The Kiwanis Club of Cypress hands out scholarships

The Kiwanis Club of Cypress recently held their annual Red Ribbon Essay and Foundation Scholarships Awards Dinner at the Courtyard by Marriott in Cypress. Fifth grade students from the elementary schools in Cypress were honored for winning first place in the annual 5th grade Red Ribbon Week Essay Contest.The Cypress Kiwanis Foundation Scholarships, in the amount of $7,000 were awarded to local high school and Cypress College students. The Cypress Kiwanis Foundation also sponsored two scholarships for the Friends of Cypress Cultural Arts Awards.The evening was a wonderful success with some 87 people in attendance, including award recipients, parents, Cypress City Officials, Cypress School District Dignitaries, Cypress Police Department representatives, as well as many Kiwanis Club of Cypress members and guests.The guest speaker was Officer Melissa Grove, from the Cypress Police Department, former student from St. Irenaeus Parish School and Cypress High School. Officer Grove stressed the importance to commit to living a drug-free life and to having the courage to say “no” to peer pressure and the pressures of life. She also stressed the importance of the choices we make each day and the consequences of our choices.Officer Grove emphasized that “It is a challenging and difficult task to make a personal commitment as well as a commitment to the community to make the right choices and live life boldly even if others around you can’t , in order to accomplish your dreams…. This is how I accomplished my dream…to become a police officer.” OfficerGrove stated that she has a passion to give back to the community where she was raised. Kiwanis Club of Cypress member George Hallak was recognized with a special award for his “years of service in the development and implementation” of the Red Ribbon Week, Fifth Grade Essay Contest in the elementary schools of the Cypress Community 1990-2015.

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