The most beautiful subway station in the world, Moscow, Russia, to the laurel

The Kaohsiung MRT Mira Island Station was selected by foreign media as one of the most beautiful subway stations in the world in 2012, and now it has entered the “8 most beautiful subway stations in the world that New Yorkers can only imagine”. Get a good 2nd place. This time, not only the beautiful island station, but also the Central Park Station won the 5th place.
According to “PolicyMic” reported on the 15th, in the world’s most beautiful subway station selection that allows New Yorkers to fantasize, Gaojie beautiful island station and Central Park station are on the list, ranking second respectively. The 5th place is the only country in Asia. In the report, the beautiful island station has a dazzling dome of light, with a superb fantasy; and Central Park Station is a large indoor park, like an urban oasis.
The first and third places in the survey of the world’s most beautiful subway stations that allow New Yorkers to imagine only are Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, and the fourth is Stockholm Central Station, 6th to 8th. The names are the Montreal Mission Square in Montreal, the Kiev station in Ukraine, and the New York City government station in the United States.

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