The former Japanese liberal arts department was reluctant to resign from the position of the Constitutional Review Board of the House of Representatives.

[Global Reporter Wang Huan] The opposition party officers of the Constitutional Review of the Japanese House of Representatives held talks in the National Assembly on November 13th. They believed that the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party’s constitutional amendment promoted the position of the head of the village’s blog post about the opposition party’s stance on the review party. “This is a waiver.” The speech exists and unanimously agrees not to convene a review meeting if it does not withdraw the speech and apologizes.

According to a report by the Japanese Kyodo News on November 14, the village decided to resign from the position of the official reviewing officer on the 13th and to disclose this to the people around. The coordination between the Japanese ruling and opposition parties is in trouble, and the schedule of the meeting on the 15th is likely to be delayed. This meeting has not yet been held in this session of the National Assembly.

Some analysts believe that in view of the hard-line attitude of the opposition party on the refusal of duty, the village tried to open the situation by means of its own responsibility. The ruling party cadres also advised the village.

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