e-commerce? Sometimes the product was just put on the shelves last month. If the sales are not good, it will be removed next month. Updates should be timely, but who will help you develop the product? Who is going to produce the product?

  The choice of product development or product styles is very important for e-commerce companies, but there are very few errors in the general direction, especially for single items. Generally, the functionality of the product is honed, how to better integrate with other household products, more humane, and continuously dig deep into the value of the product. The difficulty is that there are similar products who can buy directly, or need to find manufacturers to place orders, and thus, there are always problems.

  solve problems and promote development

   First, purchase or order to manufacturers, how to control costs, how to control the quality of finished products, products The problem is the core. The era of e-commerce dividends has disappeared, and the development of e-commerce enterprises is no longer as easy as before. The fierce market competition has prompted furniture e-commerce to start to find breakthroughs in various aspects, but innovations in technology, management, channels, brands, etc. can not be separated from products. . Many heads of large-scale furniture e-commerce companies have said that business is inseparable from “products”, especially furniture is very dependent on personal experience, it is different from fast-moving products, is a product with a long time limit, consumers demand for its quality Generally higher. Nowadays, through the network, furniture consumers will actively understand and compare the materials, prices, styles and functions of the products before shopping, which requires furniture e-commerce to focus more on product quality. In the past, furniture e-commerce was a 100% seller market, which means that what the factory produces and what consumers would buy is hard to imagine today. Consumers do not account for color materials, let alone product quality, and companies are not too concerned about this. In the past few years, the traffic dividend has disappeared, and it depends on strength to have more profits. Consumers’ demands for furniture quality are constantly improving. It is necessary to keep e-commerce companies constantly updating their products every year. At least there must be a supply chain for new product development, and new products must have traffic support. To have quality, do it by word of mouth. Quality is the last word. Then how to control the quality and cost of products is a big test for e-commerce companies. Now it is all about cash purchases. Regardless of whether there is a stable cooperative manufacturer or not, the e-commerce company’s one-time order is not large, the production cost of the product is difficult to reduce, and the unit price advantage is not obvious. The majority of e-commerce companies are not large, large factories are not willing to take orders, and small-scale production cannot guarantee product quality. Even if a large number of orders are placed, if the pursuit of price is relatively high, the quality of the products is difficult to guarantee.

  Second, the furniture production cycle is generally long, especially the popular all-solid wood furniture, the general production cycle is more than one month, e-commerce companies want to spot sales must To do inventory. The factory only accepts orders for production. The inventory products are all series of products in the physical store. Many enterprises will not cooperate with e-commerce at all, and sell the same products online and offline. Therefore, e-commerce companies do their own inventory, which is relatively stressful. Especially for the self-built vertical furniture e-commerce platform, it is necessary to purchase a large number of furniture products, inventory management is the top priority. In addition, logistics and distribution contracting is the main task, it is difficult to control, and better service is needed. Furniture products are basically large-sized goods, and professional installation masters are required to complete terminal services, which is difficult in logistics distribution.Larger. The physical store model is that the furniture manufacturer delivers the goods to the city dealers, and the dealers arrange the workers to do the distribution and installation to the terminal consumers. If there are any problems with the products, they can be processed immediately and the service is at home. In the past, e-commerce was directly sent to the logistics, and the consumers themselves picked up the goods. Now most merchants will package and install the goods. This work is basically a logistics company’s all-inclusive service, but this cost is not low, especially many products do not take the elevator. When going upstairs, the cost is higher.

   In fact, many e-commerce companies are difficult to develop, it is difficult to find a stable source of goods, quality assurance, relatively low prices, and sufficient capacity. And not a family, e-commerce products are rich, constantly new product development, product update speed, need to cooperate with more manufacturers. In addition to supply chain management, another key point is branded operations. It is not the furniture companies that go down the channel to work hard to be a brand, and e-commerce also has to go brand. Especially for the self-built vertical home e-commerce platform, it needs scale and needs traffic, and it needs branding more. The development of e-commerce branding will inevitably work hard on products and services. Some people say that e-commerce can sell one, slaughter one, count one, when Taobao guest furniture products have problems asking for return, no one cares about you, only the physical store can run the monk can not run the temple, sell one must maintain a good, Pay attention to quality and reputation. In fact, it is a bit biased. E-commerce has developed to the present day. E-commerce companies that do well are focused on product development, quality and after-sales service. Many e-commerce companies have customer management, regularly organize offline activities, from online to offline, and open offline experience stores, the same price online and offline.

   At the end of the day, e-commerce is also a business model that is also aimed at satisfying consumers. At present, consumers value not only the quality and price of products, but also the enjoyment of spiritual levels such as service and consumption environment. Nowadays, the number of home e-commerce brands is increasing. Enterprises entering the e-commerce sector are no longer limited to a single platform. Whether they are entering a third-party platform or building an independent platform or multi-platform operation, enterprises can’t avoid a fierce competition. E-commerce enterprises must do a good job in supply chain management and control, do a good job in service and brand operation, and achieve great development with quality and reputation.
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