The meeting called the separated family members to avoid the military exercise. Partial reunion was cancelled.

China News Service February 13th According to the Yonhap News Agency, a person in charge of the South Korean government revealed on the 13th that North Korea said at the high-level talks between the DPRK and the DPRK on the 12th that North Korea agreed to the reunion of separated family members as scheduled, but not in Held during the Korean-US joint military exercise, this is North Korea’s position on this issue.

The date of the reunion of the separated family members agreed by the two sides was 20-25 days, and the “key decision” was initiated on the 24th, so there were two days (24-25 days) overlapping. . Since the Korean family will be reunited in two batches (20-22 and 23-25), if the DPRK refuses to hold a discrete family reunion during the joint military exercise, the second reunion event is likely to be cancelled.

The person in charge said that the situation may occur due to the overlapping of the time of the reunion of the separated family members and the joint military exercise, but the Korean government’s position on this issue is unwavering, that is, the date of the reunion of the separated family members. Can not be postponed.

On the other hand, according to the news of the South Korean Unification Ministry, the DPRK repeatedly requested that the “key decision” and the “鹞鹰” military exercise be postponed to the reunion of the separated family members. The ROK side advocated the principle of linking the separated family members to the Korean-US military exercise and the principle of not linking the humanitarian issue with the military issue, thus rejecting the DPRK’s request.

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