The difference between metal fluorocarbon paint and general solid paint

Metal fluorocarbon paint refers to the anti-corrosion paint topcoat with metal or imitation metal, which is different from the general solid paint. The difference between the two is not limited to this, we can get the composition from both The difference in the size of the painting.
  Metal fluorocarbon paints and general fluorocarbon paints are attributed to anticorrosive products made of different film-forming materials. The primary information of fluorocarbon metal paints is resin, which also adds cai materials with different color effects. , the decoration effect is better, suitable for metal, wood, plastic, decoration panels, iconic and the construction of exterior wall imitation metal curtain wall cover, can also be used for epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic paint cover, can fully enhance its self Cleanliness, maintainability, decoration and service life.

   The general information on the low grade of fluorocarbon paint is paint, which is generally used on indoor steel bodies for routine maintenance. Compared with general paints, metal fluorocarbon paints have the following four differences:

  (1) Color limitation: the color of fluorocarbon metal paint can only be used according to the model. Maybe the standard color card color number is done. As for the average user, the color of a certain color of paint increases the color after the metal powder, which may be very different from the imagination. For example, white paint, adding silver powder, turns gray and silver. Therefore, not all colors can be made of metal paint. If you want to make metal paint, you must have selected colors and samples.

  (2) Limited construction method: Due to the increase of metal powder, metal paint can only be applied by air spraying method. Generally, solid color topcoat can be brushed and can also be used. Spraying.

  (3) Matching primers are recommended to choose a light color: To ensure the coating effect of the fluorocarbon metal paint, it is closely related to the paint film thickness, especially the paint with higher brightness: Golden lacquer, silver lacquer, etc., the practice of thinner lacquer film is very beautiful, therefore, the primer color should use a light color primer to avoid the color of the primer affecting the role of the topcoat. The color selection of the general fluorocarbon paint primer is not restricted.

  (4) The use of fluorocarbon metallic paint for building fluorocarbon metallic paint can be used as a top coat for steel exterior and other metal components, as well as a fluorocarbon paint for exterior walls of metal. use.

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