The new product sold 400 million in June! Wen Haijun won the “2017 Marketing Media Award”

Author Wen Haijun Zhu Zuoming

Source Marketing and Communication Research Institute (ID: yxcb008)

The Business Marketing and Communication Research Institute jointly developed a super explosive model —— rehabilitated water, sold for 400 million yuan in 6 months, won the “Marketing Media Award 2017”, becoming a dazzling new retail industry Black Horse!

How long does it take to get from the unseen brand to the industry first? The answer given by the Business Marketing Communication Institute is: 6 months.

On November 17, 2017, sponsored by Time Weekly, the 10th Time Marketing Ceremony was held at the Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou, from finance, real estate, e-commerce, technology, Representatives of well-known brands and marketing companies in many fields such as automobiles, banks, food, as well as industry experts and media elites attended the ceremony.

Under the competition of the group, the Business Marketing and Communication Research Institute won the “Marketing Media Award 2017” for its excellent marketing cases represented by integrated water and water marketing for more than a year.

At the end of 2016, the Business Marketing Communication Research Institute cooperated with the fundamental organisms to build investment channels in the business investment network and business apps, from leadership shaping, explosive product creation, model combing, hot spot attack, case analysis, and topic. Planning six angles, using content marketing to quickly improve the brand influence of water and water recovery, quickly open the national market, 3 months, to achieve more than 600 channel investment, sales of 280 million; 6 months, sales of 400 million , the recovery of water and water into the first brand of water and water products.

When we analyze this marketing case, you will find that, regardless of the time node or space layout, the award-winning case planned by the Marketing Communication Institute is more than a single point of resource explosion, but a multi-window Industry serialization, multi-angle content cooperation, and multi-scenario coordination and interaction reflect its strong ability to integrate and create resources.

Marketing upgrades and revolutions: returning to the source, users are kings

Since the success of the first era marketing festival in 2009, the tenth marketing festivals have focused on industry trends and Market hotspots have become the vane of marketing. This year’s marketing ceremony will refocus on the focus of the market and explore the essence of marketing.

Philip &middot, the father of modern marketing; Kotler believes that: “In a world where products are scarce and customers are in short supply, customer focus is the key to success. Therefore, how to establish a brand image in marketing and how to maintain customer loyalty is particularly important. At the ceremony, all parties revolved around the theme “Marketing upgrades and revolutions: returning to the source, users shared their actual experience and industry insights for the king, and launched a unique collision of ideas.

This year’s marketing ceremony has set up 6 awards, including 2017 New Media Innovation Marketing Award, 2017 Excellent Marketing Event Award, 2017 Marketing Golden Idea Award, 2017 Brand Integration Communication Award, 2017 The Integrated Marketing Award and the 2017 Marketing Media Awards, after the initial review and review stage, a total of 46 companies and media ranked on the list, and announced the winners on the evening of the 17th event. These companies and their marketing events, whether in terms of influence, sales performance, or innovation breakthroughs, can be described as deserved.

The Marketing Communication Institute won the award. The organizer’s recommendation is —— for 23 years of business, the company has rich experience in integrated marketing, branding from three dimensions: product, user and brand. Planning and marketing planning, from the three-dimensional packaging of characters, products, models, articles, pictures, audio, video, three-dimensional presentation, created a sales myth of 3 months, from 0 to 2.8 billion.

Recovery of water and water marketing case resumption: 3 months of listing, from 0 to 2.8 billion sales myth

Under the environment of consumption upgrading and the rise of middle class, consumers are increasingly demanding, no longer only pursuing the externality and price of products, but also emphasizing internal needs and spiritual resonance, products and services with content. In order to really make users like it. China’s high-end water market is occupied by foreign brands represented by Evian.

In the past few years, whether it is the unification of old water companies, or the Evergrande Ice Spring, Taiji Group, Tibet 5100 and other new water forces, they have also launched high-end water products. Regrettably, with a high-end heart, they generally handed out a loss of transcripts, local high-end water prices cut across the entire line, lost the noble status, drinking water blue sea has become an endless red sea.

In February 2017, this piece of Red Sea jumped into a dark horse! A brand-new brand, which sold 280 million yuan in three months, quickly spread to water and water. Baidu Index shows that, as a brand name, the search index has risen the fastest, and it has entered the whole network to search for hot words!

This miracle stems from an ordinary friend gathering.

In a winter thick winter wrapped in thick fog, Bi Wenbao, the founder of Fushui Raw Water, was introduced by a friend and met with the Executive Director of the Business Marketing and Communication Institute, Wen Haijun. The two met at the same time. “The original の filial piety began with a healthy brand concept, which suddenly touched the Wen Hai, and his content marketing strategy also made Bi Wenbao admire.

One hit, a collaboration began, and it also laid the groundwork for a new brand explosion.

After 13 years in the media, he met countless entrepreneurs and media people and formed a corporate marketing strategy.The unique method of drawing. In 2016, Wen Navy came up with an idea, “I should summarize the experience. As a result, he led the team of the Business Marketing Communication Institute, and after numerous days and nights of fighting, the “Business Content Marketing Heart” was born.

“Business Content Marketing Heart Policy” advocates “all-round stereo value communication, we must seize a specific time window, carry out saturated marketing attacks, quickly occupy the consumer’s mind, the enterprise must operate in a system, not Dong Yi Shantou West a stick.

The initial understanding of the complex raw water, or a conceptual product, is still in the production stage after the experiment. “Where the soldiers and horses are not moving, the marketing must be one step ahead. After fully understanding the situation of the company, Wen Haijun recommends that the product should be well planned before the product goes on the market.

Step 1: Create a Super IP

The Recovery Hydrogen Water Program will be launched in February 2017. How can the industry focus on the product before it goes on the market?

Biwenbao, the founder of Fushui, has a lot of aura, the former president of Bai’an, the CEO of Wal-Mart, the ups and downs of the workplace The legendary experience of Shanghai is undoubtedly the biggest endorsement of the brand. Wen Haijun led the team, conducted in-depth research and interviews, and planned a series of reports, which will be the first to spread the label of the world’s top 500 enterprise CEOs, and the innovative model of the original water and water, to distract the audience from the fragmented information. Put it together.

Step 2: Manufacture Marketing Atmosphere

With the powerful all-media platform of the business media, Wen Hai Nai deepens the analysis of the model of “Re-original” and refines corporate culture & mdash;&mdash With the love as the link, the family culture + the spirit of the foreign company management, through the packaging of well-known corporate executives from Wal-Mart, Gome, B&Q and June Yao, three-dimensional display “Re-branding culture, increase brand Reputation and credibility.

The third step: detonating the brand core

2016 data shows that there are about 100 million people with high blood lipids in China, and 92.4 million people with diabetes, an average of 30 seconds. Diabetic patients; on average, at least one person dies of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases every 30 seconds! Human disease and aging are the oxidative effects of reactive oxygen species on cells.

Studies have confirmed that hydrogen enriched in water is effective against reactive oxygen species. “The marketing of life through the cell is derived from this. The Navy finds the pain point of the industry and creates the memory point of the product —— the water that the cell drinks.

Step 4: Stereoscopic Strategy

Modern people have a habit of asking Baidu, when they meet a new, unintelligible or interested person, they will all be Baidu. So the communication channel is also very important for marketing.

A very important part of the content marketing system is the construction of the communication channel. In addition to the company’s own official website, the VIP page is designed on the website of the new business media, and the page is designed from the perspective of communication. The pain points and highlights of the company are displayed one by one, turning marketing power into conversion rate and forming a good interaction with the marketing atmosphere.

“ A growth company that wants to achieve exponential growth must conduct saturation attacks at specific time windows to capture the full range of consumer minds. Wen Haijun believes.

At the 12th Best Business Model Summit, Bi Wenbao’s “Water Water” became the largest The award-winning dark horse won the “New Business Model Award 2016” and stood out among the many projects in the country. The Navy and the Biology Team took a photo

The tool of the Marketing Communication Institute: Explosives Growth Camp

Brand planning is renewed, and the marketing atmosphere is noisy. If there is no conversion rate, everything is empty talk.

Products and services can only be cashed in order to generate positive cash flow, which is the key to business survival.

Some time ago, Baique Ling advertisements swept through the circle of friends, everyone was turning, and the results broke out in a few days. “The conversion rate is low and the news is low. This is also a common problem in marketing.

The sales data of Fushui raw water confirmed that the customized marketing of the Business Marketing Communication Institute was fruitful.

The first batch of products was priced at 28.8 yuan/bottle, 300,000 bottles were listed and robbed; the second batch was priced at 35.5 yuan/bottle, which was not put into the market, and 600,000 bottles were booked. Winning market trust is a tool for brand marketing.

A Merchants Association, 20 minutes, kill more than 50,000 bottles;

A live broadcast of red, one hour, 430,000 interaction.

Baidu Index shows: “Water quality and water category search, the fastest rise is the price, indicating that users are most concerned about the price. After the second batch of price increases, the の raw water was still booked because consumers felt that the value of the product and the price match were the prerequisites for winning consumer trust.

After intensive cooperation, Wen Haijun constantly explored the spiritual core of the fundamental creatures, and through the “Business” magazine and new media and other communication planning, quickly enhance the brand influence and expand the national market.

Sharing the growth of the company, the joy of the navy and the navy is beyond words. “Service companies are actually learning from them. The humanity of a person can shine and affect a group of people.

Dean Wen Haijun is sharing a case of rehabilitated water and water

Dean Wen Haijun and the team of fundamental biologists go deep into Tibet Research

In addition to the fundamental creatures, the Business Marketing Communication Institute led by Wen Haijun also serves many well-known companies, such as Zanzi, Meize, Jiang Xiaobai, Mingchuang, and 1919.

“Business” focuses on serving enterprises for 23 years, and is driven by the Marketing Communication Research Institute. In recent years, the service cases have been fruitful and have been called by the media to be “explosive growth camps” ——

Rehabilitation of water: 3 months after the launch of the new product, sales of 280 million yuan, breaking through 400 million yuan in 6 months;

Vision: joining hands with the business sector for 8 months, 168 investment opportunities;

Yunfang Tea Garden: Recruiting 500 tea garden owners in 8 months, the company has a valuation of 500 million yuan, and completed a round of financing of 100 million yuan in one year;

Qianqian: 1 year to open a shop 2000, won Jiuding’s investment of 100 million yuan;

Jiang Xiaobai: sales have doubled for three consecutive years, sales nearly 1 billion yuan;

1919 liquor direct supply: 3 years to open store 2000 Home, annual sales of 2.89 billion yuan;

Famous products: 1800 global stores (200 overseas) in 3 years, annual sales of 10 billion yuan

written in the back

Through the recovery of water quality water marketing case, we can find that brand marketing has entered a new stage after the demographic dividend, channel is king, product win, customer experience and other stages, —

The marketing of the company must gradually return to the value core of marketing, giving consumers the dignity of humanity, infiltrating the brand and values ​​into the mind and spirit of consumers, and quickly occupying the mind of consumers while providing services. At the same time, help the company grow.

In general, the change is not the external market environment, the eternal is the hidden inner pursuit, mental marketing is to strive to establish a deep relationship with the marketing object, and then “unravel” Marketing the soul password to maximize the marketing value.

This article first number from the public: Marketing Communications Institute (ID: yxcb008) Author: Wen Navy Zhuzuo Ming

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