The media said that Iran sent a number of warships to the surrounding waters of the United States

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People’s Daily News on February 9th According to the Russian Voice website, Iran’s Fars News Agency reported that the Iranian Navy Command announced on Saturday that it would send a number of warships to the surrounding waters of the United States.

The report said that the commander of the Iranian Northern Fleet, General Rezayee Haddad, revealed that the Iranian warship had set off to travel to the Atlantic Ocean through the South African coast.

He pointed out that the Iranian naval fleet is approaching the US territorial waters, a signal to the United States.

The relationship between the United States and Iran remains tense, although the two countries reached an agreement within the framework of Iran and international mediation of the six-party talks, and Iran made concessions on the nuclear program. The Iranian navy has repeatedly announced its intention to send warships to the Atlantic.

The report pointed out that this is Iran’s response to the US Navy’s arrival in the Persian Gulf. (YAN Jiaqi)

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