The green development of home building materials industry, “innovation and change” is the key

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Review In 2017, the changes in the building materials industry were gratifying, and the development of green building materials has also reached a new level. In this regard, some insiders pointed out that today’s green building materials market is not as hot as it was a few years ago, the market cake is not easy to eat, enterprises must have a new development and breakthrough, must be shuffled in this big wave. To this end, this article summarizes some of the events related to the development of green building materials, together with the aftertaste.

After the 2013— 2016 reshuffle stage, the green building materials industry is moving towards the center of the stage. Looking back on 2017, the changes in the building materials industry are gratifying, and the development of green building materials has also reached a new level.

As we all know, in the market economy, the rule of survival of enterprises is the survival of the fittest. This kind of competition is more intense after the building materials industry enters the reshuffle stage. Since the industry entered the shuffling stage, some enterprises have made achievements in the market, and some enterprises are still in the process of continuous efforts, and some enterprises have been submerged in the torrent of elimination.

In this regard, some insiders pointed out that today’s green building materials market is not as hot as it was a few years ago, the market cake is not easy to eat, enterprises must have new developments and breakthroughs, must be in this The shuffling upgrade was carried out in the big waves. In the building materials industry in 2017, the weaker out of the situation, the stronger phenomenon just confirms this point: innovation seeks to become a breakthrough in the enterprise’s keynote, individual companies in the product, business model and other aspects of innovation, leading Industry development; there are also some companies still holding a constant development model, entering the list of market out of the market … … 2017 and “green” related things are endless, change, let us reminisce.

Environmental Storm and Green Concept

The country’s major political judgments on the transformation of major contradictions in the new era of society have far-reaching significance for promoting the construction of ecological civilization. In the course of nearly 40 years of reform and opening up, the building materials industry as an important basic industry of the national economy, some long-term accumulated structural contradictions have gradually become prominent, and there is also a contradiction between rapid development of quantity and scale, green development, and insufficient development of resources.

In the “Building Industry Development Plan (2016~2020)” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the building materials industry is an important support for improving human settlements, managing the ecological environment and developing a circular economy. Therefore, the green development of the building materials industry is of great significance and worth exploring.

It must be recognized that the major contradictions in our society are historical changes in the overall situation and put forward many new requirements for the work of the country. Based on the principle of reduction, reuse and resource utilization, and improving resource utilization efficiency as the core; taking resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources, and cleaner production as the main method, vigorously developing circular economy is conducive to improving the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of resources in China and promoting energy conservation and reduction. row.

Especially in the traditional industries such as energy consumption and resource consumption, such as steel, building materials and coal, the contradiction between industrial development and resources and environment is still very prominent, and the task of green transformation is more urgent.

According to statistics, from the current energy consumption situation, China consumes more than 5 billion tons of building materials every year. However, in the process, it consumes 230 million tons of standard coal. Exhaust a lot of harmful gases and dust. Even so, China’s construction industry still has to deal with the lack of building materials, the low recycling value of building materials and the handling of a large amount of construction waste. In particular, construction waste is actually composed of a variety of discarded building materials, including a large number of bricks, concrete, wood and metal materials, which simply wastes a lot of building materials.

If these construction wastes can be converted into recyclable building materials resources, construction construction costs can be reduced and construction materials can be alleviated, and the environmental and ecological damage of construction can be greatly reduced.

VR marriage and home decoration

In the past two years, “innovation and upgrade has become a hot word in the home industry. But unlike the emergence of slogans in the past, the industry began to feel the pressure to innovate. The high cost of labor and the restrictions on production emissions are becoming more and more strict. Most manufacturing companies are under pressure to upgrade their production technology. The emergence of new technologies such as VR and smart home has also brought exciting points for innovation and upgrading in the industry.

VR technology is a hot spot in the industry last year. Regardless of the decoration company or the home brand, we hope to present more realistic product effects to consumers through VR technology. “WYSIWYG is a term that has been mentioned in the industry for many years, but it has always lacked technology to really present it. The emergence of VR, so that consumers have a more real experience, has become the standard for more and more brand stores. Insiders have asserted that in the future, similar to VR technology will become the infrastructure of the home industry.

Also with VR is smart home technology. Although the related products have not been widely spread, many homes have more or less smart home facilities. Among them, remote control and alarm systems are the most common. Smart home technology is rooted in many technologies and product platforms such as home, home appliances, and the Internet of Things, attracting many capital and brand layouts. Similar to VR, smart home, the technology innovation technology used in the home industry will be more and more, changing the products of the home industry.

In recent years, a large number of enterprises in Beijing have also moved to the industry. In an environment where government departments are increasingly strict in regulating pollution emissions, reforming production technologies, abandoning traditional auxiliary materials, and reforming production management systems have become inevitable choices for many industries. This change is for the company &lDquo; hurts and bones, but in the long run it has to be done. The enterprises that took the lead in reforms also have more say in the industry and become leaders and representatives in the industry.

New retail thinking

C2M mode abbreviation “Customer-to-factory, subverting the traditional retail thinking from factory to user, driven by user demand, manufacturing companies no longer rely on Intermediaries, agents and distributors dominate sales, but direct supply, how much the user orders, and how much the factory produces, completely eliminating the inventory costs of the factory. This model is not only the main push of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but the parallel interaction between industry and network is the best way for traditional industries to change their destiny. In the stormy eye of rapid changes, the bosses of the home building materials industry have clearly felt the fact that as China’s economic growth enters the structural adjustment period, the home building materials industry has also changed from high-speed growth to medium-low growth.

According to the latest report, as of June 2016, the number of Internet users in China reached 710 million, and the number of mobile Internet users reached 656 million, an increase of 36.56 million compared with last year. Interpret the omni-channel strategy, and according to the characteristics of the home industry, put forward the omni-channel model and retail model suitable for the home industry. Home-experienced consumption combines scenes more closely, and the core of the experience generated by the scene has become the first rule of our judgment of all business activities and entrepreneurial activities today.

After a series of thinking collisions at the remodeling of the industry chain value system conference, the home dignitaries who came to the scene raised their own reverie about the future home. Keywords such as e-commerce, big home, seamless links, and model innovation outline the future of the home industry and portray the future of the home.

The rise of a new generation of consumers

In 2017, after the 8090, which pursues fashion, publicity and enjoys the connotation of life, it has become the main force in the workplace and has certain economic capabilities. They have become the main consumers of competition in various industries. With the high demand for their wedding decoration, the building materials companies have tried their best to rob them.

But not all companies are willing to get their “hearts,” consumer survey data shows that after 8090, young consumer groups said that they are on home furnishings, “will not, will prefer high-end home improvement brand .

The so-called high-end brand, first of all, is the development of products in the forefront of the industry, the first to propose a number of conceptual designs and productization; secondly, advanced production processes to ensure its quality and performance; in addition, market promotion and Brand building is also the key to winning the market for high-end brands.

It is undeniable that with the development of the building materials industry and the changes in the market consumer, the market demand is already gathering at the high end, and the market’s expectations for high-end positioning enterprises are also increasing. This also poses a greater challenge to high-end brands, where consumer groups are there, and whether they can snatch or maintain their inherent leading position depends on the ability of these companies.

Building materials companies continue to “touch the network”

In the Internet era, e-commerce channels mean greater business opportunities, and smart building materials companies will naturally miss this opportunity to strengthen the company. With market activity, more building materials companies have entered the e-commerce field in the past two years.

In the past double eleven, many home building brands such as Gujia Home, Shengbao Luo’s overall doors and windows, Op Lighting, Dongpeng Ceramics, etc. have achieved outstanding results. In addition to the gratifying sales, these big brands have earned the attention of hundreds of millions of people through live broadcasts, posters, and texts. The sales and brand promotion have been promoted in both directions, and the corporate reputation has been continuously improved.

However, logistics, distribution, after-sales service, etc. are still shortcomings of large home furnishing companies such as doors and windows and floors. In this regard, enterprises can adopt the combination of online and offline, on the basis of free measurement, free transportation, free installation and other after-sales services, more outlets in the country, let the dealers, encourage them to actively cooperate with after-sales service, let the enterprise electricity The road to business is getting better and better.

The times are changing, and the green building materials industry is also advancing with the times. But all the changes have the same result: higher efficiency, better products, richer industrial chain, higher attention, and increased consumer awareness. Of course, this also raises higher for building materials companies. The requirements, only continuous efforts, continuous innovation, in order to keep up with the pace of change, in order to have more sustainable development.

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